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    ashleyparik reacted to AnnH in Starting July 30th newbie!   
    Hi all!  New to Whole 30 but have been dieting my whole life . My plan is to start in one week...looking forward to the journey and appreciate all the support!
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    ashleyparik reacted to Kris22 in Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck   
    I have definitely wanted to have a temper tantrum a few times!  Also, I have had some recent non-food related stress over a family member and it has been difficult to not use food as a crutch which was my default comfort strategy.  I overate last night- all compliant food but nevertheless did not feel great after so I still need to conquer that bad habit.  I have been meditating which is great but I am having a really hard time with my family right now.  I hope we can resolve our issue soon.  Thanks for listening. 
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    ashleyparik reacted to Nana Lori in What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)   
    I am on my 3rd Whole30 in 3 years. I love to do it once a year as a cleanse. I’m on day 24 and feeling so good. The last few days I have been getting comments about my weight loss, which is a great motivator! The first week of the timeline rang pretty true for me, but the rest has felt so positive. I had to make it through a camping trip with coworkers where everyone was drinking cocktails and eating camp food and s’mores. That wasn’t so easy .....but the victory is so satisfying !
    I can’t wait for Day 30 so I can get on the scale!!
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    Hey everyone! I am so happy to be back here after almost 2 years (EEK). I did my first whole30 after a recommendation from my OBGYN when I was having undiagnosed lower abdominal pain and irregular periods. I did not make it to day 30 because I got myself really sick(long story) but I felt fantastic. For 3 months post whole30 I felt incredible. I did not do a proper reintroduction because of falling off the wagon, but this time no excuses. After suffering 5 years with a whole host of symptoms I finally have a diagnosis. Hashimoto Thyroiditis. My mom was recently diagnosed so I got myself tested and came back positive. I have been on medication since July 6th and have noticed much improvement. I didn't want to make any other major changes right away so I could see how the medicine is working. I see the endocrinologist the 25th of July and if they approve I will be starting my Whole30 on the 25th. I have been building up to make major life changes for the past year. Both my kids will finally be in school and I will have more time for me to really focus on myself. I plan to exercise regularly in my free time, and start eating better. For me as a teacher my "new year" starts in August not January so I'm jumping head first into the new year for a better me. I am much more serious this time around because I know this disease is lifelong, and I will always have struggles, but I feel with a better diet and life style changes I can conquer this disease and hopefully prevent myself from developing other autoimmune disease.
    I chose the 25th because I will most likely be going on vacation shortly after and I don't want to be in caffeine withdrawal during that time so that's why I'm not choosing an easy to remember day like the 1st. Also I want to be as far into my Whole30 as possible when my school(prek teacher) starts on the 19th. My kids will also be visiting their grandparents for the first week of my Whole30 so it'll really help me focus on me that first tough week. I am an open book and am happy to share my thoughts and experiences as well as every day of this journey with everyone. I could Definetly use all the support and love I can get since I'm in this alone. My husband and kids are anti dietary changes, but I will slowly sneakily start changing my kids diet, and maybe eventually drag hubby along. I do buy all the groceries. Lol
    So here's to jumping into a happier healthier me for life!
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    ashleyparik got a reaction from LadyWolf0926 in LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log   
    This makes me SO happy!!!!
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    ashleyparik reacted to Nicoleonrepeat in Nicoleonrepeat... Committing to Whole30   
    Okay... I'm committing to starting whole30 on Monday July29th and I'm obliger so I do best with external accountability. I'm putting this here and I'm also going to be documenting it on my instagram (nicoleonrepeat)...I call myself Nicoleonrepeat because I've struggled with weight my whole life, and I feel like I'm, on "repeat!"
    I lost over 200lbs before eating Paleo and exercising... and I kept the weight off for years... then I had a baby last September and got Post Partum Panic Disorder...which meant I had to take antidepressants... and I can't even say I used food as a tool, but I just went right back to my eating habits from years before. The stress of having a new baby, dealing with medical issues and trying to keep my weight in check was hard to balance and something had to get pushed to the backburner... and it was definitely my weight.. I've gained 100lbs since my baby was born  but I'm determined to be an example and role model for my son... and something just tells me Whole30 is a great on-ramp to that freeway of freedom from food control over my life. 
