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  1. 46 minutes ago, Starlight89 said:

    Happy Day 29, all!

    Oh, gosh.  Just two more days to go, ahhh!  I'm debating at the moment if I want to make it a Whole42 now and /then/ start reintroduction, just because I have an upcoming trip August 9-12 and I feel like I would be more disciplined if I stick to Whole30 during travel than if I could eat whatever I want/am still working on the reintroduction.  It's a business trip so nothing fancy or where I'd want to sample the local cuisine, so I'm not missing out on anything in that sense and would just plan ahead/bring compliant food and snacks.   Then, after I get back, start a proper reintroduction protocol.   It just seems easier/safer to extend the Whole30 through the trip to keep me in check so I don't mess up reintroduction this round.

    Hope everyone's hanging in there and feeling great!

    Happy Day 29! If you feel more comfortable, extend out your Whole30 until after your work trip. It is going to be super important to do a proper reintroduction, so if it's easier for you to do that once you return from your trip, then that's what I would suggest doing. Congratulations on making it so far, and keep up the great work! :)


  2. 1 hour ago, Shelby Nicole said:

    Well I don’t necessarily need to do the full 30 days as I already kind of know what I can’t have. I ended up cheating a little bit but not overly, (like sugar). I would have loved to cook at home but I’m not quite sure they would like what I eat, and so I just went with it. :) I am back on it though, and I am doing good. I feel a little bad that I cheated but it’s better than losing a friend or making her feel bad. I plan on just doing whole 30 as my main source of food but since I don’t necessarily need to do whole 30 again, I am just going to eat it 90% of the time but if I end up going somewhere with a friend or family I won’t be so restrictive and will just eat something that is as close as can be. I don’t want to do the entire 30 days because it sometimes sets me up to fail, because it’s longer without that food that you are more likely to purge on sweets. I still have the same results from 2 years ago when I first started so, hopefully this unrestricted version will just help me stay on this while still allowing foods that make me feel better. (I’m open to that occasional ice cream if I really need to) Thanks for all your help! 

    Hi Shelby,

    It sounds like you are living in your food freedom, which is where you want to be after doing a few rounds of Whole30. When you live in food freedom, it is okay to have the occasional ice cream or treat that you want, without feeling guilty about it. This is the whole point :)


  3. 13 hours ago, Kris22 said:

    Hi. End of day 20 for me.  Today has been the most difficult so far.  I have come closer to quitting than I have been any other day.  Just feeling so restricted and meal prepping is so time consuming.  It would be so easy to go out and just order a meal and not care what the ingredients are!  I didn't do it but that was how I was feeling today.  I am surprised because I thought that it would be getting easier rather than harder by now.  Just 10 days left.  I hope I can find a way to complete the 30 days!  I know I should be celebrating the NSVs and that I've stuck to it for 20 days.  Hopefully a good night sleep will help me be in a better frame of mind tomorrow.  I am starting to think about what the re-introduction will be like also.  Need to read up on the best way to do that. Thanks for listening! 

    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! You will make it to Day 30- you have committed yourself to the 30 days! You're over 2/3 of the way done- don't sell yourself short.

    Try switching up your meals- cook a new recipe that maybe you haven't tried before. Get creative in the kitchen; this might help you to feel less restricted. Are you close to a Chipotle? They have a Whole30 compliant dish that you can try if you are wanting to eat out. It's called the Whole30 Salad Bowl and it's made with their pork carnitas and it's absolutely delicious. Read more, and find out how to order it here:

    Keep tracking those NSV's. The fact that you've only got 10 days left is a HUGE one! Sleep should also help you feel better, so make sure you're getting plenty of rest.

    Also, as you mentioned, now is the time to start preparing for your reintroduction, which is the most important part of completing a successful Whole30. Please let me know if you need some help with this- I am more than happy to help.

    Hang in there- you're almost done! :)


  4. 11 hours ago, Carolinek said:

    Thanks Ashleyparik!  After reading a bit more, I understand that now. Today was much better, and I haven’t felt the need to have something sweet. I actually feel pretty good, and this feels very manageable.

    I made sweet potato fries with dinner and I think that satisfied the need for sweets/ carbs for me. 

    Looking forward to moving ahead with this!

