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  1. TEwhole30

    Kirbz's Whole30 Log

    What about hummus with paleo breads/crackers? I know you said carrots are meh for you but what about other veggies like cucumbers, peppers, radish, jicama? I personally love humus on a baked potato. Also, hummus may be less of an irritant if you make it yourself as there won't be the same types of additives/preservatives and you can really soak the beans before you make it. Good luck! I'm on day 9 of my first W30 and am excited to find out how foods will impact me afterwards hope this reintro phase gives you the information you're looking for
  2. Okay, so if I am only eating two meals a day (that follow the plate guidelines) is this okay, is this going to be a speed bump now or later in my goals of establishing a healthier relationship with food and eating? I'm attaching some examples of what I've been eating. I have been avoiding snacking pretty well and all the food I've eaten has been compliant .... which is amazing cause I've also had my period the entire week I've been doing this so far and resisted some very bad cravings. My hormones have been wonky and I've been pretty sedentary since I started, staying up too late at night and just sort of not feeling the drive to get to the kitchen after waking up. I have an hour routine that I do when I first wake up, I have to do that before I can eat ... but even after I get through the routine I've still waited a few more hours before eating. Sometimes I'll feel a little hungry after going to bed, but not enough to get up and make something. I'm surprised I'm eating so little, I usually eat A LOT (I also usually eat some what healthy ... sometimes not at all) Is it okay the way I'm doing this or do I need to snap out of it and force 3 meals a day? R1 D2 01/01/2018 M1 @ 1:15 PM big handful of spinach leftover chicken sausage, mushrooms, potato 2 eggs 1/4 avocado satsuma M2 @ 6:20 PM big handful of spinach 1/4 avocado 4 chicken wings with Frank’s buffalo sauce 1 open handful of pistachios and raisins M3 @ 8:55 PM RxBar Gingerbread R1 D3 01/02/2018 M1 @ 9:15 AM big handful of spinach leftover chicken sausage, mushrooms, potato 2 eggs 1/3 avocado, tapatio Couldn’t finish the whole thing, about a cup of it was left over so I put it in a tupperware M2 @ 1:30 leftover breakfast handful of spinach 1/4 cup or so of diced cucumber and radish, tapatio M3 @ 5:45 1 head of romaine 1 cup diced cucumber and radish 1 handful of shredded buffalo chicken 1 cup of coconut milk 1 satsuma R1 D5 01/04/2018 M1 @ 12:47 AM Frittata slice (10 eggs, 1.5 chicken sausage, spaghetti squash, spinach, mushrooms) Avocado, cilantro Apple sauce with cinnamon Early Grey with splash of coconut milk M2 @ 6:45 PM Beef link, dijon mustard 1/2 potato Brussels sprouts Banana, almond butter, coconut flakes, cinnamon R1 D6 01/05/19 M1 @ 12:59 PM Buffalo Chicken Casserole (onions, carrots, spag squash, compliant ranch & buffalo) Romaine, two mini cucumbers M2 @ 6:30 PM Beef Link Romaine Brussel Sprouts Guacamole R1 D7 01/06/19 M1 @ 10:30 AM Frittata (spag squash, spinach, mushrooms, chicken sausage) Guacamole, cilantro Apple Sauce 2 mini cucumbers, cilantro M1 @ 6:00 PM Curry soup; Chicken, onions, kale, spaghetti squash Ghee, chicken broth, coconut milk, spices & curry paste
  3. TEwhole30


    check your local (larger) farmer's markets ... I live in Los Angeles and get Daves Gourmet Korean Food brand kimchi at my local farmers market, and it is sugar free! https://www.yelp.com/biz/daves-gourmet-korean-food-los-angeles
  4. TEwhole30

    Taylor's 1st Whole30! Jan 2 Start Date

    Hi Taylor ... I'm also Taylor haha! My W30 crept up on me too, I had so much prepped... in my mind... I just didn't get executed in time, oh well, we are resilient and we adapt . Wow, way to stay strong in the face of the muffins and way to get creative when you're in a pickle. If you're grabbing apple chips (which I think is a SWYOP food so proceed with caution) at Whole Foods for lunch maybe try to hit their salad bar too? If you have canned tuna at your desk you can just add that to a whole foods salad bar with some oil and vinegar or something. I keep a few pieces of epic brand jerky (they have salmon, elk, bison, etc.), some RxBars (compliant flavors) and nuts in my car, bag and desk. Also, if you have access to a fridge/freezer at work maybe bring a few meal prepped things to leave in the freezer (like leftovers of that delicious sounding lemon pepper chicken you had for dinner) for future forgetting your lunch emergencies? Your W30 so far is reminding me a lot of my first attempt ... I was eating foods that were all technically compliant but weren't really in the 'spirit' or following the rules, I had only read about what foods were compliant I wasn't really familiar with the value in eating the protein/veg/fat all at the same time. I'm a notorious grazer throughout the day and I've been struggling a little to eat an entire meal that leaves me satisfied long enough, some days I'm only getting two meals in, and a snack... but I'm making sure my snacks are 'mini meals' so they have all 3 W30 food groups. I'm attaching some photos below that helped me .... I think it may help with your fatigue a lot if you try to stick to the W30 meal format. As for your worries with skin ... is the wine you're drinking sulfite free? That might help! (um also, red wine always activates a desire for chocolate within me, so I could see where the cravings are coming from!) What is motivating you to make it your exception for this round? Sounds like everything was conspiring against you for your start date but you got creative and are staying so strong and as compliant as you can, kudos to you and good luck!
  5. Okay I just found this; https://blog.pureindianfoods.com/ghee-texture/ The video (by pure Indian foods a compliant brand) says sometimes ghee will have that sort of a textural difference it's just different fats acting in different ways ... that if I refrigerate it then the texture will be smooth again ... I'm still curious what any of ya'll say/think about if it is a compliancy issue or not... I did make two batches and the other batch isn't doing this at all so idk hmm.
  6. TEwhole30

