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    Jihanna got a reaction from Emma in Amy's Log for 2020   
    I tried to be honest about it all during my first round through, but I'm sure I missed things by omission (like not remembering to log here that I'd grabbed a banana... and another an hour later...). My written log that I kept elsewhere did contain all of that information, though, because I wrote things out throughout the day as they happened, not as a recap at the end of the day. I did try to stick to the rules 100% that first time through, though, because I wanted to reach that baseline for reintro testing and knowing already that I'd be going in with known food allergies and sensitivities, it was super-important to me to "do it right" (so to speak).
    My second time was a bit more relaxed. Which is funny to read, because I think I was actually more strict that time than I had been in my first, due to learning things about myself and food... so in my first, I reached for fruit ALL THE TIME, and it made my sugar dragon very hard to beat... but in my second, I refused to use fruit in anything at all for the first two weeks, which I felt gave me a leg up. My second one was also shortened to 27 days because I celebrated my daughter's half-birthday (long story, but the gist is that we do her party in June because she was born December 27th and this lets us make sure her birthday isn't overshadowed) with cupcakes, and I knew going into my round that the timing would land me there. I also didn't do a full reintroduction, instead focusing on a few foods that I wanted to get a bit more clarity on after my first round's reintro.
    I just weighed myself for the first time since August, though, and I'm back up to 234. (sigh) So I guess it's probably high time that I go back to basics soon myself, though possibly not a strict Whole30... maybe just making sure that I'm not eating takeout and have real wholesome food ready to go at home, while maybe taking out a few food groups for myself again (since trying to go fully W30 for my whole family would be way too expensive now that my son's back at home!). We'll see. Maybe I can put together a plan of action this month and put it into effect in February, or something
    Anyway... it's great to see you back, Amy
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    Jihanna reacted to Brewer5 in Like an Onion   
    Thanks @BabyBear ~ I appreciate your support.  
    This journey back to food that is not causing a chemical shit-show in my brain and my entire body ... it is very, very much like quitting smoking.  We've had discussions on the forum about this in the past.  I don't think the majority of people are aware of how much food really does interact with every part of our being.
    I can go one day, EASY.  And I feel better -- good!  Productive!  Two days ... probably even easier.  Things start to become habit again.  
    It's day 3 that is the hardest for smokers.  They say it's because after 72 hours, all of the nicotine is gone from your body.  But we all know there's more to it than that.
    It's those layers of myself and how I got to this point that I need to peel back here.  And it can be downright painful.  
    We self-medicate with food, smoking, alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling ... and our brain is literally wired to expect those big hits of dopamine.  Not only do we have withdrawal symptoms from the absence of whatever we have removed ~ but we have to FACE those things we were self-medicating for in the first place.  Whew.  Ugly.
    The great news is -- I am a strong and confident person.  I have grown and learned so much.  I love myself for who I am.  And I really don't engage in the "beat myself up" behavior.  So what you are saying resonates with me.  
    If I have 50 "Day 1's" throughout this year ... that's still 50 days of good eating that I wouldn't have had otherwise.  Lol.  That's not my goal ... but it IS a tiny win.  
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    Jihanna reacted to Brewer5 in Like an Onion   
    I can't believe how many new products have come out since I did my first Whole 30 ... 5 years ago?  Five years doesn't sound like a long time, but things have come A LONG way.
    Those days of trying to make my own mayonnaise in the beginning gave me PTSD, I'm afraid.  I can't even look at my blender without thinking of it.    But last night I checked out the Sir Kensington avocado oil mayonnaise my husband has in the fridge, and what do I see?  NO SUGAR.  Are you kidding me?  I haven't looked around the forums lately, but if anyone out there is saying it is too much work -- I would be giving the whole, "We walked barefoot in the snow to school, five miles each way, and it was ALL uphill" speech.  ...It's probably best if I stay here and don't look.  Lol.
    When Dallas and Melissa wrote the book back then, they said this isn't hard.  I didn't think it was "hard" -- but it was a lot of thinking and a lot of extra work.  Now?  Yeah.  So totally not hard.  
    Jicama already cut into sticks?  Sweet potatoes already diced and ready to cook?  Wait -- ZOODLES, too?!  I bought a frickin Zoodler!  
    So, yeah.  You can tell I haven't spent much time at the grocery store lately.  I hate the grocery store.  But I actually enjoyed the trip last night.