    That's great! I am so happy to hear it. Yes, this is definitely a learning process, but keep participating in the forum and reading all of the resources that are here for you, and you will sail right through this. If you haven't looked through the resources that are posted here on, I've included for you to check them out below. I have taken screen shots of the resources/ cheat sheets and save them to a Whole30 album on my phone so I can access them easily, whenever I want.

    I hope this helps. Keep up the great work! :)


  5. On 7/26/2019 at 1:27 PM, ShannonM816 said:

    The best way to know for certain would be to reintroduce dairy again and see if it happens again. Some people have these symptoms within hours of eating dairy, but it's definitely possible to have a delayed reaction, which is one reason reintroductions include two days of clean whole30 eating between each reintroduction (or more if it takes you more than two days to get back to normal). 

    I agree with Shannon. I would reintroduce dairy again and see if you experience the same digestive issues. I know for me personally, dairy really upsets my stomach, and I know several people who have experienced the same issue. Hope this helps!

  6. On 7/27/2019 at 12:29 PM, Baozi said:

    Never mind, there is a whole30 stamp there and I missed it.  Sorry.  

    Try to delete the post and can’t find a button for me to do it.

    That’s okay! Yes, Yai Thai makes a few Whole30 compliant sauces and they are all delicious!

  7. 18 hours ago, Carolinek said:

    I started today but see I already went off course! After dinner, I wanted a sweet, so I had a RX bar, but then I read that peanut butter is not approved. Of course it was peanut butter.

    oh well, tomorrow’s a new day.

    Hi Caroline!

    Don’t beat yourself up! Start fresh tomorrow!  

    Also, since Whole30 is about changing your eating habits, I would recommend trying to not use RX bars to satisfy your sweet tooth, since you’re trying to kill that sugar dragon! If you’re feeling hungry after dinner, try another small portion of protein to help fill you up!

    Best of luck and let us know how we can continue to support you!

  8. On 7/25/2019 at 10:02 PM, CuriousCat said:

    So, I have successfully completed a round a couple of times before. I'm feeling like it would be helpful do another round, and I'd rather sooner than later.

    However due to work travel I don't have a 30 day period between now and Christmas where I can control my food intake completely. I have 18 days now, then a 3 day work trip I won't be able to be completely compliant, and then I have 21 days before another 2 day work trip where I could be close-ish, but not compliant, then a couple of weeks back before a 4-6 week work trip where I won't be able to be compliant at all.

    What would you all recommend, what would you do in my place? I'm not after advice on how to stay compliant while travelling, I can stay "close to", but the nature of these trips it won't be possible 100%.

    Am I better to do a short, 100% strict window now (18 days), or something like 45 days, with two short (slight) off plan windows, or just wait until January.

    If you have successfully completed a few rounds before, you could look at doing a mini-reset (10-20 days) and work on living in your food freedom while you travel. I don't see a need to wait until January. :)


  9. On 7/10/2019 at 11:09 AM, Sarah_MT said:

    Hey All!

    I just started my Whole30 yesterday.  I hope you don't mind if I join you all on this thread.  I've completed 4 Whole30's in the past and an active/supportive Forum group has been really helpful to keep me accountable and focused on my goals.

    I did my last Whole30 in January and pretty quickly returned to poor eating habits.  I just got back from a lot of travel and determined that a mid-year Whole30 reset would be the perfect thing to get me back on track.

    With every Whole30 I've completed I dramatically improved my health.  Each time I learned an enormous amount about how food effects my physical, mental and emotional health.  I'm not gonna lie, the first one I was REALLY focused on weight loss.  No, I didn't break the rules, but I still just couldn't wait to step on that scale at the end.  I was really proud of that first Whole30 but I kinda let how much weight I lost define my stole a bit of the joy.  In more recent rounds I've really tried to focus on the NSVs and I've been SO much happier for it.  I've found if I'm doing the other stuff the weight loss will come and I'm less likely to define my worth by the number on a scale.

    I'm so excited to take on this journey again and I'm mentally preparing for the challenges (known and unknown) that a Summer Whole30 will bring.  

    Awesome job those of you that are a day or two ahead.  Keep it up!




    Hi Sarah!

    We're so glad to have you here! I definitely can relate to focusing on weight loss, as that's exactly how I was when I completed my first Whole30 as well. I am so happy to hear that you've been focusing on the NSV's and that you've found the joy in doing so. Looking forward to following your journey!

