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  1. Hi everyone, I’m looking for advice. Unfortunately, when I started my Whole30 on October 15th, I didn’t plan for enough time to do the full Whole30 and the full 12-day re-introduction period before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is important to me and I am planning to participate fully in all Thanksgiving food. I need to shorten the reintroduction phase by 5 days to complete everything before Thanksgiving. I realize I am not doing this the perfectly correct way, but I need to make the best of the situation I’m in. Here are three options I’m considering to eliminate 5 days: Do a Whole25 instead of a Whole30, then do the 12-day reintroduction phase exactly as outlined. Do a Whole28, and reintroduce all grains on the same day (instead of splitting into non-gluten and gluten) Do a Whole 29, and shorten the periods between each re-introduction to one day instead of two. From your experience which of these options would be the most beneficial (while acknowledging that none of them are ideal)? Please let me know if this all makes sense. Thank you! Laura Thornock