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  1. Hi Laura, I know that Whole30 can help with hormonal imbalance. I am 33, and have been undergoing fertility treatments and have been suffering from severe hot flashes as well. I am not sure if they are related to my fertility treatment medication or not- my guess is probably, yes. I am not currently on a round of Whole30 but I don't recall having hot flashes like this when I was. I am strictly speaking from personal experience- I am not a medical professional. I also found this article on Whole30 and menopause that you might find helpful...
  2. CLAPPING MY HANDS SO HARD FOR YOU!!!!!!! This is AMAZING! That list of NSV's just for ONE day is fantastic! You are absolutely in the right mindset. Keep tracking those, even on rough days. Celebrate the (not-so-small) wins- always! Cleaning out your pantry is a great idea. I know it can be hard to just toss things, but if you can't donate it to a food pantry or something, just throw it in the trash. I promise you won't miss it once it's gone. I love the idea of rewarding yourself with some "me" time with your tv show. Today is international self-care day, and you are absolutely doi
  3. I am a BIG fan of Nutpods. They come in several different flavors, and froth up beautifully. My favorites right now are their Cinnamon Swirl (it just relaunched the other day) and my classic go-to is their French Vanilla
  4. Those are all HUGE non-scale victories! Congratulations on making it to Day 24! You're in the home stretch now!
  5. Keep up the great work! Your meals sound amazing! Making my mouth water! Kudos to you for doing this the right way, and it's amazing to learn that your husband is such a huge supporter of your decision to change your relationship with food.