  10. 2 hours ago, ClassyMUM said:

    I am new to Whole 30 but have heard and read so many great things about it!  I am healthy and fit for the most part but I would like to lose about 10 pounds and once and for all get any and all junk out of my diet.  My goal is to be a super-healthy from now on.  I want to wake up each morning with a spring in my step and a glow on my face....I believe that Whole 30 can help me do that!  Honestly, I have never really stuck to any kind of eating plan for 30 days so this is going to be a challenge for me but I'm determined to do it and I know that I will be so much better off at the end of it!  So, I've got my Whole 30 book in hand - the recipes look great - and I'm really enjoying reading it!  Day 1 - here we go!

    Welcome! We are so glad to have you here! Congratulations on making the commitment to yourself to change your relationship with food. Take things one day at a time, and the 30 days will go by quickly. We are here to support you! Best of luck! :)


  11. 4 hours ago, Marimadrid said:

    I am starting today. I did whole30 once before and felt great on it!!! I need that feeling back!!! I have slipped back into old habits and want to recommit...

    Congratulations on recommitting to yourself! We are here to help you push forward, so please utilize this space for help and support. :)

    You got this! Best of luck!

  12. 36 minutes ago, Jihanna said:

    First things first -- BREATHE!
    I know there are a ton of Whole30 resources available, including the shopping list and pantry stocking guide, and so on... but honestly, all of that can get very overwhelming if you're coming into this without already having a good feel for meal planning and shopping. So take a deep breath and do yourself the favor of acknowledging that your kitchen doesn't have to have everything on those lists. That alone may help you feel slightly less unprepared going into this experience.

    Second, get things as you need them. What I mean by that is that there's no reason for you to go out and buy ghee, coconut aminos, spice blends you've never used, and so on (unless you already use those things) until you have a recipe that calls for them... unless you just really want to have them on hand to play around. Waiting until there's a need not only saves you money, it also can save space.

    Now, get familiar with your CAN HAVE list -- that's basically any unprocessed or minimally processed meat, bacon as long as it contains only compliant ingredients, every fresh fruit and vegetable (note: corn is a grain and peas are legumes, so those are out), fruit juice for sweetening dishes or drinks, coffee and tea (make sure any tea blends don't include things like Stevia leaf), nuts and seeds are also okay but not suggested for over-zealous consumption :D Set aside any vegetable/canola/seed oil for the moment and make sure you've got some olive oil on hand (I generally keep olive oil for roasting, coconut oil for basically anything else, and sunflower oil to make mayo).

    Print out the Sneaky Sugars and Common Additives lists to take with you to the store, at least at first. This helps you get comfortable with reading those labels and knowing if something is okay... or not.

    Not knowing how to shop or prep isn't a deal-breaker here. You'll learn through doing. There are some guides available online, too... I'm linking a couple below, but they're just some that have helped me personally (whereas there are definitely more out there).

    NomNomPaleo has an amazing series of Whole30 posts where she gives 90 days worth of prep tips, recipes, etc. has a nice assortment of guides and beginner/basic lessons (in the Resources drop-down), including tips for kitchen organization, meal planning, shopping, preparing and cooking food, etc. There are a ton of recipes on their site, and every single one of them has a Paleo option which can easily be adapted (if even necessary) to be Whole30 compliant (like removing any added sweetener). They also put out a meal plan each week that you can peruse (including recipe details, prep tips, and even sometimes videos showing how to prep specific ingredients) for free. Their meal plan subscription (which has a free trial available) also shows things like weekend prep and easy scaling of recipes (the default is 4 servings, but subscription gives you 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 option).

    I honestly have a ton of insight into how to shop, but it would overwhelm you even more than what I just posted, so I'll hold my tongue (er, fingers) for the moment and wish you the best on your journey!

    Yes- BREATHE! You can do this! Jihanna posted excellent resources, so please check them out. We are all here to help you succeed. :)


  13. 7 hours ago, AnnH said:

    Hi Ashley!  I have been cleaning out my kitchen and making note of what I have on hand. Tomorrow I plan to make my first week menu and Friday I am grocery shopping.  I work every weekend and Monday evening so Monday I will start prepping what I can and Tuesday is go day!  

    I am worried now I’m going to feel at work that first weekend!  I work 12 hr shifts.  Not much i can do,other than make sure I am eating adequate fats, proteins and veggies. I plan to keep drinking black coffee to avoid headaches. 

