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  1. A few things are standing out as I read the post about meals... 1 - a serving of eggs is what we can hold in our hand. Your meal 1 protein of 2 eggs is a little on the light side, unless your hands are even smaller than mine (I can easily hold 3 eggs, 4 if I stretch). 2 - coffee can act as an appetite suppressant. If you're drinking it before or with your breakfast, it could actually be causing you to eat less than would be ideal. It sometimes becomes obvious because hunger comes too quickly (and strongly), well before next mealtime, but it might be that you're getting enough fat wit
  2. With a slow roll reintro, you're able to set the pace and the order. The important things here are to make sure you're keeping at least 2 days of compliant eating between each test (to see if there are lingering or delayed effects) and that you eat compliantly overall for the duration of your reintroduction (except for the days when you're testing). Remember that this means you're NOT keeping tested foods in your diet while testing other foods, even if you didn't notice any issues. Some of us work up schedules to manage the reintro, others just reintroduce as the moment feels right. Whate
  3. It didn't take a long time to search, and I'm not sure what your actual budget is (not "a ton" might be different for you than it is for me), so with that in mind, here's what I found... Literally searched "whole30 salami" and this was the only one that looked compliant. https://www.amazon.com/Sogo-Snacks-Grass-fed-Friendly-Chimichurri/dp/B076B2DT57/ Searching "whole30 pepperoni" actually brought up far more responses, including jerky. Chomps is the name I knew best from Whole30 stuff, but the New Primal stuff seems to be compliant also. As with anything like this, though, be
  4. This would be my toss-up: "Purple Chopped Salad + Grilled Chicken" salad = nix bacon, nix chickpea, nix gorgonzola, nix vinaigrette; ask about sun-dried tomatoes (if only in oil, then great to keep them in there); extra avocado, plain oil and vinegar for dressing chicken = ask to make sure any marinade or grilling solution is compliant "Classic Cheeseburger" (mixed green salad comes with this, so I'd just have the whole thing thrown together) nix bread, nix cheese, nix special sauce; add avocado, extra tomato "Grilled New York Steak" ask about marinade (ideal = olive oil
  5. Is there anything you're eating more of this time than before? Like more cruciferous veggies, leading to more gas, maybe? Or maybe you've increased high-FODMAP foods without realizing it, since those can definitely lead to gasses produced in the gut? Apart from a food-related cause, though, is it possible that you're actually getting sick? I know we've got influenza running rampant down here (those who were vaccinated are still getting sick, just not as badly), and sickness could definitely mess with the color and consistency of one's poop. Granted, one of the first things any good doc wo
  6. Cassava flour is another option in the gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free flour world. It's much less expensive than tigernut flour is in my local stores, which makes it a much better option for my own uses, and I like that it doesn't impart any flavor. (I wouldn't know whether or not tigernut flour has a "taste" to it, but if that's a concern then it's good to know that cassava doesn't.)
  7. I've never done more than 3 eggs in a meal, either, and only up to 2 if they're boiled, but my hand is pretty small so 3 eggs is about one portion for me and that seems to work quite well. If I do ever feel like I need more protein, I simply add in a bit of chicken or sausage to boost it without stuffing even more eggs in (which would probably lead to issues, since they often don't sit well for me).
  8. That's interesting about your legumes reintro and how you're affected. If you have the opportunity later, though, I'd suggest splitting those items up to see if all of them trigger the reaction or if it's just one or two. For me, peas are practically harmless, black beans cause some gas but not much else, soy sauce is generally fine in small amounts but if I'm eating soy derivatives all day then I'm in trouble, and peanuts absolutely wreck me in a very not-nice way. But if I'd reintroduced all of those together on the same day, I'd have no idea what was wrecking me and what I'm safe enoug
  9. You could always try making one using a paleo flour (like cassava since it supposedly can be subbed in 1:1 for wheat flour) or blend. That way you could include the dairy (or even skip that and see if he notices!), without worrying about any dairy-wheat interactions. I avoid wheat, dairy, and even legumes most of the time even outside of Whole30, so I'd be the one likely to make a paleo cake and call it done... If he wants a gluten-filled slice of delicious, we've got an excellent place across town that has some good food and does absolutely wonderful by-the-slice cakes and cheesecakes (t
  10. A good way to use up ranch is twice-baked ranch potatoes... just sayin' they're delicious! This recipe went over really well with my family during my first Whole30 -- https://thewholecook.com/broccoli-ranch-twice-baked-potatoes/ (Of course, I was told that just the ranch and bacon would've been fine, the broccoli was non-essential for everyone except me!)
  11. When I was doing my first round, I bookmarked my log so I could jump straight to it without getting distracted by the rest of the forum. Then, after posting, I'd go wander and look at other peoples' posts Regarding quoting -- if someone's post is long and you're wanting to quote/respond to a small part of it, you can highlight that bit and then choose the quote option This helps when you have long-winded comments, like the ones I sometimes give You can choose to put a response/quote in your own log post, or you can respond in one and do a separate post just for your actual log (which
  12. Love this, really do. And I love that your husband is cooking for you, so that's one less thing you have to worry over after a hard day. I'm so glad that you had a space to just exist for a few minutes, so your headache could slip away and allow you the clarity to approach a problem (the mower) outside of the emotions from the day.