    Came home and had a nice big romaine salad with chicken breast (cooked in the air fryer ~ we are loving that thing!), salsa, Tessemae's cilantro lime dressing, and a whole lotta baked potato with ghee and coconut oil.
    Did I want to eat the cheesecake in the fridge at one point?  Of course I wanted to.  But I'd rather feel good, and that was my very next thought.
    "Cravings are a suggestion, not a command."  <-- That is the biggest thing that has stuck with me from my time spent on a quit smoking forum.  It is so simple, but holds so much meaning.
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    Jihanna reacted to Amy_Michigan in Amy's Log for 2020   
    Hi everyone!   I was here last year around July/August 2019.  I'm 33 now and my starting weight at the beginning of 2020 was 240!  [Shriek!  Highest ever for me.]  I am here again to make something wonderful happen in my life!  Every Nov/Dec, I start getting depressed.  I think one reason is the weight gain, I'm sure.  The other is the lack of sunshine.  Unfortunately, I can't do UV therapy (according to my rheumatologist) because I have lupus and UV light can trigger a lupus flare (achy joints, rash, etc).  Here is where my grandma would say- are you taking your vitamin D supplements?  And the answer is actually "no", so okay, I should really start doing that...
    Anyway, for one week (since Dec 31st), I have been doing awesome (if I may say so) with exercising and I have actually lost 8 pounds (yes, a lot of that is water weight, but I still feel proud!)
    I am on a roll, and I'm making better decisions about food, not drinking alcohol, and not stopping at restaurants or coffee shops.
    Something is missing though- I need to log, I need to write down how I feel and what I'm eating because it's a big part of the journey to better health.
    So here I am again, ready to put all of my thoughts here.  Maybe I will get to know some people here- I hope I do.  It sure is easier to remember to log in and post when I look forward to reading posts from other people.  Right now I am eating healthier but I will spend the next week or so planning what foods to have around the house for a successful Whole30.  I'm looking forward to feeling better and less tired.  I think I've already gone through a sugar withdrawl even though I only drastically reduced my intake, and didn't completely stop yet.  I'm hoping I don't get the sugar withdrawl symptoms again when I quit cold turkey!   Wish me luck!
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    Jihanna got a reaction from DarrellWolfe in What do you drink?   
    Soda addiction is something I battled off and on since I was 15 years old, and now 24 years later I've finally kicked the habit. It's one of my biggest NSVs, and doing Whole30 would've been totally worth it (for me) if that was my only gain.
    Prior to Whole30, I draink 1-2 liters of "fully-leaded" Coca-Cola every day. I even polished off the last of my "one last bottle" the evening before my Day 1.
    Week 1 sucked, especially Days 2-4. It was horrifying. I was fighting dehydration, withdrawal, and lovely lady-type issues all at once. "Hangover" doesn't do it justice, it was detox (which is way worse than just being hung over). I slept a lot, there were points where I couldn't move without just breaking down in tears... and I was so glad that I'd prepped a little bit so I could eat and tell the family to DIY. I needed nausea meds to keep food down long enough to let me fall asleep on Day 2. The headache lasted for days, but I still had to get out and do things like buy groceries for the new week's meal plan, put them away, and even cook for my family. Day 5 I finally managed the whole day without meds for pain or nausea.
    During that first week, I did actually sweeten things with fruit/juice more than I probably should've. I was drinking black coffee, but also having hot tea during the day (2 cups water and 2 bags tea: 1 black, 1 "fruity" but compliant from a sampler box) which I sweetened with juice squeezed out of Cuties (1 baby orange per mug of tea). I also started keeping ice in my "main" cup so I could grab ice to suck on any time I felt like I would've normally grabbed a mint (I went through a large bag from Kroger every 1-2 weeks before W30). I'm another one who doesn't like regular unflavored water, but I get a good bit of it through my ice due to the amount I go through (and I drink water as the ice melts because it tastes better to me when it's still super-cold).
    Reading here, I had seen quite a few ways to get my soda fix without stepping out of compliance. But I'm a recovering alcoholic, so I am all too aware of what it means if I need a "fix"... it means I'm addicted, which means anything remotely like that thing I craved would only serve to support that addiction rather than help me break free of it. Even adding a splash of fruit juice (especially lemon/lime) to some sparkling water would've been totally SWYPO for me, because I could drink Sprite in place of Coke and be happy as long as I didn't feel the need for the caffeine at the time.
