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    ashleyparik reacted to ShannonM816 in No reaction to reintroduced   
    @Felicia1971 I would go back to whole30 eating for at least two days, and then go forward with your reintroductions as I mentioned above.
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    ashleyparik reacted to Kacieleonab in How to cook eggplant to substitute for a bread slice?   
    I read online that there is a lot of moisture in eggplant. So after you slice, add a generous amount of salt...wait, dab the moisture...and then repeat this 2 or 3 times before you make the "toast." the moisture probably made it a bit soggy.
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    Absolutely 2 meals down 1 to go. 
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    ashleyparik reacted to ClassyMUM in Starting Whole 30 Today!   
    I am new to Whole 30 but have heard and read so many great things about it!  I am healthy and fit for the most part but I would like to lose about 10 pounds and once and for all get any and all junk out of my diet.  My goal is to be a super-healthy from now on.  I want to wake up each morning with a spring in my step and a glow on my face....I believe that Whole 30 can help me do that!  Honestly, I have never really stuck to any kind of eating plan for 30 days so this is going to be a challenge for me but I'm determined to do it and I know that I will be so much better off at the end of it!  So, I've got my Whole 30 book in hand - the recipes look great - and I'm really enjoying reading it!  Day 1 - here we go!
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    Woo hoo!! That's wonderful news! Let's go!!!
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    Well my endocrinologist is totally on board. She said as long as I'm doing it for me then that's wonderful. 
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    ashleyparik reacted to Marimadrid in Starting today and need friends for the journey   
    I am starting today. I did whole30 once before and felt great on it!!! I need that feeling back!!! I have slipped back into old habits and want to recommit...
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    ashleyparik reacted to Jihanna in I feel super unprepared   
    First things first -- BREATHE!
    I know there are a ton of Whole30 resources available, including the shopping list and pantry stocking guide, and so on... but honestly, all of that can get very overwhelming if you're coming into this without already having a good feel for meal planning and shopping. So take a deep breath and do yourself the favor of acknowledging that your kitchen doesn't have to have everything on those lists. That alone may help you feel slightly less unprepared going into this experience.
    Second, get things as you need them. What I mean by that is that there's no reason for you to go out and buy ghee, coconut aminos, spice blends you've never used, and so on (unless you already use those things) until you have a recipe that calls for them... unless you just really want to have them on hand to play around. Waiting until there's a need not only saves you money, it also can save space.
    Now, get familiar with your CAN HAVE list -- that's basically any unprocessed or minimally processed meat, bacon as long as it contains only compliant ingredients, every fresh fruit and vegetable (note: corn is a grain and peas are legumes, so those are out), fruit juice for sweetening dishes or drinks, coffee and tea (make sure any tea blends don't include things like Stevia leaf), nuts and seeds are also okay but not suggested for over-zealous consumption  Set aside any vegetable/canola/seed oil for the moment and make sure you've got some olive oil on hand (I generally keep olive oil for roasting, coconut oil for basically anything else, and sunflower oil to make mayo).
    Print out the Sneaky Sugars and Common Additives lists to take with you to the store, at least at first. This helps you get comfortable with reading those labels and knowing if something is okay... or not.
    Not knowing how to shop or prep isn't a deal-breaker here. You'll learn through doing. There are some guides available online, too... I'm linking a couple below, but they're just some that have helped me personally (whereas there are definitely more out there).
    NomNomPaleo has an amazing series of Whole30 posts where she gives 90 days worth of prep tips, recipes, etc. has a nice assortment of guides and beginner/basic lessons (in the Resources drop-down), including tips for kitchen organization, meal planning, shopping, preparing and cooking food, etc. There are a ton of recipes on their site, and every single one of them has a Paleo option which can easily be adapted (if even necessary) to be Whole30 compliant (like removing any added sweetener). They also put out a meal plan each week that you can peruse (including recipe details, prep tips, and even sometimes videos showing how to prep specific ingredients) for free. Their meal plan subscription (which has a free trial available) also shows things like weekend prep and easy scaling of recipes (the default is 4 servings, but subscription gives you 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 option).
    I honestly have a ton of insight into how to shop, but it would overwhelm you even more than what I just posted, so I'll hold my tongue (er, fingers) for the moment and wish you the best on your journey!
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    ashleyparik got a reaction from StephMcD in August W30 journey   
    Hi there! Welcome back, we are so glad to have you here
    It sounds like you are really committed to making this lifestyle change work for you- keep that attitude and your success will follow. I love the idea of a "soft start". I usually recommend that my clients try to eat at least 1 Whole30 meal a day for the week leading up to their Whole30; just to get a jump start. Going through your pantry is a great idea as well. It will give you an idea of what you need to shop for, what you already have that might be compliant, etc.
    We are here to support you, so please continue to utilize the forum! Best of luck! You got this!
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    ashleyparik reacted to Sjodo in Here we go again...   
    Whole30 day 1, here I come!
