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  1. TRapperJones

    Round 1 Done! Results for a Mid 30's guy

    awesome...i am at day 23 today and i am encouraged newsland33 as you write. i am hovering around the 403-6 pound range and hoping to see it drop...i know i am not supposed to weight but my accountability partners insist on a weight report daily. i am 6' 8" tall so time can be limited in this life if i don't take this seriously. at 40 years old. i started at 422 pounds so i have dropped aways already but had a bad day yesterday with a fine dining experience for a customer appreciation...i wasn't prepared and tried to do my best and still didn't do well there. had regular ranch dressing and mashed potatoes...and i felt it all night...definitely can't do that again. today i am pounding water until supper time to "fast" through that day yesterday.
  2. TRapperJones

    Whole30 Approved at Walmart!

    i will be seeing if my walmart carries is shopping day. On Day 17
  3. TRapperJones

    Achieving is believing

    I am here on Day 16 at 930 p.m.. I started the whole 30 journey back in early november 2017, got about this far into it and we had a cruise for 8 days in the western carribean. i can tell you for a fact that was a bad idea to start this journey and go on a trip halfway into it. needless to say i didn't stick with it and fell back into old habits. I gained weight back up to 422 pounds...that was what i weighed in at 4 weeks from this post. I am now at 407 and only 16 days into this. I am 6' 8" tall and moderately active 40 year old male. I play basketball 2-3 days per week for an hour a day. Newsland33, reading your success through this is greatly helping me in this journey. I have 2 mentors that are in full support and i have daily assignments from them to keep on track. I have to send a picture of everything i drink or put in my mouth to eat before i do it. So they get 3-6 pictures a day plus a picture of a scale every morning. (one of them got me a scale for my weight size as a gift to push me along) Accountability is huge, they ask me if i dont send pictures by a certain time and words don't cut it. I am looking forward to day #30 however i don't intend to stop there. I was in the bakery section today with my 11 year old and i was staring at all the baked goods, cookies, etc and realized for the first time in my LIFE, i didn't care if i had a bite of one or not. So thank you for documenting your story on really does help.