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  1. Thanks @ladyshanny, some very helpful leads here!
  2. Hi folks! I'm on Day 17 of my first Whole30. I've found it a bit tough to find all new recipes etc but luckily I've had some free time and I've been working from home, both of which make it easier to figure this out as I go. However, I've got a couple of work days coming up where I will be driving to visit clients, leaving early in the morning. I'd love some ideas of what to bring for lunches, particularly considering a few factors: - I may not have access to a fridge, stove or microwave - I'll be leaving home around 6am, having lunch around noon, so whatever I bring needs to be good outside the fridge for that long - I can buy a thermos if needed, would love suggestions of which brand to buy Thanks in advance for your help!