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  1. 28 minutes ago, kubak said:

    Hello. I am in day 30 and I want to do the slow reintroduction. Is it ok to just start with a little cream in my coffee or do I have to start with legumes?

    With a slow roll reintro, you're able to set the pace and the order. The important things here are to make sure you're keeping at least 2 days of compliant eating between each test (to see if there are lingering or delayed effects) and that you eat compliantly overall for the duration of your reintroduction (except for the days when you're testing). Remember that this means you're NOT keeping tested foods in your diet while testing other foods, even if you didn't notice any issues.

    Some of us work up schedules to manage the reintro, others just reintroduce as the moment feels right. Whatever works for you is generally fine, since the point is for you to get the information you need in order to make informed dietary choices.

    Starting out with dairy first so you can try cream in your coffee is absolutely okay.

  2. It didn't take a long time to search, and I'm not sure what your actual budget is (not "a ton" might be different for you than it is for me), so with that in mind, here's what I found...

    Literally searched "whole30 salami" and this was the only one that looked compliant.

    Searching "whole30 pepperoni" actually brought up far more responses, including jerky.
    Chomps is the name I knew best from Whole30 stuff, but the New Primal stuff seems to be compliant also.

    As with anything like this, though, be sure to check the ingredients for the specific item you're buying!

  3. This would be my toss-up:

    "Purple Chopped Salad + Grilled Chicken"
    salad = nix bacon, nix chickpea, nix gorgonzola, nix vinaigrette; ask about sun-dried tomatoes (if only in oil, then great to keep them in there); extra avocado, plain oil and vinegar for dressing
    chicken = ask to make sure any marinade or grilling solution is compliant

    "Classic Cheeseburger" (mixed green salad comes with this, so I'd just have the whole thing thrown together)
    nix bread, nix cheese, nix special sauce; add avocado, extra tomato

    "Grilled New York Steak"
    ask about marinade (ideal = olive oil, salt, pepper); request potatoes and brussels sprouts to be roasted in duck fat (not fried) with simple spices only, keeping it dairy-free, soy-free, sweetener-free, etc.; nix the demi-glace

    Knowing myself as I do, I would undoubtedly go with the chopped salad with chicken. As nearly as I can tell, that runs 22 for the full salad (or 18 for the half), though maybe extra for the extra avocado :D ... and I'd likely enjoy it a bit more than I would the hamburger salad, while appreciating that I wasn't spending so much on the steak.

    There are other items on the menu which might be workable by either removing parts or asking to make sure the process and ingredients are compliant... but I have a hard time enjoying food if I feel like I'm spending too much for something I could make (compliantly) at home. It comes down to whether or not I judge it worth the cost of doing my own dishes after dinner! ;)

  4. Is there anything you're eating more of this time than before? Like more cruciferous veggies, leading to more gas, maybe? Or maybe you've increased high-FODMAP foods without realizing it, since those can definitely lead to gasses produced in the gut?

    Apart from a food-related cause, though, is it possible that you're actually getting sick? I know we've got influenza running rampant down here (those who were vaccinated are still getting sick, just not as badly), and sickness could definitely mess with the color and consistency of one's poop. Granted, one of the first things any good doc would do is ask if you've had dietary changes :D 

  5. Cassava flour is another option in the gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free flour world. It's much less expensive than tigernut flour is in my local stores, which makes it a much better option for my own uses, and I like that it doesn't impart any flavor. (I wouldn't know whether or not tigernut flour has a "taste" to it, but if that's a concern then it's good to know that cassava doesn't.)

  6. 1 hour ago, Anhe said:

    I think I'm not able to eat 4-5 eggs in a meal... I'd hate eggs after that. I have never eaten more than 3 in a meal.

    I've never done more than 3 eggs in a meal, either, and only up to 2 if they're boiled, but my hand is pretty small so 3 eggs is about one portion for me and that seems to work quite well. If I do ever feel like I need more protein, I simply add in a bit of chicken or sausage to boost it without stuffing even more eggs in :) (which would probably lead to issues, since they often don't sit well for me).

  7. That's interesting about your legumes reintro and how you're affected.

    If you have the opportunity later, though, I'd suggest splitting those items up to see if all of them trigger the reaction or if it's just one or two. For me, peas are practically harmless, black beans cause some gas but not much else, soy sauce is generally fine in small amounts but if I'm eating soy derivatives all day then I'm in trouble, and peanuts absolutely wreck me in a very not-nice way. But if I'd reintroduced all of those together on the same day, I'd have no idea what was wrecking me and what I'm safe enough to eat occasionally... so it's worth it to dig a bit deeper into the food groups that do cause some kind of issue :) 

    Not necessary or required, of course, just my input based on my own experience!

  8. 6 hours ago, KiwiKendra said:

    QUESTION: To keep adding pages to my Own Personal Log do I just go to the bottom add a "reply" and keep writing? Or do I have to click somewhere specific? Are the responses to my log separate comments that I can respond to, but my personal log separate? Or are they one and the same thing?

    I'm getting confused.

    When I was doing my first round, I bookmarked my log so I could jump straight to it without getting distracted by the rest of the forum. Then, after posting, I'd go wander and look at other peoples' posts :) 

    Regarding quoting -- if someone's post is long and you're wanting to quote/respond to a small part of it, you can highlight that bit and then choose the quote option :) This helps when you have long-winded comments, like the ones I sometimes give ;) You can choose to put a response/quote in your own log post, or you can respond in one and do a separate post just for your actual log (which might help you keep it straight when scrolling through to find your posts), but if you come to this thread to respond and post your new entries then it'll all stay in the same thread.

    I hope that helped without making it more confusing!