    Any other suggestions?

    Hi Ann!

    My best advice is to be prepared. Bring food with you to work, and snacks, if you feel like you’ll need them. Veggies and ranch are a great healthy snack while on the go, or some Chomps meat sticks, or complaint jerky, and make sure to stay hydrated. 

    Coffee is great! Do you normally drink black coffee? Nutpods makes Whole30 approved coffee creamer, so check them out If you haven’t heard of them before.

    Keep a journal and track your non-scale victories daily to help keep you motivated! Utilize the forum for support- that’s what it’s here for!

    You got this! Keep me posted on your progress!

  14. 16 hours ago, lottabelle said:

    Hey everyone,

    I am on Day 5.  I am 38 and had a hysterectomy 2 years ago ( I kept my ovaries).

    I am naturally a nervous person and suffered from hot flushes, going red and sweating all my life.  Since my hysterectomy they are much more severe and feel more intense.  The DR put me on HRT however my blood tests were inconclusive.  My memory is awful and energy is always low, my skin is also no prone to breakouts and my pores are huge so they think I am in menopause.

    Anyway, as I am not really getting anywhere with my DR, I am wondering if looking at my nutrition will help.  I have also stopped drinking coffee.  I was drinking 3 or 4 a day so I decided to stop when started Whole30

    Does anyone have a positive experience with Whole30 and hot flushes?

    Thank you



    Hi Laura,

    I know that Whole30 can help with hormonal imbalance. I am 33, and have been undergoing fertility treatments and have been suffering from severe hot flashes as well. I am not sure if they are related to my fertility treatment medication or not- my guess is probably, yes. I am not currently on a round of Whole30 but I don't recall having hot flashes like this when I was. I am strictly speaking from personal experience- I am not a medical professional.

    I also found this article on Whole30 and menopause that you might find helpful...

    I hope this helps somewhat. Please let me know how else I can support you :)


  15. 23 hours ago, LadyWolf0926 said:

    Today was an extremely good day! Lots of NSV's! (1) My energy levels were the best they've been since I started. No mid-afternoon crash. (2) I slept great last night. Only woke up once and fell right back asleep. (3) Cravings are practically gone, although I think most of what I'm wanting is mental rather than physical. It's really hard to break years of a comfort relationship with food, but we're working on it ;) (4) My day was much less stressful than normal, and I was able to handle an early morning emergency with tons of patience. (5) A friend asked me about Whole 30 and was so jazzed about it, she went and bought the book at lunch. I'm her lifeline B) (6) I was much better organized today, and that's due to the mental clarity I'm feeling. I'm much less forgetful lately!

    I know this was something I should've done in the beginning, but tomorrow I'm cleaningout the pantry. There's lots of old things in there that just need to go. It'll feel much better organized and help me take a good 4hard look at what we have so I'm not overbuying. Also, it'll help me clean and better organize my kitchen counters. It's so much easier to prep menus when I have a clean and organized workspace.

    Today, I broke out the Crock-Pot and made Smoky Sweet Potato Chili from the Whole 30 Slow Cooker cookbook. I used jalapenos instead of poblanos and substituted ground turkey for the beef. It made the house smell amazing and even my son, who's not a chili fan, said he wanted to try it.  Its a keeper and definitely going to go on the meal rotation.

    Breakfast - Crab stuffed omelette with avocado, topped with gochugaru. Side of pan roasted potatoes in ghee with spring onion Coffee with Nut Pods

    Lunch - Pan grilled tilapia with spicy coconut curry. Pan wilted spinach. Coconut water.

    Dinner - Taco salad with Smoky Sweet Potato Chili topped with avocado and tomato. Organic white peach.

    Tonight, I'm treating myself with a mini binge session of The Handmaid's Tale. Normally, I'd treat myself with something sweet, like ice cream, but we're going to break that food reward/treat habit, right? Then off to bed for a good night's sleep.

    CLAPPING MY HANDS SO HARD FOR YOU!!!!!!! This is AMAZING! That list of NSV's just for ONE day is fantastic! You are absolutely in the right mindset. Keep tracking those, even on rough days. Celebrate the (not-so-small) wins- always! 

    Cleaning out your pantry is a great idea. I know it can be hard to just toss things, but if you can't donate it to a food pantry or something, just throw it in the trash. I promise you won't miss it once it's gone.

