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    I feel like December Whole30 is an especially magical Whole30 - rock it, girlfriend!
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    We really recommend following the meal template at every meal (you can download it here: It sounds like you've got the vegetables down, but the protein and the fat are also important, so be sure you're including at least a palm-sized piece of protein at each meal (or if eggs are your only protein in a meal, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand), and then pick one or two fat sources from the options listed in addition to the oil you cook your food in. 
    If you are hungry between meals, don't have fruit on its own, have protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three -- so a hard boiled egg with mayo, or guacamole and vegetables, something like that.
    In addition, be sure you're drinking plenty of water, and salt your food. 
    For the waking at 2-3 am, some people find it helps their sleep if they have a fist-sized serving of starchy vegetable with their final meal of the day. Starchy vegetables would be potatoes, sweet potatoes, plantains, winter squashes like butternut or acorn or kabocha squash, or root vegetables like carrots or turnips or beets or parsnips. You might try that for a few nights and see if it helps. 
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    Today is day 31 for me and I am planning to have some agave tequila later today  I did great for my 30 days, even hosted Thanksgiving without fail. You should have seen the look on my mother's face when I told her I was making the mashed potatoes with coconut milk, ghee, and chicken broth, LOL. But in the end, everyone loved them and either said they couldn't tell the difference or they liked them better!
    One of the main reasons I started Whole 30 was some reactions I was having to SOMETHING (still not completely clear) that was giving me painful itching eczema. That is mostly gone. I also did a hair strand food intolerance test and found some surprising (and disappointing) things. Kale, Spinach, Cauliflower, Pineapple and even Coconut were on my list of intolerances, coconut being one of the lesser ones. Since I quit eating kale and spinach my rash has started disappearing. So we shall see.
    I know December is going to be a tough month to stay on track but I used to be a very strict low carb/Paleo eater so I'll do my best around parties and whatnot and I'm already thinking I'll kick start the new year with another round.
    Good luck to all those just getting started. I found that the more days I put behind me, the more empowering it became to refuse alcohol, sweets, or carbs. I even managed a few happy hours with club soda and lime.
    So a cheerful Salud! to all, I will raise my shot glass to you tonight
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    Well, I'm glad I decided to finally log on and check out the site today! After about 3 weeks of reading and mentally preparing to start, today is my first day. I know it will be difficult but I need the challenge.
    I look forward to working with everyone during this next 30 days.
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    I have had other aborted attempts at a Whole 30 start. So why not when I will be facing the Holidays as an extra challenge (at least if I stick to plan I can  not gain weight over  the month of December. I am really really finally ready to give an honest go at this Whole 30 beginning December 1st. Today was a test day with one or two items such as hot chocolate and milk in my coffee and herbal teas but I am ready to do whatever it takes to improve my health.
     I have various chronic issues with health -- Cancer Survivor (grateful to be 15 years post - Blood Cancer), hypothyroid, PCOS, and pre-dabetes also Anxiety / Depression. I am active somewhat regularly but just have not been able to get the food right. So the workouts running , mountain bicycling, walking/ hiking occasional swimming and spinning class and yoga class but mostly home yoga over past year also trying Fitocracy (calisthenics) and Barre workout ( a few classes) now home workout (very challenging) and core workouts including a really good workout with Yoga International online with a core yoga sequence about 45 minutes. I also tend towards chronic fatigue even though i push through 40 hour work week and commute and tend to stay on top of the exercise schedule sometimes falling off plan during the weekdays.
    So any help would be appreciated. so far I have about four or five how to do the Whole 30 books and a few Paleo cookbooks and just bought Practical Paleo book also. no questions yet. Hopefully tomorrow off to an ambitious start even with the Holidays to navigate through this month.
    I am so grateful for all the helpful online tools to get started and this community with experience and practical tips and guidelines. 
    - Jen
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    Welcome Jen!  I have done two official whole 30's, and I eat 95% plus Whole 30 all the time now, 18 months total.  When I started, I was pre-diabetic, and my doctor (at Kaiser, so a fairly busy doc) e-mailed me personally to emphasize that I needed to do something about it.  My first Whole 30 brought my blood sugar into completely normal range, and it has remained normal since.  I too have had to deal with anxiety and depression issues all my life.  I've found various solutions to help with that, but I will add that the Whole 30 brought about modest improvements in mood, and energy levels as well.   I've had many other health benefits from Whole 30, and would never even consider going back to how I used to eat.
    I'm happy to share anything that I've learned and experienced, and I can be a cheerleader for you, as I love to hear about others' successes.  The Whole 30 tagline "it will change your life" may sound contrived, but I believe in it.  It truly did change mine.