    So anyway... I'm excited to be a part of this. Praying I can stay strong and do what is really a simple thing to do... just follow the rules. 

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    ashleyparik reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Day Three -
    Woke up a couple times last night due to the cat and had a very enthusiastic greeting from the dogs just a wee bit early this morning, but overall it was a good sleep. I ate a huge dinner last night (butternut squash, halibut, salad greens) and it was hot and I was tired. This morning things are starting off well and it helps that it is cooler. 
    Goals for the day: Meditate, Eat Whole30, Practice
    I also really want to take advantage of today and spend more time outside so once I stand up, I plan to map out the full day. 
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    ashleyparik reacted to LadyWolf0926 in LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log   
    Thank you so much! I'm really enjoying Whole 30 and am beginning to seriously realize this is a lifestyle change, not a short term program. Everyday I'm seeing new NSV's. Some NSV's are so obvious to others that I've had a lot of friends ask me about it, and several are now joining me on their own journey. It's exciting to have such strong support from family, friends and my physicians. I know I'm on the right path!
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    ashleyparik got a reaction from LadyWolf0926 in LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log   
    Keep up the great work! Your meals sound amazing! Making my mouth water! Kudos to you for doing this the right way, and it's amazing to learn that your husband is such a huge supporter of your decision to change your relationship with food.
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    ashleyparik reacted to SchrodingersCat in Exercise & Whole30   
    Elete electrolyte ferrous are whole 30 approved and available on Amazon!
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    ashleyparik reacted to Amy_Michigan in Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019   
    Yes, I knew what you meant but thanks for clarifying!  I wil listen to my body .  Thanks for the helpful feedback!
    I bought the kindle version of It Starts With Food today so I can start following the template better.  I also might try and be better about eliminating foods for autoimmune disorders (the AIP version of whole30) because that might be hindering my progress.  I definitely have to switch out the white potatoes in the morning with some baked sweet potatoes and I'll figure the rest out as I go...
    I posted everything I ate todatein the post above, which I think ended up being thr last post of Page 1.
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    ashleyparik reacted to LadyWolf0926 in LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log   
    Crazy busy day today. I have to make sure that I'm taking the appropriate time in the morning to make breakfast so I'm not eating too late. I made the mistake of logging in to my laptop to check emails first thing in the morning and, next thing I know, it's 10:00. Then I'm rushing to get my meal in between conference calls, and it sets my day off schedule. Otherwise, it was a good day and I slept well! Need to start setting alarms on my phone to make sure I'm getting my water in, but that's the only area I am still struggling in. Again, I get busy with work and forget. 
    Finished the bone broth and it came out good! Packed some up in the freezer and the rest in the fridge. Used it in the pan roasted chicken tonight, and the family really liked it! Despite it being 90+ degrees outside, I'm thinking of making some soup; that's how good it smelled (and tasted). I can honestly eat soup regardless of how hot the weather is, and I'm thinking of using the bone broth to make a really yummy Thai soup called Tom Yum Moo Sub. I had it when I traveled to Seattle for work last year and loved it! I'm sure I'll have to sub out some ingredients for compliant ones, but it'll be worth the effort to find the recipe!
    Breakfast - omelette filled with crab red curry topped with avocado, tomato and red chilli flakes. Coffee with Nut Pods
    Lunch - chicken salad with onion, celery and Primal Kitchen garlic aioli mayo with tomatoes and green leaf lettuce wraps. Blueberries.
    Dinner - pan roasted chicken with fresh herbs, lemon and bone broth. Pan grilled zucchini with Cajun seasoning. Carrots with ghee and a sprinkling of gochugaru. Finished with an organic white peach.
    Off to bed soon. Tomorrow is another crazy busy day!
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    ashleyparik reacted to LadyWolf0926 in LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log   
    Got up this morning feeling a little better but chatted with my husband about how crummy I felt last night. He looked at me and immediately said "Nuts. You had some nuts. Did you check your ingredients?" I told him no that my friend who'd brought them said they were compliant, and I'd completely forgotten about that handful I grabbed. We went and looked at the can of nuts and, right there on the label, it listed soybean oil. I should've known better; I should've checked before I grabbed that handful. My husband was playing golf when we had the snack, so he wasn't here being my lifeline (which he's taking very seriously), and I took someone else's info as my own. I screwed up.