    I love the idea of rewarding yourself with some "me" time with your tv show. Today is international self-care day, and you are absolutely doing it right. I am proud of you! Keep it up! :)


  16. 3 hours ago, TFrank said:

    Thank you so much! I actually have some stuff in my cart for thrive market already. I hadn’t heard of whole30 day by day. I’ll definitely be looking into that. Thank you again.  ☺️

    You're so welcome! That's what I'm here for. Definitely check out Day by Day- I think you will find it extremely helpful! :)


  17. 1 hour ago, Christine07 said:

    Thank you so much for your response! It makes me feel so much better. I will take your advice on the plated fats, and I did bring veggies and guac for a snack today.

    I appreciate your suggestions on the pre/post workout meals. I will try those as well! 

    I am really loving my quality of sleep. I haven't slept this well EVER! :)

    You are so welcome! That's what I'm here for! Definitely keep me posted and let me know how things go :)


  18. 3 hours ago, Sjodo said:

    Thanks I am so looking forward to feeling amazing again. For the past 5 years I have struggled with this disease I didn't even know I had. The only time I found relief was when I did my first whole30, but I wasn't in the right place in my life to maintain it. Finally being diagnosed and on medicine has given me some of that whole30 feels back so I wanted to go for it totally and completely. Knowing I'll be dealing with this the rest of my life means I need to make real changes that will last the rest of my life. So I'm returning to my Whole30 knowing ahead of time that I am going to feel amazing in just a couple weeks. This time around I am adding in daily exercise with 1 day of rest. I'm just doing yoga so low intensity, but enough to keep me moving and healthy. Last time I felt so amazing I decided to try Orange theory and oh man was that a mistake I knew I felt great but I totally overdid it ended up throwing up and giving myself the worst sinus infection of my life and from there just dive bombed into old habits no reintro or anything all progress lost. But even without the reintro I still felt really good for 3 months more energy sleeping better no stomach pain(which is why I did it in the first place) but slowly and surely the symptoms came back. So learning from those mistakes I'm going to take it slow and steady and really embrace my new way of life. I don't see why not, but here's praying the endocrinologist says to go for it tomorrow. 

    Definitely keep me posted on your progress. I am rooting for you!

  19. 2 minutes ago, Sjodo said:

    Thanks so happy to be here. I mapped out my next 60 days to make myself accountable by logging meals and planning around future trips and training, meetings and anything that may interfere with my 30 days and my reintroduction phase. I have my 30 days plus reintro takes me to around days 42. From there I'll go off Whole30 only eating the foods that do not have a negative effect on my health and I planned to reevaluate once a week to keep me on track and focused. My hope is that by day 60 I am in enough of a routine with my day to day and my workouts that keeping it up will be easier. I work with a lot of people that are very food conscience whether it be just to feel and look good, or because they are fighting disease also like Celiac's. I have a great group of women surrounding me to support me. I think the hardest part for me will be if I cannot handle gluten (which is a good possibility). I love to bake and make homemade treats so that would be a huge adjustment for me, but we will deal with that hurdle in approximately 40 days. For now I'm just gonna take this one day at a time and I'm so ready to start my Whole30 tomorrow. I know logging in here and posting is a great way to stay accountable and find support. I am very optimistic about this and think I will handle this very well this time. Can't wait to see my NSV on day 31 and see the improvements with my health and managing my Hashimotos disease.

    Your plan sounds amazing! Kudos to you for being so prepared. That is the key to success! Having a great support system definitely helps, too, so I am so glad to hear that you're surrounded by supportive women! YAY!

    Take things one day at a time, and track all of your NSV's. It is  great way to show how far you've come, and to help you focus on the changes that you ARE seeing.

    Looking forward to following your journey!

  20. 19 hours ago, Christine07 said:

    Hello! I am on Day 9 of my first Whole30. I am struggling with extreme lethargy and brain fog. I was hoping someone could take a look at a couple days of food logs and give me some feedback? A little about me....40 year old female, current weight 260, and I work a sedentary job. I do CrossFit 3x a week and try to do something active the other 4 days, i.e., go for a walk, play with my son at the park, etc. Next week I plan on adding in two weightlifting days. I go to CrossFit after work and get home around 7:00. I eat dinner around 8:00.