    The day after my Whole30, I drank some Coke. It's not recommended, it definitely wasn't a reintro of only one food group, but I needed to know if it was going to cause those cravings again... because if it did, I wanted to do another 30 days to continue working on getting free of that addiction.
    I'll be honest -- it didn't even taste good. It was syrupy, the carbonation didn't give me the "ahh" feeling I expected, and it tasted more like chemicals than sweetness. I sipped on it very sparingly while we were out (because I didn't want to pay for ice and had forgotten my ice cup at home), then gave the rest to my husband as soon as we walked back in our front door. He hasn't been doing Whole30 with me, and took it gladly... but I just reveled in the fact that even carbonation has no hold on me, anymore!
    Breaking my soda addiction probably wouldn't have happened if I hadn't done Whole30 the way it was intended, complete with sucking it up and making sure I didn't give myself any room for adventures in SWYPO. I feel so much happier knowing that I can continue my (slow and drawn-out) reintroduction without worrying that I'm going to slide right back into my old habits and addictions afterward, because if I can break away from SODA, I'm totally confident that I can break away from anything.
    (On a related note, on that first reintro day I also added some honey to my hot tea, and didn't even notice enough change in flavor for me to bother adding any sweetener to it since then.)
    Putting down the things we're used to is hard, and not recreating them during Whole30 might actually be harder... but finding freedom from the things that are doing more harm than good (in our bodies and minds) is really what this whole process is all about.
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    Jihanna got a reaction from BabyBear in KiwiKendra's Log from New Zealand   
    A good way to use up ranch is twice-baked ranch potatoes... just sayin'  they're delicious!
    This recipe went over really well with my family during my first Whole30 --
    (Of course, I was told that just the ranch and bacon would've been fine, the broccoli was non-essential for everyone except me!)
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    Jihanna reacted to ShannonM816 in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    If your meals are keeping you satisfied 4-5 hours at a time, you're good.
    Often, we see people who come from a background of calorie restriction who continue to limit their meal sizes the way they would if they were counting calories, sometimes purposefully, sometimes subconsciously. Mostly, this was a post to encourage those people to eat as much as they need to eat, even if it seems like a lot of food, and to say that it is okay to eat more than what they may be used to, if that's what it takes to stay satisfied and avoid snacking between meals.
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    Jihanna reacted to Angelia in My Journey from a Day 31 perspective   
    Agreed!  That is my plan after other reintro's.  I'm not in a big hurry to get back to peanuts or soy, so I'm in no rush but I do want to know which is the guilty party.
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    Jihanna got a reaction from KiwiKendra in KiwiKendra's Log from New Zealand   
    A good way to use up ranch is twice-baked ranch potatoes... just sayin'  they're delicious!
    This recipe went over really well with my family during my first Whole30 --
    (Of course, I was told that just the ranch and bacon would've been fine, the broccoli was non-essential for everyone except me!)
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    Jihanna reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    ROUND 3, Day 8: Monday, September 9
    Meal 1: three scrambled eggs with a splash of coconut milk; bowl of cauliflower bone broth soup; two slices of bacon
    Pre-Workout Snack: hard-boiled egg; banana
    Exercise (6 hours, 20 minutes): 5.88-mile, 10-pitch rock climb with 2,395 of elevation gain and topping out at 10,306 feet (137 average HR; 174 max HR)  
    Intra-Workout Snack: pouch of peach, apricot, and banana baby food; pouch of blueberry, pear, and purple carrot baby food; half mango RXBar
    Intra-Workout Meal 2: collard green sandwich wrap with four slices deli turkey, one and a half slices of bacon, half avocado, onion, sprouts and mayo; banana
    Post-Workout Snack: hard-boiled egg; pouch of sweet potato and beet baby food; can of coconut water
    Meal 3: one and a half chicken enchilada stuffed bell peppers; can of sliced potatoes pan fried in ghee
    Water Intake: ~100 oz
    Improved physical performance Jeans and climbing harness fitting more loosely Regular bowel movements (this is a big deal because I’m pretty regularly constipated on Whole30) Thoughts/Reflections: I did it! My first double-digit multi-pitch climb!