    Was it a lot? Probably not, but it was obviously enough to make me feel like crap; so, I'm starting over. Back to Day 1 today. I'm really disappointed in myself, but I have to do this the right way to make sure I'm reaping the full benefits of Whole 30.  Day-by-Day warned me about complacency with food choices, and I didn't listen. Lesson learned.
    Another thing I did learn is that my husband, my biggest lifeline, is 100% behind me. He felt bad that I have to start over, but he too said that we're not going to "half-a**" it.  We're going to do this the right way. He told me a long time ago that the hardest thing he ever has to do is tell me "no", so for him to really get in my face with tough love, like he did this morning, is super hard. I get it, and he's really doing a great job!
    And now we move forward once again!
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    ashleyparik reacted to C.B. in Round 3.2 - Learning As I Go   
    Day 2
    I felt bloated all day and my guts have been in knots, still feeling the effects of bingeing on Friday and Saturday. I learned just how out of whack my body can become from eating certain foods, especially dairy. I felt like I was facing down different foods all day long and the afternoon was a struggle BUT i am ending the day on a very positive note, having had one of the most mindful, powerful yoga classes I've experienced. 
    I am ending the day feeling balanced and grateful for the decisions I am making to change my relationship with food. 
    I am eating more seafood now, and aiming to have a higher fat and protein breakfasts with more carb-dense veggies later in the day. I have been eating tofu today and yesterday but as I mentioned in Day 1 I am going to phase out legumes starting tomorrow and transition to more seafood and some red meats, for now at least. 
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    ashleyparik reacted to KaraS in Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck   
    Guys I needed to read this article
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    ashleyparik got a reaction from C.B. in Round 3.2 - Learning As I Go   
    Hi Candace!
    We are so glad to have you here! One of my favorite things about the Whole30 is that it brings together like-minded people who are wanting to change their relationships with food. Kudos to you for coming back here and starting fresh again.
    I think it's great that you have realized what works for you and where you tend to fall short. The black and white rules of Whole30 do make it easy to follow, so I' glad to see you bring it back to the basics and follow the program exactly as written.
    I am planning on doing my next round in September, but there are a lot of people here who are doing a July Whole30 or who have just started within the last week. I hope you find some meaningful connections here. 
    We are with you every step of the way, so please utilize this forum for accountability and support. You got this!
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    ashleyparik reacted to [email protected] in Start the Whole 30 today   
    went to dietitian today. Since July 2 I am down 10 pounds.
    weekend trip went well. I nailed it except for Saturday night when I ate out and they sprinkled some cheddar cheese on my cobb salad! ARGHHH.
    Nonetheless we press on.
    I am feeling pretty good, no real cravings.I craved something crunchy but celery is getting me through
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    ashleyparik reacted to Marianne&Daniel in Protein Powder   
    Thank you!
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    ashleyparik reacted to Jane Bruno in Janielu715   
    I am day 20 now, and just realized when I was browsing through the Whole30 book again, that in a hasty shopping I purchased Braggs aminos and used them on day 16,17 and 18. So I have shopped this afternoon, and am prepared to start again. So instead of picking up at day 2, I am just starting at day 1 again tomorrow. But I don’t have a feeling like-“Oh, I screwed up, let me have pizza!”. No, I am just brushing myself off and starting over. Thank you for your support!
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    ashleyparik got a reaction from alvastarr in Starting 7/22 -- that's today!   
    Hi there, and welcome!
    I recommend keeping a food diary or journal. The Whole30 Day by Day is a great book to help you track all of your meals, your non-scale victories (NSV's), energy and sleep levels, etc. This way, you can go back and review what you've eaten each day and see how you've felt along the way.
    I hope this helps. Best of luck on your Whole30 journey!
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    ashleyparik reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Day One
    Well, I went camping and I did it. There were some very close calls. Like, very close and there were two transgressions, both minor, but I really want the 30 days of a totally clean Whole30.