  13. Nope, it's not... you're right! I actually hate the store stuff with a passion, never have liked it and would purposefully avoid it when possible. I didn't like my first few batches of homemade mayo either, but they were fine for mixing in with herbs and stuff for dressings. How I make it now is great for me, though; I can finally stand the taste of it
  14. It's only failure if you don't learn something from the experience. If you do learn, it's a stepping stone. I'd definitely encourage you to kind of slowly ramp yourself into your start date, so that you can prepare some condiments ahead of time and get a feel for how they taste, tweaks you might want to make, and how often you use them. If you also go ahead and remove a couple of the food groups W30 eliminates, you might be able to limit your detox issues (since you won't be coming off all of them all at once). Either way, it's awesome that you're not just walking away! That sai
  15. At a recovery meeting last week, someone spoke about how he finally stopped drinking -- he just started saying "I won't drink today, but I'll have one tomorrow.", and of course tomorrow never actually comes. I've been trying to bring this into my own food recovery by saying that I won't have insert food here today, but maybe I'll grab some tomorrow.
  16. I'm perfectly happy to eat an Aidell's chicken and apple sausage instead of a hot dog, personally... and those are W30 compliant (or at least were when I was on round a couple of months ago). For the kids, I've always gotten Gwaltney because it was on sale once (and is still one of the least expensive options even when not on sale) and the girls liked it... so any processed meat for them is chicken, and bologna and dogs has to be Gwaltney brand... the exception is corn dogs (I buy chicken corn dogs for home, but when we're out it seems that a corn dog is a corn dog is a corn dog, as far as my
  17. Lack of veggies, and specifically starchy ones, will definitely lead to shifts like that for me. The best thing I ever did was start buying 2-3 lbs more potatoes than I planned to use for the week in dinners, so I can do a quick microwave-baked potato (peeled or unpeeled, just stick it a bunch with a knife or fork, cover, cook on high for 4-5 minutes depending on potato size) if I feel my mood slipping and realize I haven't had starch (or maybe not enough). If potatoes aren't your go-to for starch, find what is and have it easy to throw together (sweet potatoes can be done the same way, though
  18. See if you have a chiropractor in your area who offers mandibular adjustments. Even if you don't get it adjusted, there are a couple of tests they can do (simple, non-invasive) to see if your TMJ is out of alignment... and pretty simple for them to adjust it, if needed. @Emma, that's so cool that you were able to wear your shorts! The awesome thing about it being unremarkable is that you didn't have any snide or derogatory remarks about how you looked. That's definitely a step in the right direction! (((hugs)))
  19. I'd honestly suggest trying things you're likely to eat... so if you don't typically eat soy in the form of edamame, tofu, tempeh, etc., then it's not necessary (in my book) to test them in that form for reintroduction. If soy's always just in something then reintro it that way. If the idea of testing it with a restaurant dinner is worrisome (considering the other stuff that might be mixed in as well), why not cook it up at home? Doing a quick stir fry of ground beef, cauli-rice, shaved carrots, and shaved zucchini, all fried up with some soy sauce and (if needed) water; or make some "poppers"
  20. This made me giggle... it's awesome that they're involved and excited about what you're cooking!
  21. Making your own pizza dough is actually pretty fun, especially for kids who get to spread out their little ball of dough into a personal pizza. It lets everyone get involved a little. We've also done homemade half-moon ravioli, which is also fun. And if you can manage to keep all of the rolling out and prepping on a counter top or plastic-covered table, clean up is usually fairly easy as well. I need to actually start doing all the things I said I wanted to start doing at home, and see if I can handle homemade stuff made with "normal" wheat flours or if I need to cut the wheat out entirel
  22. If it makes you feel any better, at all, I have brain-lapse moments all the freaking time. It's usually to do with words, where I get totally tripped up trying to put the "word I'm looking for" onto my tongue... my husband jokes that I have too many stuffed in my brain, so it takes a moment to find the right one sometimes, but it doesn't make me feel any less embarrassed when it's simple words and then someone else suggests exactly what I was trying to say. (As an example, the other day I couldn't think of the word "folder", so I stood there flapping my hands together -- open and close, like a
  23. Many good wishes for a safe and enjoyable trip. We'll be here when you get back!
  24. Starting over is definitely a great idea, here, and I'm so glad you seem like you're in a good mindset for that to happen! If the idea of going back to the beginning (I always hated Chutes and Ladders because inevitably I'd get to that top chute and wind up back at the bottom!) is too harsh, it might help to consider this as an extension instead of a re-start -- instead of back to day 1, it could be day 16 of a Whole45. The important parts really are to get that full month of reset in and to remember your symptoms/experience might reflect some of what's expected during early days on the progra
  25. Emma, I write my meal plan based on the sales. The new sales week starts on Wednesday or Thursday for all the local stores I shop, and most (if not all) of them allow you to "preview" the upcoming week... that makes it really nice if I know I'll be super-busy toward the end of the week. So I review the sales and make a notepad file (on my PC) to list what I'm likely to be interested in getting (with the costs and any limits noted); then I'll use that list as reference for making my actual meal plan, and use the meal plan to build my shopping list. It takes time and thought, but it helps S