    Hoping to help my Acid Reflux

    Hi @Cheryl1960 ! Congratulations on your first round, I am so glad it was pretty easy and you made it through with some NSVs to share!! I'm so curious about how things continued with your acid reflux, I think I have the same issue and want to try what you've suggested about some apple cider vinegar before and after your meals ... do you mind telling me how much of it you were having and if you were doing it before & after every meal, are you still continuing to do it? Hope you had a lovely holiday season and your new year is off to a great start! Also, wanted to share one of my favorite recipes that your grandson and husband might light; https://www.realfoodwithjessica.com/2016/01/27/paleo-buffalo-chicken-casserole/?fbclid=IwAR27qdJj0BNQBZo1b0_p49Rl7i60jcLEOvtcl9O4NqQtDJyGyn89bBW-4hQ
  7. TEwhole30

    Intimidated by veggies... some help finding variety

    I love cauliflower and brussels sprouts for roasting ... brussels sprouts I like to quarter and then roast with avocado oil salt and pepper and they're always tasty cauliflower is so neutral and can carry so many seasonings really nicely, I'll roast them one night with a bunch of seasoning and the next day incorporate them into something else for example; roasted with an Italian type blend ... leftovers tossed in with spaghetti squash meat sauce (which yay glad you had and loved that!) roasted with curry or other asian blend ... leftovers tossed into a curry/stew or stir fry roasted with Latin flavored spices ... leftovers tossed into a taco salad I find cucumber to be an easy thing to incorporate and they're so good for you! for me the key is blending my own herbs and spices using my nose, cutting things down small so they get an extra little crisp to them. Honestly, dollar stores have fresh produce ... I saw eggplant there the other day, be sure you salt it and let it rest to pull out the bitterness before you cook it (this would also be great in a meat sauce and spag squash) ... you could even try to spiralize zucchini or yellow squash, maybe you'd like them better in sauce / the texture changes when it's in noodle shape. Also, if you aren't loving things you've made, throwing it all together into a soup or curry sometimes masks what you don't like or reverses what may have gone wrong in the cooking .... or you can also try new veggies in a frittata that's another masking strategy I also loooove mushrooms and beets (poaching beets and then peeling after is the easiest way in my opinion) shredded radishes in taco salads? Hahha okay I'm gonna stop now, I guess I love too many veggies Good luck!
  8. Hi folks, So I made ghee, I think I didn't let it go for long enough though, or maybe I needed to strain it through cheese cloth twice? I scraped a lot of milk solids off the top while it was cooking, the smell changed, I could see many many brown bits at the bottom of the pot, so then I strained it through a thrice folded over cheesecloth and a mesh strainer into a jar ... there were brown bits in the cheese cloth too and some stuck to the pan as well, the liquid is very amber in color and looks like ghee, when I first poured it while still hot there were no particles floating around, so I really thought I'd gotten it right ... but now it has cooled this is happening, it seems as though there are milk solids floating around, is this the case!? I think my possible solutions are; 1. Put in fridge, milk solids sink to bottom and I can scoop the top off to use (which is maybe just clarified butter, not ghee?) 2. Re-boil it ... I really don't want to do this once cause I'm lazy and have too much else to do 3. Just strain it through cheese cloth once more 4. I'm wrong, it's totally fine as it is Please my fellow W30 and homemade ghee masters tell me what is going on, how I can avoid it next time, what to do to rectify it this time so I can use this versatile healthy fat and stay compliant. Thank you!! <3
  9. TEwhole30

    Kirbz's Whole30 Log

    Oh my gosh, I am such a sucker for fast food so I hear you! Although that must have been a good feeling in some ways, to eat something that would normally be such a bad but loved food and not find that same satisfaction in it ... making future cravings easier to shut down! I browsed through a few of your posts and I love them, I am so impressed you were able to start around the holidays, more power to you! I hope this new round 2 is everything you want. I'll def revisit for some inspiration when I start my first (well first real round) in January! I did like 20 days in the summer but didn't manage to see it through. Also I was wondering, what are you using to track your sleep? Thanks for all your sharing!