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  1. Dr. Science Squirrel

    Runner starting Jan 2nd - looking for support group

    Have a great race!!
  2. Dr. Science Squirrel

    Runner starting Jan 2nd - looking for support group

    Yesterday's five-mile felt like it was never going to end!! I even had a pretty disappointing mile-per pace. Worst part, today I have had the strangest cravings for sweets all day. Mainly chocolate, which is funny because I don't normally have a sweet tooth. I bought some fresh fruit and made a mixed fruit bowl to try and curb my sugar dragon. I am not training for anything, but usually, prefer to run 5-10 miles depending on my energy levels. I am definitely waiting for the "tiger blood" to kick in I am also wondering if the food cravings are because I am not getting enough calories for my activity level. Does anyone else have weird cravings?
  3. Dr. Science Squirrel

    Runner starting Jan 2nd - looking for support group

    Hi everyone, I am Kristin. I have been a runner my whole life, this is my first Whole 30 and I am 7 days in. My workouts (yoga, running, HIIT, and weight training) have been trash, my mood is trash, and I have had serious abdominal cramps for no reason I can identify. I have been vegan for the better part of a year and had to reintroduce meat in my diet to not die on Whole 30. I did the vegan --> omnivore transition a week before starting Whole 30. Anyway, I am really glad to have come across this group and realize that I am not alone in fighting through this program. I have noticed a drop in inflammation in my joints and I am leaning down very quickly (probably from the lack of pasta). My attitude is still strong just the rest of me is tanking today! I have been eating fresh fruits and dates as my pre-workout. I have a 10-mile loop scheduled for this evening after work, so hopefully, that will help improve my mood and get a little outdoors therapy. I have been doing most of my meal preps in an instant pot, but I am getting really bored with that. Do you have any suggestions for throwing together quick meals when you're post-workout hungry? Also, do any of you take vitamins?