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  1. Rachel Hall

    Prolonged/abnormal period (on BC) & fatigue

    Thanks for the quick reply! I've been eating either sweet potato or rutabaga most days during 1-2 meals. Other veggies include some cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and sugar snap peas in various recipes. My main protein sources are eggs, chicken, turkey, and beef. I've been trying to limit my nuts/seed and fruit intake and increase how much water I'm drinking. I do drink 1-2 mugs of coffee per day, but I haven't needed it as much as I did before I started the Whole30. I've been playing with the idea of a very slow re-introduction or extending my Whole30 by a few days if my body doesn't regulate to "Tiger Blood" level by the end of 30 days. Thanks for the feedback; I really appreciate any advice you have, as I'd like to continue a balanced lifestyle after the 30 days are over! Thanks, RH
  2. Hello, This isn't so much of a question, more of just an observation. I have been using birth control (intra-vaginal ring, not a pill) for about 6 months, and it's taken a while to get regular periods on this type of BC (not really sure why - maybe because it's more localized than the pill?). Anyway, I started Whole30 on Jan. 3rd and have basically been on my period ever since, and I am not "supposed" to start until next week. I've read lots of posts about hormonal weirdness during Whole30, but I can't seem to get the better of my tiredness, and I think it might be tied to the same hormonal weirdness that's causing my period issues. Does anyone else feel this way? How do you combat the tiredness? As a side note, I know that I'm not anywhere close to anemic, but it's sort of how I'm feeling right now. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks in advance! Rachel H.
  3. Rachel Hall

    Starting Whole30 Round 2 on 1/3!

    Thanks! My day yesterday was okay; I've been sleeping in, so I didn't make a full breakfast. I also had a bit of a headache, but it was a pretty good first day anyway! Meals yesterday: M1: banana, pistachios, and coffee M2: beef chili with 1/2 an avocado - this recipe has lots of veggies! (http://www.paleonewbie.com/paleo-crockpot-chili-recipe/) Snack: an apple and an Rx bar (blueberry) M3: spicy turkey from the Whole30 cookbook and some brussel sprouts with ground mustard, basalmic vinegar, and some walnuts. I just used frozen brussel sprouts that you cook in the microwave - they don't taste as good as fresh ones, but they're really handy in a pinch! Today, I did a little better with breakfast; I started out my day with some shakshuka (Whole30 cookbook) and some coffee, and made enough to re-heat throughout the weekend. Hope everyone is having a good start!
  4. Rachel Hall

    Starting Whole30 Round 2 on 1/3!

    @pennylane14, Thanks for the advice! I agree; I tend to try to take on too many new recipes all at once, so I try to limit myself to one or two new recipes a week, and use old "tried and true" or simple ingredient meals for the rest of my week. One super-easy meal I've found is salsa chicken on a sweet potato. You put some chicken breasts in a slow-cooker with a bell pepper, an onion, maybe some cumin, and some Whole30-compliant green salsa (I like Verdez brand), and then just put it on a baked sweet potato. Super easy and delicious! Rachel
  5. Rachel Hall

    Starting Whole30 Round 2 on 1/3!

    Hi @darrah.w.jones, Small world! (And congrats - we're almost there!). My plan is to prep as much as possible on the weekends and to always keep a couple of compliant "go-to" meals available on the fly (e.g., freeze leftover chili to reheat in a pinch). I also got some Amazon gift cards for Christmas, so I'm going to treat myself and get some fancy spices and snacks through them. I'm going to try and check this thread every other day or so, so if you want to keep this conversation going or give me some of your tips (please!), feel free to respond whenever! Thanks, Rachel H.
  6. Hello, I completed my first Whole30 last September as a self-imposed "challenge", but I'd like to do it again with a better mindset and a greater goal of improving my long-term health. However, I will be driving for 15 HOURS on Jan 1, so I'll be starting my Jan. Whole30 Journey a few days after most people. I will be following along with everyone's progress, and if anyone is in the same boat (wanting to start in Jan., but the Jan. 1 is not ideal), feel free to connect with me via this post! Thanks, Rachel H. PS - I'm also within 1-1.5 years of graduating with my PhD, so I'm also open to any and all advice on how to deal with stress without comforting/suppressing it with food.