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  1. Happy Day 29! If you feel more comfortable, extend out your Whole30 until after your work trip. It is going to be super important to do a proper reintroduction, so if it's easier for you to do that once you return from your trip, then that's what I would suggest doing. Congratulations on making it so far, and keep up the great work!
  2. Hi Shelby, It sounds like you are living in your food freedom, which is where you want to be after doing a few rounds of Whole30. When you live in food freedom, it is okay to have the occasional ice cream or treat that you want, without feeling guilty about it. This is the whole point
  3. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! You will make it to Day 30- you have committed yourself to the 30 days! You're over 2/3 of the way done- don't sell yourself short. Try switching up your meals- cook a new recipe that maybe you haven't tried before. Get creative in the kitchen; this might help you to feel less restricted. Are you close to a Chipotle? They have a Whole30 compliant dish that you can try if you are wanting to eat out. It's called the Whole30 Salad Bowl and it's made with their pork carnitas and it's absolutely delicious. Read more, and find out how to order it here:
  4. That's great! I am so happy to hear it. Yes, this is definitely a learning process, but keep participating in the forum and reading all of the resources that are here for you, and you will sail right through this. If you haven't looked through the resources that are posted here on, I've included for you to check them out below. I have taken screen shots of the resources/ cheat sheets and save them to a Whole30 album on my phone so I can access them easily, whenever I want. I hope this helps. Keep up the great work!
  5. I agree with Shannon. I would reintroduce dairy again and see if you experience the same digestive issues. I know for me personally, dairy really upsets my stomach, and I know several people who have experienced the same issue. Hope this helps!
  6. That’s okay! Yes, Yai Thai makes a few Whole30 compliant sauces and they are all delicious!
  7. Hi Caroline! Don’t beat yourself up! Start fresh tomorrow! Also, since Whole30 is about changing your eating habits, I would recommend trying to not use RX bars to satisfy your sweet tooth, since you’re trying to kill that sugar dragon! If you’re feeling hungry after dinner, try another small portion of protein to help fill you up! Best of luck and let us know how we can continue to support you!
  8. If you have successfully completed a few rounds before, you could look at doing a mini-reset (10-20 days) and work on living in your food freedom while you travel. I don't see a need to wait until January.
  9. Hi Sarah! We're so glad to have you here! I definitely can relate to focusing on weight loss, as that's exactly how I was when I completed my first Whole30 as well. I am so happy to hear that you've been focusing on the NSV's and that you've found the joy in doing so. Looking forward to following your journey!
  10. That is great! Keep the momentum going!
  11. Welcome! We are so glad to have you here! Congratulations on making the commitment to yourself to change your relationship with food. Take things one day at a time, and the 30 days will go by quickly. We are here to support you! Best of luck!
  12. Congratulations on recommitting to yourself! We are here to help you push forward, so please utilize this space for help and support. You got this! Best of luck!
  13. Yes- BREATHE! You can do this! Jihanna posted excellent resources, so please check them out. We are all here to help you succeed.
  14. Hi Ann! My best advice is to be prepared. Bring food with you to work, and snacks, if you feel like you’ll need them. Veggies and ranch are a great healthy snack while on the go, or some Chomps meat sticks, or complaint jerky, and make sure to stay hydrated. Coffee is great! Do you normally drink black coffee? Nutpods makes Whole30 approved coffee creamer, so check them out If you haven’t heard of them before. Keep a journal and track your non-scale victories daily to help keep you motivated! Utilize the forum for support- that’s what it’s here for! You got this! Keep me p