    I have not had soft boiled eggs since my last Whole30 2 years ago. Yummy yummy. That and some fresh fruit and fresh veggies makes for a refreshing breakfast. I forgot how clean I feel when eating clean. Off to my first appt with an endocrinologist. Finger crossed they are on board for my Whole30. Whether or not they are on board there's no reason I can't start my day with a whole30 approved breakfast anyways. 
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    ashleyparik got a reaction from LadyWolf0926 in LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log   
    CLAPPING MY HANDS SO HARD FOR YOU!!!!!!! This is AMAZING! That list of NSV's just for ONE day is fantastic! You are absolutely in the right mindset. Keep tracking those, even on rough days. Celebrate the (not-so-small) wins- always! 
    Cleaning out your pantry is a great idea. I know it can be hard to just toss things, but if you can't donate it to a food pantry or something, just throw it in the trash. I promise you won't miss it once it's gone.
    I love the idea of rewarding yourself with some "me" time with your tv show. Today is international self-care day, and you are absolutely doing it right. I am proud of you! Keep it up!
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    ashleyparik reacted to Mariina in Started June 26-- Day 14!   
    Day 29:
    So, I have moved forward with my Whole30 as originally planned.  I definitely like it get a bit to me for a second there, starting to eat the technically-compliant but not-as-healthy version of foods.  That's the habit I want to break though, which is why I will do another Whole30 in the near future.  I have gone back to my normal Whole30 food, did a HUGE meal prep Monday, and I'm feeling better mentally because of that.  I've also worked out a few times, improvement.  I had to get the Meningococcal B vaccine on Monday though, which has made my left arm so sore and hurts to raise it so I'm taking a few days of break from working out.  I have felt EXTREMELY fatigued these last few days and it makes me think WHAT IS HAPPENING, did I fail that hard?!  But no, I doubt it, because the informative paper for the vaccine says that fatigue and exhaustion are side effects.  So let's hope this tiredness goes away with the arm soreness, because I literally had to force myself to move this morning while cooking breakfast, even doing anything, which is not normal for me.  It actually makes me feel a bit low mentally when I wake up with so little energy, but I understand that it is normal and I should be moving on from this soon.  Energy-wise, I'm feeling better than this morning and yesterday morning, but I'm also not exerting much energy while sitting here.
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    ashleyparik reacted to Beckha99 in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Ok, I have decided you are my new buddy. Congratulations (Yes, I realize I gave you no choice in the matter). Your timeline is very close to mine (I am one day behind), and I have been dealing with a lot of similar things. Although, I feel like you are MUCH stronger then I am at this point. I don't care if you had to restart a few times, YOU KEEP COMING BACK!!! It is so easy after messing up to just want to say "Screw it!", and then go nuts. But you accept the mistake, process it, learn,  and KEEP GOING!!! I feel like that is pretty great. And we can do it this time!! (Even if I kept telling myself last night, how easy it would be to just quit.) We have got this. Keep kicking butt Emma!
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    ashleyparik reacted to Emma in Round 3.2 - Learning As I Go   
    I'm part of the restart club!  I was almost half way through and now I'm on Day 4 (again).  
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    ashleyparik reacted to C.B. in Round 3.2 - Learning As I Go   
    Day 3
    I was supppper tired today, which is an energy slump that I had when first starting my 3rd round so not a huge surprise. My stomach felt much better today though.
    Also ate chicken for the first time in 6ish months and that seemed to go over well. I made a yummy Whole30 tabouleh with my mom's parsley and am stocked to add it to a couple of meals this week. Also experimenting with rhubarb as my mom has a bunch of it. Most rhubarb recipes call for sugar, so I'm on the hunt for more savoury uses. 
    I felt better about my cravings today and was more engaged in work this morning, before my energy slump hit after lunch. 
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    ashleyparik reacted to TFrank in Newbie Starting Aug 5!   
    Thank you so much! I actually have some stuff in my cart for thrive market already. I hadn’t heard of whole30 day by day. I’ll definitely be looking into that. Thank you again.  ☺️
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    ashleyparik got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Newbie Starting Aug 5!   
    Hi Tiffany!
    Welcome, and congratulations on making the commitment to yourself to better your relationship with food. We are so glad to have you here
    Ordering online is one of my favorite things to do! Amazon is great, but if you haven't heard of Thrive Market yet, definitely check it out.
    Thrive has a ton of Whole30 compliant products, and is my go-to place to order food online. I hope you find this helpful.
    It's totally normal to be nervous, but remember that this is a 30 day self experiment to help you determine which foods work best for you. I tell all of my clients to keep a food journal- check out Whole30 Day by Day on Amazon if you aren't familiar with it. It's a wonderful resource to help get you through the 30 days. You'll keep a food log, track your sleep and energy levels, your non-scale victories (NSV's) and comes with daily tips and tricks to help get you through your Whole30.
    You have a ton of support here, so please continue to utilize the forum so we can help you! Best of luck! You'll do great!
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    ashleyparik reacted to Christine07 in Am I Eating Enough? Extreme Lethargy Day 9   
    Thank you so much for your response! It makes me feel so much better. I will take your advice on the plated fats, and I did bring veggies and guac for a snack today.