    I don’t know if my hard work is finally paying off, if I’m turning the corner toward Tiger Blood, or if I just fueled right, but I felt great today! Honestly, it was probably a combination of all of those things and I’m so, so happy to finally see changes happening in the mountains.  
    It was hard. Most definitely, it was hard. And my legs were oh-so tired. But I never doubted that I could do it! And that is a huge improvement over my last multi-pitch climb!
    I do like the fueling strategy I used, which was basically lots of fruity carbs (thank you new Whole30 workout guidelines!). Though I think I could have used one more carb break before the summit. The final push to the summit felt like bonking more than general fatigue, and that’s likely due to the fact that I hadn’t had a carb hit in quite some time before those last few pitches. For a while, it just didn’t feel that far away so I kept holding out. And then I had an RXBar rather than fruit, which I think was a mistake. So, here’s to lots of fruity carbs for fuel!
    [Photo 1: the lake where we started, with Tenaya Peak in the background]
    [Photo 2: from the top of Tenaya Peak] 

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    Jihanna got a reaction from KiwiKendra in KiwiKendra's Log from New Zealand   
    When I was doing my first round, I bookmarked my log so I could jump straight to it without getting distracted by the rest of the forum. Then, after posting, I'd go wander and look at other peoples' posts  
    Regarding quoting -- if someone's post is long and you're wanting to quote/respond to a small part of it, you can highlight that bit and then choose the quote option  This helps when you have long-winded comments, like the ones I sometimes give  You can choose to put a response/quote in your own log post, or you can respond in one and do a separate post just for your actual log (which might help you keep it straight when scrolling through to find your posts), but if you come to this thread to respond and post your new entries then it'll all stay in the same thread.
    I hope that helped without making it more confusing!
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    Jihanna reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    It's nice having lots of leftovers in the fridge. I didn't cook once today and I ate well throughout the day. And, even better, there are shredded veggies sitting in the fridge just waiting to be cooked up in the morning. I love having food already prepped.  I did struggle once today when we went to a little grocery deli for lunch. I walked around looking for something I could eat. The Greek salad used canola oil and I'm avoiding canola - Oh my goodness - I just had an interesting memory pop up - I just remembered that the times I've eaten that salad, I've had a very upset loose stomach afterwards. Every time, I chalked it up to a lot of greens (doubtful given how many greens I often eat) or to bacteria (I had it during one of the romaine lettuce outbreaks) but now I wonder if it was the CANOLA oil. Whoa. This is pretty interesting to think about it. I suppose I could buy the salad and eat it with my personal dressing and see how it affects me. I kinda like that idea because I like the salad. 
    Anyway, the store had almost nothing for me because I did not want a Lara bar or fruit, but then I found some locally made Kimchi and had that. It was good and not too spicy.
    Our guests left late afternoon and I then grumbled and mumbled and drank an iced coffee at 5:00 to get my body into work to get ready for tomorrow. I got focused thankfully and got things done, but nowhere near what I want done. Ah well. Tomorrow will pass and I'll work tomorrow evening and get more done. I'm pleased that I was able to shift from feeling stressed about work and not wanting to work to something productive. I think that's one of the NSV's and one I am really appreciating (The coffee helped as well).
    I loved having a three day weekend. I loved having my friends visit. I found I dropped my work stress for two and a half days and I enjoyed myself. My appetite also picked back up which was nice - and interesting - Interesting how stress can impact eating both by eating too much and by eating too little. I feel like I ate way too much today, but I really didn't. I felt like I feasted, but when I think back, everything I had was pretty moderately portioned. That's an NSV too - that I'm naturally eating more appropriate serving sizes without thinking about it.
    Off to read my book and then to sleep.
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    Jihanna reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    So the little bits of feta I had two nights ago didn't bother me. I felt like I wanted to graze more yesterday, but we do have house guests and everything about the rhythm and routines of our life are thrown off.  I ate some provolone from the store yesterday and that was fine too. My mouth might have felt a little weird, but might not have. I do have some dairy digestive reactions, but it's minimal. I'd prefer not to, but it's not impinging on any social interactions. I don't think I'd want to bump up my dairy any more than that little bit which I guess I already knew.
