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  1. siggaingadottir

    New here

    Welcome @Dcdarula! Yes, I'd say start with meal planning your first week, meaning all meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner. Remember, not all of your meals need to be fancy recipe meals!! All you need to do is make sure that you're following the rules and you're set! I recommend using the Meal Template to put your meals together. Your goal should be to eat enough to keep you satisfied between meals (4-5 hours), so don't be afraid of eating a lot of food (especially fats!). If your main protein source in a meal is eggs, make sure to eat as many as you can hold (typically 3-4) See Meal Template: Good luck, you got this!
  2. siggaingadottir

    Starting Jan 7th!

    Great to hear @BelfastBeginner! Those books are such great tools I definitely recommend making a meal plan for all of your meals in the first week; breakfast, lunch and dinner. It makes shopping SO much easier and removes the "unknown" for the first week Happy New Year to you too! Good luck!
  3. siggaingadottir

    Starting Jan 7th!

    Hi @BelfastBeginner, welcome! I don't know what is offered in the UK grocery stores, but I'm from Iceland and we have VERY limited options for ready made dressings/sauces which are compliant! So for this I LOVE to follow "whole30recipes" on Instagram, because each week they have a new guest to host the account. Recently "Eatthegains" was on "whole30recipes" and posted this awesome post with a few easy sauce recipes. I love to bring my sauces/dressings with me on the go/to restaurants, so I've invested in a few small plastic containers with screw-on lids to avoid spills. I'm also a huge fan of the "Whole30 dump ranch", you can google it and you'll get a handful of recipes With respect to food on the go: this depends on what you're looking for. Are you talking about emergency food or simply meals that are easy on the go? My absolute favorite for on the go is hard boiled eggs + compliant mustard + veggies (think peppers, cucumber, carrots, etc.). I also love to bring leftovers that don't need to be reheated, such as a chicken-mayo salad, breakfast hash etc. The easiest breakfast ideas in my opinion are something that you can make in bulk, see examples below: - This Apple Cinnamon Sausage (just make sure to eat some veggies with it!) - This Buffalo Chicken Breakfast bake from my friend Melissa at "Chopitrealgood": Hope this helps!
  4. siggaingadottir

    January Whole30 Prep

    Welcome back @RandiW! I've done 6 rounds of Whole30 and I completely understand how you feel. It's very difficult to get back into the mindset of taking on another Whole30. My goal for the first one was to just get through it; just follow the rules each and every day, but I did not pay much attention to the recommendations (e.g. I made smoothie bowls every now and then). The next ones I changed my goals/built on what I had already done... so for my second one I made sure to follow the rules AND the recommendations, the third I eliminated ALL snacking (unless hard core emergencies of course). The fourth one I decided to document all of my meals, etc. etc. By doing this it's helped me keep things interesting and gives me something specific to focus on
  5. siggaingadottir

    Whole30 Newbie Starting 1/1/19!

    Welcome, Dana! My main tip is "Keep it simple"! You don't need to do anything fancy to have an amazing Whole30 experience. You got this!
  6. siggaingadottir

    Starting my First W30 December 26th!

    Welcome @HappyPlace! Yes, definitely keep it simple, that's always my motto on the Whole30. You definitely don't need an "Instagram worthy" meal every meal The Day by Day book is extremely helpful if you use it! So definitely write in it!! I recommend looking through the NSV document and picking one NSV that you'd like to closely monitor and add that one to your daily NSVs in the book. Mine was poop, as it tells us SO much about out gut health
  7. siggaingadottir

    I'm excited to start my first Whole 30!

    Welcome! I can't wait to hear about your Whole30 journey!
  8. siggaingadottir

    Second w30! Starting 1/7

    Great to hear @_kiragreer! I highly recommend following the meal template to get your meal sizes big enough to satisfy you so that you don't too hungry between meals ...if your only source of protein in the meal is eggs, then eat as many as you can hold (typically 3-4) Check out the link here: Despite knowing what might cause you issues, I always recommend that people do the Fast Track reintro at least once (especially if it's their 1st full reintro). This gives you concrete evidence to work with and also gives you some space between your Whole30 and Food Freedom, minimizing the risk of a binge post Whole30 Here's a sample schedule for the reintro: Good luck, you got this!
  9. siggaingadottir

    Starting Jan 1!

    Welcome! I can't wait to hear about your journey! You got this
  10. siggaingadottir

    Starting my first Whole 30 in January!

    Welcome you guys! Can't wait to hear how your journey goes!