    Below are my food logs for the last couple days:


    Breakfast - .5 cup roasted white potatoes; 1 serving egg casserole (total recipe = 8 eggs, .5 cup egg whites, 2 oz applegate farms ham, 4 slices paleo sugar free bacon, 1 cup chopped broccoli. Makes 4 servings)

    Lunch - 1 serving chicken sheet pan meal (1 chicken thigh, 3/4 cups of sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, apples, shallots mixure); 3 oz baby carrots and 1 wholly guacamole cup; 3/4 cup cherries.

    Snack - Apple + almond butter; 1 serving dried pineapple

    Preworkout - Rx Bar

    Dinner - 1 serving of barbacoa, 1 wholly guacamole cup, 1 cup brussel sprouts cooked in olive oil


    Breakfast, lunch, dinner = same as above except I added a banana at breakfast.

    Preworkout - 1 hardboiled egg, 1/4 avocado, 1/4 cup almonds, 2 tbs raisins

    Any thoughts or advice? One thing I have noticed since starting Whole30 is my sleep has improved drastically. I sleep like the dead. Prior to Whole30, I always woke up several times a night. I am now getting a solid 8-9 hours. I just can't shake the lethargy and brain fog.


    Hi there!

    Let's see if we can troubleshoot a little bit here. First, it is totally normal to till feel very tired on Day 9. Your body is going through major changes and is working really hard right now, so being tired and lethargic is normal. This should pass in the next 5-6 days, though everyone's bodies are different.

    I would make sure you have a plated fat with your breakfast. Everything else seems to be there, but you should have 1-2 thumb sized portions of healthy fats with every meal. Try adding 1/2 an avocado to your breakfast casserole.

    Try switching up your snack from fruit to maybe sliced veggies and ranch

    Your pre-workout meal should be something that's easily digestible, and is meant to send a signal your body that it's time for activity. Instead of an RX bar, try two hard-boiled eggs, or a few strips of beef jerky, or some compliant turkey or chicken. RX bars aren't the best to help kick your sugar dragon, and almonds can be difficult for your body to digest.

    For your post-workout meal, you want to make sure you eat as soon as possible, ideally 30 minutes after. Bring it to the gym if you need to. Post-workout meal should be a meal sized portion of protein and easily digestible carbohydrates, like sweet potatoes, for example.

    You are doing great, and this is exactly what the forum is here for. Give these suggestions a try, and let me know how they work for you and if you have any other questions. I am here to support you! :)


    The improved sleep is a HUGE non-scale victory!!!

  21. 19 hours ago, Victoriabiscuit said: this is kind of an odd question and I had trouble figuring out which category to put it under..  this is my first whole 30, yesterday was day 22.  I’m feeling great, I’ve been very rigorous about the rules and in general, very careful.  I work in a restaurant, our chef has been nominated for a James Beard award twice for our region, but I’ve still behaved, haven’t touched the food at work, I’ve prepped and made all of my own meals these last 23 days.  So you may be wondering why I mentioned yesterday was day 22 instead of just saying today I’m on day 23?  Last night at work, the guys in the kitchen made something, it had dairy in it, I didn’t partake BUT... I was cleaning some of it up and instinctually licked my finger (don’t worry people, I wash my hands like I’m getting paid to at work and at home).  I’ve been so conscientious about it all month, like when I’m making meals and snacks for my kids, and it was a pretty thin film of the dairy containing stuff on my finger, I need to start over?  Be honest (but please say no haha)...  for real though, should I count that as a slip and start over?

    Hi there!

    Keep going! I would make a note on how you're feeling today, any differences in mood, joint pain, etc, and just make note of it. Don't let this discourage you from moving forward.

    As Jihanna mentioned, if you're feeling like this did cause enough of a reaction, then I would look to extend your Whole30 out by a few days. Make sure to do a complete reintroduction as well. Hang in there! :)

  22. 20 hours ago, AnnH said:

    Hi all!  New to Whole 30 but have been dieting my whole life . My plan is to start in one week...looking forward to the journey and appreciate all the support!

    Hi Ann!

    Welcome! We are so glad to have you here, and congratulations on making the commitment to change your relationship with food. 

    I think it's great that you are giving yourself a week to prepare. Can I ask, what does that preparation look like for you? Do you need any resources? How can I help support you?! Please let me know :)