    The big thing that happened yesterday was that we ordered in pizza and it was from my favorite place and it was hot and pizza smelling. I ate some Egg Roll in a Bowl before it arrived so I wouldn't be hungry and when it was here I ate more Egg Roll in a Bowl as well as multiple bowls of dark greens with my favorite Lemon dressing and some Everything But The Salt seasonings. I ate more than I was really hungry for, but I needed something to occupy my hands, mouth, mind so that I could sit and enjoy the evening without feeling like I was missing out. And I didn't miss out! I love pizza and I would have enjoyed eating it, but I didn't really want to eat it and I really didn't want to mess up how I'm feeling. There's too much on the line and I don't have the room to feel lousy right now. And, it helped that I didn't know the ingredients of the crust. I think soy is the thing I'm trying most to steer clear of so that I can give it a good honest reintro and that means I don't want to test out anything else if it might have soy mixed in with it - thus no pizza crust.
    I thought about chocolate and picked up a square of the dark chocolate and put my lips on it and then put it down. It's not the same. I don't really like dark chocolate. I like Kit Kat bars. I like rich creamy milk chocolate. I like dark chocolate with caramel and almonds. But dark chocolate on its own. Meh.
    As for NSV's - I bought a jacket yesterday and it was an XL and it FIT! I just went into a store and put on a jacket (over my fleece) and zipped it up and it FIT!!!. Regular person feeling!!!! I bought it  It was a sweet moment. I also think my pj pants are getting easier to pull up. They used to be really right around my entire rear, hips, and upper legs. They're not now. I guess these are probably all Scale Based NSV's except that I still don't know what the scale says. They're fun though because I am not limiting my foods in any way, but I can see that my system is just not consuming as much. Other NSV's? Sleep is good. I go to bed and wake up before anyone else. I'll just be dreaming and then I'll wake up and know that I'm awake and ready to get up. It's nice. Not sick at all. Not taking allergy pills again.. Went on that hike the other day and felt GOOOOOOOD about it and enjoyed it and could have done more! My energy is better throughout the day and even though I don't feel like jumping and running, I'm getting more done and I'm not sitting in front of the computer. I guess what is really interesting is that my Facebook and headline reading has gone down tremendously and instead I'm reading an actual book. I still find that I don't stay immeresed in the book like I used to and I want to check yahoo or email here and there - hopefully that will change.
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    Jihanna reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Day 38
    Friends visiting this weekend and due to health issues they are all trying to eat healthy which is GREAT because we can cook up all the meals and make them all Whole30 and everyone will be happy. Now I just have to think about what to make! I always get stumped in situations like these!
    Notice that I'm already looking forward to the weekend. Oh my gosh, I am!
    I read through parts of the Food Freedom book last night. It was good and lots lined up with things I'm discovering. I can't remember what a-ha's I had but there were some. Certainly taking the time to meditate or do the things for me. I've been out of balance with work and will continue to be, but I am going to try to insert my daily practicing again because I'm proud of the progress I've slowly but steadily made and I'll only keep making progress if I keep at it. Same goes for this eating thing.
     My kid was asking me about my reintro and then he so clearly just shared his thoughts on how it would be different for different people and how I don't even need to bother with dairy because I already know about it. I love some of the good things the kids are picking up about food and how we eat and how we care for our bodies. Certainly this has been an ongoing process for me, but I feel like I'm on the right path. And chances are, genetics wise, my kids may have some of the same struggles as adults, but perhaps their process won't be so arduous.
    Work was exhausting, but fine. I wish I had more time to get ahead, but I don't. After work lessons went well. Evening conversation over dinner with my son was wonderful. More shuttling of kids and then cleaning up the house to prep for guests and now we're in bed and I'm not drained nor Facebook obsessing. In fact, I'm really slacking on checking emails and Facebook. It's funny how that addictive behavior has tapered off. 
    I stopped taking allergy pills again. Tonight was the second night I didn't. Hopefully I can keep off of them long enough to see if I can get another inflammation test and see if my numbers are still down without the allergy meds in my system. At some point in the next couple months I think I'd like to go in to see the doctor and check in and get some data and share how I'm doing and just check in.
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    Jihanna got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Love this, really do. And I love that your husband is cooking for you, so that's one less thing you have to worry over after a hard day. I'm so glad that you had a space to just exist for a few minutes, so your headache could slip away and allow you the clarity to approach a problem (the mower) outside of the emotions from the day.
