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  1. Honestly, I reintroduced sugar based on what I typically used on a daily basis prior to my Whole30 round. So I tried some sugar in my morning coffee, honey in my afternoon tea, a bit of honey in a homemade vinaigrette, and a nighttime tea blend that had stevia leaf. If you're focusing on sugar itself, then be sure you're only adding some to an otherwise compliant food... and I'd suggest NOT doing it at the same level you might have before, because chances are that would be WAY too sweet now. (As an example, my pre-W30 sugar for coffee was 2 tsp per small mug, and my sugar reintro measure was 1
  2. I love that you're using this situation to your best possible advantage! Good luck!
  3. @Tiara1234 I'm the same way - I can binge on some good food, and do it more easily than I can with junk! Home-cooked meal that's absolutely yummy? Seconds, please! Man, only a spoonful left in the dish? That's not even enough to put away... I eat it now, instead! Yes, I totally get it. I know the justifications, and I know the icky feeling that comes afterward because even good food does us wrong when we cram in too much. I found that a few things helped me to work on this habit... 1. I often drink peppermint tea during dinner. This is usually two bags of peppermint herbal tea steepe
  4. Whole30 in and of itself is an elimination diet, with the purpose of reaching a baseline from which to test foods and/or food groups to see if there are sensitivities which should be considered when making informed food choices going forward. Ideally, one also does an amount of "deep work" to deal with the psychological relationship to food, as well. Melissa's note about not experiencing Food Freedom is undoubtedly based on the idea that one does NOT plan to follow a continuing food plan that's quite as restricted as Whole30 is. To make those informed food choices, however, you have to do
  5. That's awesome! I make mine in an old jar that once contained that nasty jet-puffed marshmallow junk. I'm honestly not even sure why we had it, but the jar works perfectly for my mayo Regarding the yolk vs whole egg issue... Apparently the egg white can potentially lead to emulsification issues, but the posts I've seen saying that all used other methods for blending and I've never personally had an issue with the whole egg and only 1 cup of oil (more than 1 cup wasn't a good thing, when I'd tried a different recipe before landing on the one I adapted for my taste). Also, using only the
  6. @Irock I'd imagine it did turn out quite tart with Dijon, vinegar, and lemon juice - that's a LOT of acidity! I think you can probably tone it down a lot by using unprepared (dry ground) mustard instead, and opting for either vinegar or lemon juice. Personally, mine always works best when I use lemon juice, because the vinegar just gives a strange aftertaste for me. Here's the recipe I've built by cobbling several together and then learning what else I like to toss into mine... I mix my mayo in a wide-mouthed jar, using a stick (immersion) blender. I add ingredients to the jar in t
  7. I always used mustard powder for my mayo, not prepared mustard. I'm not sure if that helps or not. I also routinely added some zest in the form of 1/2 tsp garlic powder and a dash or two of black pepper. If I was making it for a specific reason, I might add more garlic or pull in other herbs/spices as well... but if using it for a dressing, I'd make my usual mayo, then tweak a portion of it for the dressing. To make mine, I sort of combined the ingredients from this recipe and the method from this one. Once it was made, I just tasted and added stuff (keeping track of what and how much) un
  8. Absolutely not. You can do this on the stove, in a slow cooker, or using a pressure cooker. Any of those methods works, the difference just comes down to how long it cooks and how much potential babysitting you need to do with it (i.e., I'll check much more often on a pot sitting on my stove for 10 hours than I will on a crock cooking 10 hours on low). https://wholefully.com/bone-broth/ She has a very detailed explanation of how she does things and why, with tips on how to save time and money when it comes to the veggies included in the broth) https://wellnessmama.com/5888/bone-brot
  9. A few things are standing out as I read the post about meals... 1 - a serving of eggs is what we can hold in our hand. Your meal 1 protein of 2 eggs is a little on the light side, unless your hands are even smaller than mine (I can easily hold 3 eggs, 4 if I stretch). 2 - coffee can act as an appetite suppressant. If you're drinking it before or with your breakfast, it could actually be causing you to eat less than would be ideal. It sometimes becomes obvious because hunger comes too quickly (and strongly), well before next mealtime, but it might be that you're getting enough fat wit
  10. Triggers... stress, dairy, cold/dry weather... maybe other stuff I haven't pin-pointed. I didn't realize the dairy connection until my first Whole30, when it cleared a bit even though it was still winter and then popped back up as soon as I reintroduced dairy products. I'd known that dairy caused rashes for years, though, just hadn't realized that the little "deep blisters" on my hands were eczema (I call them that because they look like little blisters that are sunken under the skin). I guess I'd always thought of eczema as rashiness on faces and arms or something, I don't know. I use Go
  11. I just read this to my husband, saying it sounds like me. I'm terrified of getting lice, because I DO have seborrheic dermatitis which, in my case, means lots and lots of dandruff... which means lots and lots of white stuff in my hair, ugh. It's always itchy, and I can convince myself at times that I feel something crawling. Hubby is against the idea of checking my hair for me unless I see something on one of the kids, because it's so difficult to get past my dandruff. I've got a metal nit-picker comb that I use to run over my scalp and through my hair probably once every week or two, jus
  12. I hate the taste of olive oil mayo, made at home or not. There are plenty of recipes out there for avocado oil mayo, but that's a bit outside my budget... so I use a recipe that calls for light olive oil but use high-oleic sunflower oil in its place. It works well, and I'm a fan of the taste and texture at the end. I'm not sure if that's an option for you or not, but wanted to offer it as a suggestion!
