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  1. Hi--I'm about 4 days post Whole30 and yesterday introduced maple syrup (just a few drops in my tea twice...about 1/2 a tsp) and whole milk (half a cup in a latte yesterday...tasted gross, and I've been craving it all month!...and then some in my tea last night) and I noticed last night I had the usual bloating from post Whole30 in my upper stomach. I'm guessing milk would be the culprit rather than the maple syrup? I know I should have introduced them separately... you live and learn... Thanks! Lucy
  2. lucylove

    Whole30 and seizures

    Thanks so much. Perhaps you're right, though I have been eating rather a lot of fruit I'll have a look through those links. I'm hoping once I'm done I can go paleo--I certainly will if this is the effect. Anything to get my driver's license back and my health back on track.
  3. For the last 4 months, I've had a seizure disorder that has me pretty much housebound. I have, on average, 4-5 seizures a day that can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 4 hours (yes, I know!) They cause my whole body to shake and tense, shake and tense, rinse and repeat. I'm on Day 6 of my Whole30, and I don't know if it's a coincidence, but I'm having fewer seizures and they're not nearly as intense. Can something in my diet really be contributing to these seizures? It seems crazy if that is the case, but I feel thankful nonetheless. Perhaps I'll even get my life back eventually. Has anyone else with a seizure disorder experienced this?
  4. lucylove

    Wheat and gluten

    Hi all, I'm in the re-introductory phase and wanted to introduce gluten today, without wheat. I chose Ezekiel bread (sesame) because I'd read it's wheat-free, but it says wheat on the label (I discovered after I ate it...should know to check by now!). However, it's sprouted wheat...will that make any difference? I am trying to identify the food group that causes my hands and feet to swell, and I fear I've messed it up by introducing both these things at once. Lucy
  5. lucylove

    Citrusy Fish stew?

    hi--that would just mean any spices that don't contain gluten, etc. Trader Joes 21-seasoning would be good with fish, or lemon pepper or mixed herbs.
  6. Hi all, I'm struggling to get enough fat in my diet, especially for breakfast (I don't love avocados or olives), and I think that may be partly why I'm so tired all the time (Day 16). This morning I cooked my eggs in a tbsp of ghee; I know the oil you cook with doesn't count, but how about in this case when I'm the only one eating it? I also added a little coconut milk to my tea. Lucy
  7. lucylove

    low metabolic rate

    Thanks so much, Shannon. I was surprised a doctor would recommend this, actually. On top of that, he told me off for eating real food and told me to buy pre-made protein smoothies from Costco. He also told me not to eat too many eggs because of the cholesterol (hello? It's not 1976, doc). And this from an endocrinologist! He also put me on phentermine to help with weight loss, which made me end up in ER with heart issues. I've lost quite a bit of faith in doctors since then. It was actually about a year ago that I restricted my calories. I've been eating more normally lately, and of course all the weight has gone back on. I'm going to keep eating this way and see how things go. I do need to try and eat more fat. It feels so unnatural. Lucy
  8. Hi--Last year my doctor sent me to a weight loss clinic. I'm not huge (190lbs), but I do have trouble losing weight. They tested my resting metabolic rate and was told to lose weight I would need to eat between 900 and 1000 calories daily. I did this for a couple of months and lost a little weight, but I felt truly horrible and depressed, as well as constantly hungry! I suppose my fear when it comes to the Whole30 is that while I am adjusting my food habits a LOT and am learning to not be afraid of fat, I am definitely eating more than 900 cals a day (I don't have a massive appetite and am not counting, but it's obviously more than that). I'm not doing the Whole30 to lose weight, not at all, but I'd really rather not gain a lot of weight either. I'm trying to have faith that I won't, but I wonder if anyone could give me advice on eating this way when your metabolism is low. Thank you, Lucy
  9. lucylove

    Whole pomegranates...too much?

    I'll try that, thanks. I don't actually eat the seed, just the juicy part.
  10. I'm on Day 3 and I feel fine, which is weird. I'm definitely addicted to at least sugar, so I thought I'd be feeling a lot worse. I do have a bit of a pomegranate addiction--I eat one a day--and while they are allowed, I wonder if the sugar in the fruit is keeping my sugar dragon happy? Lucy
  11. lucylove

    Starting tomorrow!

    Hi all, I am starting my first Whole30 tomorrow. I've done all the shopping, I've done a little prep, and I'm ready to go. I am worried about the withdrawals that I'm sure to experience (esp. from giving up sugar), but mostly I'm staying positive. A couple of weeks ago I was dreading the thought of giving up all my food crutches and having to just eat fruit and veg, meat and fish etc for 2 weeks, until it hit me that our challenge is to eat a multitude of beautiful, fresh foods--I mean, first world problems or what?! There are people in the world that are dying from starvation and we get to eat a bounty of good foods--I'll remind myself of this when I feel weak Lucy