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    Jihanna reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Well, I went and stared at the spark plug cover and didn't know what to do so I then layed down in the grass and just stared at the sky and listened to the birds and squirrels and tried to just appreciate all the good things I have in my life. Work takes up such an intense space and I'm letting it, but there's still the rest of my time and even if it a lot of it is the drudgery of the day, it's still not a bad life. So I did that and breathed and I think the headache gradually went away. And then I got bored so I went back to the lawnmower and, with some help, got the spark plug out and went to the store and got a new one and put it in and ta-da that was it! So then I had dinner that my husband made (Whole 30 salad and fish with ranch dressing being the only different thing for the kids) and then mowed the lawn at 7:30 at night. And then watered the plants and did some dishes and what I did not do was work which is kind of a drag because it makes tomorrow harder, but I did other things.
    And again, I'm glad that I'm eating clean foods because today I was feeling like I'm not doing anything for myself these days. I'm not meditating, practicing, or just chilling with the family. Or exercising. But I am eating well and I am feeling SO much better about how I look and feel.  So I'll just keep plugging along because heck if work is gonna take that away from me! Eating well is The Most Important thing I am doing for ME and for my health and for my future.
    (And, even though I just said I didn't get to chill with my family, I did play ball with one of my kids in the yard for a bit so my sob story and attitude is not the big picture.)
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    Jihanna reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Day 36
    Another crazy long and fast paced day. I left the house at 7:30 and got home at 9:30. There were no breaks or moments of fresh air. It's good though, but I do wish I could get ahead so I could get outside and enjoy. Tomorrow, I have to come home though and so I'll mow the lawn and do some yard work. And probably do some work, though what I'd like to do is just sit and watch a movie or read a book, but I'm too distracted with work to really concentrate.
    And food...doing okay. Picked up some more zucchini which I can cook up with eggs for breakfast. That is by far my favorite meal for the morning. It's huge and hearty and it sits well in my system.
    I also have some asparagus that I forgot about! It's in the back of the fridge so tomorrow I need to pull that out and use it up. And then tomorrow perhaps I will plan foods for the weekend when we have a house full of guests once again. A couple of them are healthy eaters so Whole30 foods will fit right in.
    Energy wise - mood wise - health wise - joint wise - I'm SO glad I'm at this point. I have to say it again and again so I know that this space that I'm in is valuable to me and worth the effort of working towards. And, it's attainable. I was getting so old in my doubt that things could ever change. And they are and as I branch out into the reintroductions (once work life is a little bit more balanced), I need to keep coming back to what works for me and what feels good.
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    Jihanna reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Day 34
    Wow - what a day. I went in to work and worked steadily (minus 30 minutes to run an errand) from 9:30 am to 10:30 pm. I really don't know how the time goes by so fast or how I don't get more done because I know I was working steadily and with focus and trying to be quick about things. I only went down a couple rabbit holes and they were fairly connected and related. I talked to one other colleague for about 20 minutes in the morning. Crazy how the day went by.
    But crazy that I can do it. I didn't check Facebook or watch TV or lose focus. Instead I just kept digging in and I'm nowhere where I wish to be, but I have so much core and foundation stuff going that in a month or so, I'll hopefully have some good processes in place. But right now, my head can't quite figure out the best direction to do things - so right brainy - and setting up systems that are nice and organized takes time. Exhale. So even though I don't feel great about things, I feel like I've got to give myself credit for the effort. And, I rather enjoyed the day except when I was bummed about not being outside. And I told myself I could go back in Monday night. Fun!
    But tomorrow is my kid's birthday and I really wanted to be "present" all day. It's gonna be tricky because I have a few key things I HAVE to do before Monday. I figured I could maybe get a bit done if I woke up early, but chances are, my kid will wake up early. So I just wrote a focused to do list for myself for those things and maybe my kid will go play for a while and I can sneak that work in. Maybe I'll even do some of them tonight.
    I did have three cups of coffee today and my last cup I started around three or four. I'm able to fall asleep with caffeine in my system, but I can also take advantage of the alertness and focus of the day.
    I feel a bit Tiger Blood. 
    I also feel good. Like today I sucked in my stomach and I could feel it suck. I haven't had that sensation in a while. I also can't believe that nobody has commented on any weight loss. Not my family or friends or co-workers. I feel SO much thinner than last year at this time - at least 35 pounds thinner, maybe 40. But again, nobody else really cared about those things except for me. But it's SO obvious and I'm wearing the same clothes except they now hang on me instead of form fit. Ah well. That's okay. Just odd, but maybe not.  I am still quite solidly in the obese range on the charts.
