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  1. wwtechgirl

    Starting April 22

    I am also going to start on Monday. This will be my 2nd Whole30. I felt great on my first on in Oct 2018 but have gradually added back most of the junk I had been eating before. Ready for a fresh start before summer and I hope to take more time on my reintroduction this time and keep the junk out that I know makes me feel bad. Good luck to everyone. I started my meal planning today, so it is making me even more ready to start.
  2. wwtechgirl

    Starting October 8th!

    I also started the same week you did and am just now finding this forum. I wanted to comment that I, too, had my first not-cooked-by-me-meal at Zoe's Kitchen. And coincidentally, it was yesterday too! I started on Tuesday, Oct 9th so I am a day behind you but I couldn't resist commenting since we both found it the same day. I am sorry you were given the wrong sauce. It was so nice to go some where to eat and not cook and know that I could choose from the menu and know exactly if it was W30 compliant or not. I loved the grilled potato salad. Good luck on the rest of your journey. Seems like you have been progressing well.