    I appreciate your suggestions on the pre/post workout meals. I will try those as well! 
    I am really loving my quality of sleep. I haven't slept this well EVER! 
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    ashleyparik reacted to Sjodo in Here we go again...   
    Thanks I am so looking forward to feeling amazing again. For the past 5 years I have struggled with this disease I didn't even know I had. The only time I found relief was when I did my first whole30, but I wasn't in the right place in my life to maintain it. Finally being diagnosed and on medicine has given me some of that whole30 feels back so I wanted to go for it totally and completely. Knowing I'll be dealing with this the rest of my life means I need to make real changes that will last the rest of my life. So I'm returning to my Whole30 knowing ahead of time that I am going to feel amazing in just a couple weeks. This time around I am adding in daily exercise with 1 day of rest. I'm just doing yoga so low intensity, but enough to keep me moving and healthy. Last time I felt so amazing I decided to try Orange theory and oh man was that a mistake I knew I felt great but I totally overdid it ended up throwing up and giving myself the worst sinus infection of my life and from there just dive bombed into old habits no reintro or anything all progress lost. But even without the reintro I still felt really good for 3 months more energy sleeping better no stomach pain(which is why I did it in the first place) but slowly and surely the symptoms came back. So learning from those mistakes I'm going to take it slow and steady and really embrace my new way of life. I don't see why not, but here's praying the endocrinologist says to go for it tomorrow. 
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    ashleyparik got a reaction from Sarah_MT in Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck   
    Hi Kara! 
    Day 17!! You are over halfway there! That right there is a HUGE NSV! Also, the fact the fact that you hadn't reached for a snack bar yesterday and the day before are also big NSV's. Sugar cravings were definitely the hardest for me to kick, so I totally feel you there. I am absolutely a recovering sugar addict, so I still have to be careful with what I eat in order to keep my sugar dragon tamed! Having veggie snacks on hand are great- so there's another NSV- being prepared
    I would strongly suggest writing out all of your NSV's. I really think it will help keep you motivated. Focus on what IS working for you, and that will make it easier.
    Hang in there! I am here for you!
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    ashleyparik got a reaction from Nicoleonrepeat in Nicoleonrepeat... Committing to Whole30   
    Hi Nicole!
    We are SO glad to have you here! You should be really proud of yourself for making the commitment to be a good example for your son and to work on changing your relationship with food. Please let us know how we can support you through out your Whole30 journey.
    You got this!!!
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    ashleyparik got a reaction from Sjodo in Here we go again...   
    Your plan sounds amazing! Kudos to you for being so prepared. That is the key to success! Having a great support system definitely helps, too, so I am so glad to hear that you're surrounded by supportive women! YAY!
    Take things one day at a time, and track all of your NSV's. It is  great way to show how far you've come, and to help you focus on the changes that you ARE seeing.
    Looking forward to following your journey!
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    ashleyparik reacted to Sjodo in Here we go again...   
    Thanks so happy to be here. I mapped out my next 60 days to make myself accountable by logging meals and planning around future trips and training, meetings and anything that may interfere with my 30 days and my reintroduction phase. I have my 30 days plus reintro takes me to around days 42. From there I'll go off Whole30 only eating the foods that do not have a negative effect on my health and I planned to reevaluate once a week to keep me on track and focused. My hope is that by day 60 I am in enough of a routine with my day to day and my workouts that keeping it up will be easier. I work with a lot of people that are very food conscience whether it be just to feel and look good, or because they are fighting disease also like Celiac's. I have a great group of women surrounding me to support me. I think the hardest part for me will be if I cannot handle gluten (which is a good possibility). I love to bake and make homemade treats so that would be a huge adjustment for me, but we will deal with that hurdle in approximately 40 days. For now I'm just gonna take this one day at a time and I'm so ready to start my Whole30 tomorrow. I know logging in here and posting is a great way to stay accountable and find support. I am very optimistic about this and think I will handle this very well this time. Can't wait to see my NSV on day 31 and see the improvements with my health and managing my Hashimotos disease.
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    ashleyparik reacted to mbo05b in What can I add to my coffee?   
    Thank you!
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    ashleyparik reacted to Victoriabiscuit in Finger licking? this is kind of an odd question and I had trouble figuring out which category to put it under..  this is my first whole 30, yesterday was day 22.  I’m feeling great, I’ve been very rigorous about the rules and in general, very careful.  I work in a restaurant, our chef has been nominated for a James Beard award twice for our region, but I’ve still behaved, haven’t touched the food at work, I’ve prepped and made all of my own meals these last 23 days.  So you may be wondering why I mentioned yesterday was day 22 instead of just saying today I’m on day 23?  Last night at work, the guys in the kitchen made something, it had dairy in it, I didn’t partake BUT... I was cleaning some of it up and instinctually licked my finger (don’t worry people, I wash my hands like I’m getting paid to at work and at home).  I’ve been so conscientious about it all month, like when I’m making meals and snacks for my kids, and it was a pretty thin film of the dairy containing stuff on my finger, I need to start over?  Be honest (but please say no haha)...  for real though, should I count that as a slip and start over?