    I went out on a boat and got seasick. None of the food I brought with me sounded good. Nothing sounded good. I didn't throw up till late in the day so that was nice, I suppose and it was nice I hadn't eaten anything to throw up, but when I finally got off the boat, I ate a bread roll.  Pretzels were really the thing that sounded good, but a roll was in front of me. I ordered an awesome steak salad, but the roll was all I could eat and that was it for the day. roll.  
    And then last night, I opened up a beer that my friend brought me. It's a speciality beer that we can't get at home and I figured I was going to start clean anyway so why not. But I had a sip and didn't really want it. I could have had it and maybe I would have felt more party like at our dinner party, but it wasn't calling me so I gave it to my husband and had some water. sip of beer.
    I did eat beet chips yesterday and had no mouth issues. Phew.  So, I think my mouth was already sensitive and reactive when I ate them last week, but they are not a problem themselves.
    So....what did I eat camping?
    I packed a lot of clean salami and grass fed clean beef sticks. I packed a big tub of spinach and greens and some salad dressing.  For the drive down, I munched on a huge breakfast of eggs and yellow squash that was super filling.  I had apples (never ate them), baby carrots, a cucumber (never ate), sweet potatoes (never ate) and some nut bars. I was able to eat out a couple times with friends because we were near a town that caters to all the different food eaters and I had eggs, pork with compliant cole-slaw!, fish tacos without the tortilla, and the steak salad (that I didn't eat).  We never cooked on a grill because there is a fire ban right now and I sure didn't eat anything fancy, but I ate decently and did okay. So, not much good camping advice from me.
    And now I'm glad to be home. I read more of the Food Freedom book and enjoyed that. If I can find my balance, I'd sure like it. And STICK to my balance. I don't like the on and off mentality that happens even though right now I'm keenly aware of being on.
    Yesterday was a get-lots-of-things-done-day and it was nice to wake up to a fairly picked up home and yard. There's still work to do. There always is, but it's sunny so perhaps I'll work on digging up some of the grass to prep for a new garden area.
    Meal planning.....that should be something I do again too. My husband will be away a few nights this week and that is a trigger for me to want to eat out with the kids which I'm going to need to avoid. 
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    Day 1 of the restart was fine. I started the Crock-Pot with a batch of bone broth and finally cleaned out the freezer. I have a lot of wild caught fish, and I'll be eating that for the next week or so. I got the week's menu planned, and since my boss is out of the office this week, I'll work remotely which means I can prep a little less in advance. Stomach has settled down, and I got my water in. I've also read every label at least twice. Energy was good today, and I didn't have my mid-afternoon crash; cravings seem like they're under control (at least for the moment).
    My husband went through the compliant list of fruits and vegetables with me at dinner, and I love that he's so vested in my success! He's asking lots of questions and learning with me as I go along. 
    Breakfast - Veggie omelette with a thin slice of sirloin. Side of potatoes in ghee. Coffee with Nut Pods
    Lunch - Slept in and ate a late breakfast, so no "lunch"
    Mid-afternoon Snack - Chicken salad cup with Primal Kitchen garlic aioli mayo
    Dinner - Pork loin roast, topped with peach slices sprinkled with cinnamon. A small side of spicy brown mustard. Shakshuka-style zucchini.
    Getting to bed early tonight so I'm energized and ready for the work day tomorrow.
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    ashleyparik reacted to SassySal in Saloni's Whole30 Log   
    R4D17: I think tiger blood is here! And not a minute too soon! Yesterday was probably the hardest day for me. I was so tempted to quit. And day 15 too. But today is awesome! I was up at 1 am working! And then did some more work in the morning. So basically I wrote two whole articles between 1 am and 11 am. In spite of the fact that today is SATURDAY and I start a new full time job this Monday!
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    ashleyparik reacted to Laurab0804 in Studying for a big exam-- compliant greens powder ingredients?   
    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! Having a second pair of eyes look at the ingredients was just what I needed. Thank you again!! 
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    ashleyparik reacted to laura_juggles in Edamame and French Bean   
    Still in the pod, it does rather look like sugar snap peas, but you don't eat the edamame pod, only the beans inside.