    On the drive home, I thought about Whole30 and what my life long plan is. Not Whole30 for life, but really, right now, I'm content with it because the NSV's are racking up and until I feel more balanced and solid, I have no desire to rock this boat. It's so different than when I was on Day 15 and chose to screw up and eat nonWhole30 food. It's interesting.
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    Jihanna reacted to ShannonM816 in KiwiKendra's Log from New Zealand   
    Remember that all your meals don't have to be fancy. Some really simple meals that I do that don't take a lot of prep:  scrambled eggs with spinach/other vegetables; a can of tuna or salmon mixed with mayo or avocado or even just olive oil, on top of salad; hamburger patty (I buy frozen, pre-formed ones and cook them straight from the freezer, but you could buy ground meat of whatever type you prefer and freeze it in patties) with mayo and mustard or avocado, tomato, onion, and pickles, with a side of roasted potato or sweet potato.  Or I grill a bunch of chicken at the start of the week, then I can use it in salads or stir fries for several meals. You don't have to have a brand new recipe at every meal. Just make sure you have food that is easy to prepare quickly on days when you don't have time to do anything elaborate. 
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    Nope, it's not... you're right! I actually hate the store stuff with a passion, never have liked it and would purposefully avoid it when possible. I didn't like my first few batches of homemade mayo either, but they were fine for mixing in with herbs and stuff for dressings. How I make it now is great for me, though; I can finally stand the taste of it  
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    Day 33 - Wow - what a day. There were NO breaks at work and a meeting afterwards and then I raced home and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and didn't get pissy that my husband hadn't done that. I'm not sure what he did, but I just accepted it and moved on (talk about some major NSV's!!!) and then people arrived and we had an epic loud wild super fun party for a little over three hours and it was great and then everyone left and we cleaned up and we're all in bed by ten. I had my leftovers from yesterday with me at work so that was good and then tonight at the party, I munched on the carrots and peppers and olives and avoided the chips (which again sounded really really good). I also did not try the cake and others said it was really good. It would have been nice to know exactly how this recipe came out, but I also didn't feel any real urge to try - kinda like not caring about swimming in a lake in Utah when you're hanging out at the pool in Texas. I mean, a lake would be fun, but the pool is cool too. That's kinda how it was with the cake.
    I'm glad the party is over. As fun as it was and as much as I enjoy people, it's taxing on my introverted ways. This is a major birthday season though - well, all of Fall is birthdays and celebrations and people visiting. It's like one thing after another. I love January when things seem to quiet down along with cold weather and dark mornings. I do love Fall and the weather and the outside and the back to school energy, but...it's busy.
    And, once again, I am SO glad I am doing Whole30 and I am 30 days into it and 30 days into feeling better and more resilient because I need me to be that person who can do things and feel things and experience things and weather through things and I feel like I'm finding that again. As well, I'm LIKING who I look like when I look in the mirror and I know it's not just physical.  It's like seeing myself a bit again and I know that's not just issues around weight, but more around something chemical going on in my system. Things are good. Not top of the world good, but overall good. Good enough for me to appreciate the good even when I'm feeling overwhelmed.
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    Day 33
    Well yesterday I totally forgot to eat my breakfast until seven at night. But can I just say that my day was BUSY because I really didn't stop at all from 7:30 in the morning to seven at night. It was a day to be "on" and I was and the day went well and I felt good. I also am not drinking any water. So, I know I'm on Whole30 and this is very bad form to not be eating. I get that and I have already gone through all of the self-talk and the identification of what I need to do differently. I went shopping last night and picked up more veggies, but also some Epic bars as a just in case. Once I eat, then I eat more. But if I don't eat, I don't seem to notice. And I've never been super prone to being hangry.
    The thing that is interesting and positive about all this is that this is even happening. A month ago, I was running away from all stress and watching tv and feeling lousy and not sharp and not focused and energy was hard to maintain. And now I'm not some olympic athlete, but I'm dealing with things and doing things and rising to the occasion and being quite pleasant about it all! It's such a huge difference. It also doesn't feel like a "diet" or a restriction at this point - right now it's feeling like "this is just what I prefer" "no thanks. I'll pass on that".  That's kinda cool. 