  9. 2 hours ago, Emma said:

    Mayonnaise is not the same as the store stuff

    Nope, it's not... you're right! I actually hate the store stuff with a passion, never have liked it and would purposefully avoid it when possible. I didn't like my first few batches of homemade mayo either, but they were fine for mixing in with herbs and stuff for dressings. How I make it now is great for me, though; I can finally stand the taste of it :D 

  10. It's only failure if you don't learn something from the experience. If you do learn, it's a stepping stone.

    I'd definitely encourage you to kind of slowly ramp yourself into your start date, so that you can prepare some condiments ahead of time and get a feel for how they taste, tweaks you might want to make, and how often you use them. If you also go ahead and remove a couple of the food groups W30 eliminates, you might be able to limit your detox issues (since you won't be coming off all of them all at once).

    Either way, it's awesome that you're not just walking away!

    That said, I absolutely despise the taste of mayo made with olive oil, even the super-light stuff. I tried grapeseed oil once, and then tried once where I did half grapeseed and half light olive... both disgusting. SUNFLOWER OIL is my saving grace, because it's way cheaper than avocado (which is what's suggested in so many blogs) and it has an amazingly light flavor that lets the seasonings do all the talking. My recipe includes the oil, egg, and lemon juice, plus salt, mustard powder, garlic powder, and a sprinkle of pepper. I'm happy to share it, if you'd like :)

  11. I'd second the Crio Bru type drinks. I bought myself a sampler pack for Mother's Day, and I've been really enjoying them. I usually add some into my morning coffee so I get a chocolate-y undertone to the coffee itself, but I've also tried a couple of them brewed alone... mixed with just a bit of almond milk, it's quite a nice departure from my usual morning drinks. I sometimes add a dash of cinnamon with mine, also.

  12. Soda addiction is something I battled off and on since I was 15 years old, and now 24 years later I've finally kicked the habit. It's one of my biggest NSVs, and doing Whole30 would've been totally worth it (for me) if that was my only gain.

    Prior to Whole30, I draink 1-2 liters of "fully-leaded" Coca-Cola every day. I even polished off the last of my "one last bottle" the evening before my Day 1.

    Week 1 sucked, especially Days 2-4. It was horrifying. I was fighting dehydration, withdrawal, and lovely lady-type issues all at once. "Hangover" doesn't do it justice, it was detox (which is way worse than just being hung over). I slept a lot, there were points where I couldn't move without just breaking down in tears... and I was so glad that I'd prepped a little bit so I could eat and tell the family to DIY. I needed nausea meds to keep food down long enough to let me fall asleep on Day 2. The headache lasted for days, but I still had to get out and do things like buy groceries for the new week's meal plan, put them away, and even cook for my family. Day 5 I finally managed the whole day without meds for pain or nausea.

    During that first week, I did actually sweeten things with fruit/juice more than I probably should've. I was drinking black coffee, but also having hot tea during the day (2 cups water and 2 bags tea: 1 black, 1 "fruity" but compliant from a sampler box) which I sweetened with juice squeezed out of Cuties (1 baby orange per mug of tea). I also started keeping ice in my "main" cup so I could grab ice to suck on any time I felt like I would've normally grabbed a mint (I went through a large bag from Kroger every 1-2 weeks before W30). I'm another one who doesn't like regular unflavored water, but I get a good bit of it through my ice due to the amount I go through (and I drink water as the ice melts because it tastes better to me when it's still super-cold).

    Reading here, I had seen quite a few ways to get my soda fix without stepping out of compliance. But I'm a recovering alcoholic, so I am all too aware of what it means if I need a "fix"... it means I'm addicted, which means anything remotely like that thing I craved would only serve to support that addiction rather than help me break free of it. Even adding a splash of fruit juice (especially lemon/lime) to some sparkling water would've been totally SWYPO for me, because I could drink Sprite in place of Coke and be happy as long as I didn't feel the need for the caffeine at the time.

    The day after my Whole30, I drank some Coke. It's not recommended, it definitely wasn't a reintro of only one food group, but I needed to know if it was going to cause those cravings again... because if it did, I wanted to do another 30 days to continue working on getting free of that addiction.

    I'll be honest -- it didn't even taste good. It was syrupy, the carbonation didn't give me the "ahh" feeling I expected, and it tasted more like chemicals than sweetness. I sipped on it very sparingly while we were out (because I didn't want to pay for ice and had forgotten my ice cup at home), then gave the rest to my husband as soon as we walked back in our front door. He hasn't been doing Whole30 with me, and took it gladly... but I just reveled in the fact that even carbonation has no hold on me, anymore!

    Breaking my soda addiction probably wouldn't have happened if I hadn't done Whole30 the way it was intended, complete with sucking it up and making sure I didn't give myself any room for adventures in SWYPO. I feel so much happier knowing that I can continue my (slow and drawn-out) reintroduction without worrying that I'm going to slide right back into my old habits and addictions afterward, because if I can break away from SODA, I'm totally confident that I can break away from anything.

    (On a related note, on that first reintro day I also added some honey to my hot tea, and didn't even notice enough change in flavor for me to bother adding any sweetener to it since then.)

    Putting down the things we're used to is hard, and not recreating them during Whole30 might actually be harder... but finding freedom from the things that are doing more harm than good (in our bodies and minds) is really what this whole process is all about.

  13. I have to agree -- taking them allowed her to feel that her generosity and thoughtfulness was appreciated (which it seems was actually the case, as well). For me, I probably would've frozen them and at least tried one after my Whole30 OR I'd have considered maybe donating them to a local school or church office, something that would make sure they'd get eaten without having to be eaten by me.