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  1. Nakeita

    Gin vs other alcohol

    Thank you for the link
  2. Hi! maybe I missed it. But how come alcohol like gin/vodka is not allowed? I understand cocktails, rum, liquors, etc... is there added stuff?
  3. Nakeita

    Mustard vs Mustard Seeds

    Hi! I know for mustard we have to read the ingredients. But are mustard seeds whole30 approved?gotta cook some steaks tonight! Thanks!
  4. Nakeita

    Do not eat dairy rule....

    Thank you very much!! I will take a look at almond/ nut butter!
  5. Nakeita

    Do not eat dairy rule....

    I found the answer for Lactic Acid and sunflower lecithin = ok! but: flavour, pea protein and abattoir extract I’m still unsure about! thanks again!
  6. Nakeita

    Do not eat dairy rule....

    Hi, i know the only thing that’s whole30 is clarified butter or ghee, regarding the do not eat dairy rule. However both are dairy products for which I’m intolerant. I usually use Earth balance soy free traditional spread (see attached) Reading the ingredients, I’m not sure about pea protein, sunflower lecithin, lactic cause and annatti extract... It is not something I use daily, but should needed I’d like to know! Can someone be of assistance please? Thank you! Happy New Year!
  7. Nakeita

    Starting January 6 2019

    Hi, I know my start date may be far away... but with the holidays around the corner and big events I need to attend... I will be turning 30 next March and I figured (after seeing someone I know complete the Whole30) that I should give it a try for a couple of reasons. 1. Whole30 and I’m turning 30. What better way to start off the next decade taking care of my self 2. I have 33 food intolerances (with allergy tests to complete next week) would be nice to get a handle on everything. 3. I have a low immune system, exhausted and other health problems (physical and mental) I am hoping figuring out what works best for my body will help me get energy, quality sleep and so on.