  13. I don't like "breakfast" type foods most of the time. The mere idea of eggs cooked any way except boiled usually makes my stomach turn, so it's pretty rare that I'll be in the mood for anything that resembles what the rest of my family thinks of as "breakfast". HOWEVER! Leftovers from the night before are perfectly acceptable as a breakfast to me, so I'll often find myself munching down on meatloaf or meatballs or pork chops or even barbecue chicken at 6-7 in the morning. These things make me happy at that hour of the day
  14. With a slow roll reintro, you're able to set the pace and the order. The important things here are to make sure you're keeping at least 2 days of compliant eating between each test (to see if there are lingering or delayed effects) and that you eat compliantly overall for the duration of your reintroduction (except for the days when you're testing). Remember that this means you're NOT keeping tested foods in your diet while testing other foods, even if you didn't notice any issues. Some of us work up schedules to manage the reintro, others just reintroduce as the moment feels right. Whate
  15. Oh, I love love love the idea of the take-out budget being used to pamper you during this journey! I think a mani-pedi would be in the cards for me, too!
  16. It didn't take a long time to search, and I'm not sure what your actual budget is (not "a ton" might be different for you than it is for me), so with that in mind, here's what I found... Literally searched "whole30 salami" and this was the only one that looked compliant. https://www.amazon.com/Sogo-Snacks-Grass-fed-Friendly-Chimichurri/dp/B076B2DT57/ Searching "whole30 pepperoni" actually brought up far more responses, including jerky. Chomps is the name I knew best from Whole30 stuff, but the New Primal stuff seems to be compliant also. As with anything like this, though, be
  17. This would be my toss-up: "Purple Chopped Salad + Grilled Chicken" salad = nix bacon, nix chickpea, nix gorgonzola, nix vinaigrette; ask about sun-dried tomatoes (if only in oil, then great to keep them in there); extra avocado, plain oil and vinegar for dressing chicken = ask to make sure any marinade or grilling solution is compliant "Classic Cheeseburger" (mixed green salad comes with this, so I'd just have the whole thing thrown together) nix bread, nix cheese, nix special sauce; add avocado, extra tomato "Grilled New York Steak" ask about marinade (ideal = olive oil
  18. Amy, if you like Asian flavors and need a twist on the usual salad, try doing a Whole30-compliant Gado Gado. You can read about it and get a paleo version of the sauce recipe here -- http://meljoulwan.com/2014/12/26/paleo-gado-gado-recipe/. I've eaten off what I prepped for ours for 3 meals now, because I can change up what I put on my plate each time. (Granted, mine wasn't Whole30 or even paleo-friendly this time around, but I could easily have worked it that way for a delicious on-round easy meal.) For a good soup that's easy, this one -- https://thefamilyfreezer.com/2015/11/09/slow-coo
  19. I tried to be honest about it all during my first round through, but I'm sure I missed things by omission (like not remembering to log here that I'd grabbed a banana... and another an hour later...). My written log that I kept elsewhere did contain all of that information, though, because I wrote things out throughout the day as they happened, not as a recap at the end of the day. I did try to stick to the rules 100% that first time through, though, because I wanted to reach that baseline for reintro testing and knowing already that I'd be going in with known food allergies and sensitivities,
  20. Is there anything you're eating more of this time than before? Like more cruciferous veggies, leading to more gas, maybe? Or maybe you've increased high-FODMAP foods without realizing it, since those can definitely lead to gasses produced in the gut? Apart from a food-related cause, though, is it possible that you're actually getting sick? I know we've got influenza running rampant down here (those who were vaccinated are still getting sick, just not as badly), and sickness could definitely mess with the color and consistency of one's poop. Granted, one of the first things any good doc wo
  21. Cassava flour is another option in the gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free flour world. It's much less expensive than tigernut flour is in my local stores, which makes it a much better option for my own uses, and I like that it doesn't impart any flavor. (I wouldn't know whether or not tigernut flour has a "taste" to it, but if that's a concern then it's good to know that cassava doesn't.)
  22. I've never done more than 3 eggs in a meal, either, and only up to 2 if they're boiled, but my hand is pretty small so 3 eggs is about one portion for me and that seems to work quite well. If I do ever feel like I need more protein, I simply add in a bit of chicken or sausage to boost it without stuffing even more eggs in (which would probably lead to issues, since they often don't sit well for me).
  23. That's interesting about your legumes reintro and how you're affected. If you have the opportunity later, though, I'd suggest splitting those items up to see if all of them trigger the reaction or if it's just one or two. For me, peas are practically harmless, black beans cause some gas but not much else, soy sauce is generally fine in small amounts but if I'm eating soy derivatives all day then I'm in trouble, and peanuts absolutely wreck me in a very not-nice way. But if I'd reintroduced all of those together on the same day, I'd have no idea what was wrecking me and what I'm safe enoug
  24. You could always try making one using a paleo flour (like cassava since it supposedly can be subbed in 1:1 for wheat flour) or blend. That way you could include the dairy (or even skip that and see if he notices!), without worrying about any dairy-wheat interactions. I avoid wheat, dairy, and even legumes most of the time even outside of Whole30, so I'd be the one likely to make a paleo cake and call it done... If he wants a gluten-filled slice of delicious, we've got an excellent place across town that has some good food and does absolutely wonderful by-the-slice cakes and cheesecakes (t
  25. A good way to use up ranch is twice-baked ranch potatoes... just sayin' they're delicious! This recipe went over really well with my family during my first Whole30 -- https://thewholecook.com/broccoli-ranch-twice-baked-potatoes/ (Of course, I was told that just the ranch and bacon would've been fine, the broccoli was non-essential for everyone except me!)