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    ashleyparik reacted to Beckha99 in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Ok, I have decided you are my new buddy. Congratulations (Yes, I realize I gave you no choice in the matter). Your timeline is very close to mine (I am one day behind), and I have been dealing with a lot of similar things. Although, I feel like you are MUCH stronger then I am at this point. I don't care if you had to restart a few times, YOU KEEP COMING BACK!!! It is so easy after messing up to just want to say "Screw it!", and then go nuts. But you accept the mistake, process it, learn,  and KEEP GOING!!! I feel like that is pretty great. And we can do it this time!! (Even if I kept telling myself last night, how easy it would be to just quit.) We have got this. Keep kicking butt Emma!
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    I am on my 3rd Whole30 in 3 years. I love to do it once a year as a cleanse. I’m on day 24 and feeling so good. The last few days I have been getting comments about my weight loss, which is a great motivator! The first week of the timeline rang pretty true for me, but the rest has felt so positive. I had to make it through a camping trip with coworkers where everyone was drinking cocktails and eating camp food and s’mores. That wasn’t so easy .....but the victory is so satisfying !
    I can’t wait for Day 30 so I can get on the scale!!
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    Day Three -
    Woke up a couple times last night due to the cat and had a very enthusiastic greeting from the dogs just a wee bit early this morning, but overall it was a good sleep. I ate a huge dinner last night (butternut squash, halibut, salad greens) and it was hot and I was tired. This morning things are starting off well and it helps that it is cooler. 
    Goals for the day: Meditate, Eat Whole30, Practice
    I also really want to take advantage of today and spend more time outside so once I stand up, I plan to map out the full day. 
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    ashleyparik reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Day One
    Well, I went camping and I did it. There were some very close calls. Like, very close and there were two transgressions, both minor, but I really want the 30 days of a totally clean Whole30.
    I went out on a boat and got seasick. None of the food I brought with me sounded good. Nothing sounded good. I didn't throw up till late in the day so that was nice, I suppose and it was nice I hadn't eaten anything to throw up, but when I finally got off the boat, I ate a bread roll.  Pretzels were really the thing that sounded good, but a roll was in front of me. I ordered an awesome steak salad, but the roll was all I could eat and that was it for the day. roll.  
    And then last night, I opened up a beer that my friend brought me. It's a speciality beer that we can't get at home and I figured I was going to start clean anyway so why not. But I had a sip and didn't really want it. I could have had it and maybe I would have felt more party like at our dinner party, but it wasn't calling me so I gave it to my husband and had some water. sip of beer.
    I did eat beet chips yesterday and had no mouth issues. Phew.  So, I think my mouth was already sensitive and reactive when I ate them last week, but they are not a problem themselves.
    So....what did I eat camping?
    I packed a lot of clean salami and grass fed clean beef sticks. I packed a big tub of spinach and greens and some salad dressing.  For the drive down, I munched on a huge breakfast of eggs and yellow squash that was super filling.  I had apples (never ate them), baby carrots, a cucumber (never ate), sweet potatoes (never ate) and some nut bars. I was able to eat out a couple times with friends because we were near a town that caters to all the different food eaters and I had eggs, pork with compliant cole-slaw!, fish tacos without the tortilla, and the steak salad (that I didn't eat).  We never cooked on a grill because there is a fire ban right now and I sure didn't eat anything fancy, but I ate decently and did okay. So, not much good camping advice from me.
    And now I'm glad to be home. I read more of the Food Freedom book and enjoyed that. If I can find my balance, I'd sure like it. And STICK to my balance. I don't like the on and off mentality that happens even though right now I'm keenly aware of being on.
    Yesterday was a get-lots-of-things-done-day and it was nice to wake up to a fairly picked up home and yard. There's still work to do. There always is, but it's sunny so perhaps I'll work on digging up some of the grass to prep for a new garden area.
    Meal planning.....that should be something I do again too. My husband will be away a few nights this week and that is a trigger for me to want to eat out with the kids which I'm going to need to avoid.