    However, last night at the store when I was hungry, the sweet things looked good. What looked even better were the barbecue potato chips. Oh my. I bought some for the party tonight, but not for me. I did pick up a dark chocolate bar that has no soy lecithin in it. I'm curious if cocoa is one of my things. There have been times my cough has seemed to get worse after eating home made chocolate cakes and frosting (and cocoa was noted on the blood work allergen test - which does have lots of false positives). So, I figure I could try chocolate in the am, lunch, and pm. But I don't really want to do that today.
    I am a bit scared. I'm scared of a big reaction and then feeling foggy for hours after like what occurred when I ate the dino bites made with potatoes, potato starch, and canola oil. I'm scared of the foggy and then the aftermath. I'm also scared of waking up the lurking sugar dragon or addictive questing behaviors.
    And I read what Jihanna said about this not being a for the rest of life thing and the need to try things out. Yeah. I get it. But right now I'm kind of enjoying the calm of the open seas. It was a bumpy ocean ride for many many months (years) and then bumpier more finally getting going onto Whole30. I'm taking a chance to breathe right now. Breathe, stabilize, maybe build back in meditation, practicing, and walk/running (all of which have gone by the wayside) and then reintroducing things.
    Last night as I was making frosting for the cake, I was thinking about the biggest NSV from the beginning and that is that I feel so much more confident. On my first post, I remember saying I really needed help and support. I was feeling really POWERLESS. I did not know if I'd be able to pull it off. In fact, I was somewhat doubtful. And I SO appreciate the people who chimed in and checked in and then the ones who became daily friends and supporters. And I wouldn't want any of that to go away because it's so much more fun with other people and I love reading about how others are doing and theirs downs and their ups. But I don't feel that sense of neeeeeding that support. I feel like I've got my power back. And so my biggest fear is that I will lose that power if I am too cavalier with what I try eating.
    AND, what I love is that I'm not measuring things or counting calories or doing anything restrictive. Heck - I eat some big healthy portions of food. I'm never hungry, but now I find I am just through and don't really want anything more as opposed to some more physical stuffed feeling calling the shots. It's much more subtle and it's nice.
    I slept well last night. I'm a bit groggy and I'm drinking my coffee and my lips are still slightly chapped and today is another high stress day from the point I close this computer till 8 or 9. Immediately after work and a meeting, I'm racing home to my kid's party which BEGINS right when I get home. It will be fun, but it will require some gear switching in my head and the entire social thing is exhausting. I love the people and know them and enjoy our parties, but I'm an introvert by nature so a day of people from start to finish without breaks takes its toll. Tomorrow will be another busy day in which I really need to be on and then blessed Saturday I will get some time to myself to work/plan/organize. Inevitably I will get frustrated at how little I get done, but I'll get to do some work and in silence!!!! And maybe I can even bike to work which would be nice.
    I hope everyone has a good day!
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    Day 31 
    Slept okay. Allergy pills have helped. Any cold virus I have is keeping itself to the bare minimum of a stuffy nose and puffy eyes. Overall, I'm okay. Drinking my coffee and realizing, OH NO, I need to be out of the house in thirty minutes!!!! EEeEEEEk.  I still have to shower, cook up some breakfast, and gather up all my work mess. I did make lunches for the kids already and I do know what I'm going to wear so that helps.
    There definitely does not feel like enough time in the days to get everything planned and set up, but again, I'm thankful I'm in this spot mentally and physically where I can ride through this and keep working on things and not feel overwhelmed and then procrastinate even more. This Saturday will offer me some time and things will start to relax in a couple weeks. 
    My husband made dinner last night since I was working. It was just chicken and broccoli. He apologized that it was so pathetic and yet it wasn't. The kids loved it. They wanted more broccoli. I loved it. We ate it all and there was a good amount of that green stuff. Too bad the only leftovers is from the one pound of chicken split four ways - isn't that interesting - it was the chicken we didn't finish, but the veggies we all ate up. I like how that shift starts happening.
    Going to drink my last sip of coffee and then get up and kick into Beast Conquer the Day mode
    (There was no wake up early and go to the gym and weigh myself scene this morning. I was not Beast Queen Wake Up Woman today)
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    At a recovery meeting last week, someone spoke about how he finally stopped drinking -- he just started saying "I won't drink today, but I'll have one tomorrow.", and of course tomorrow never actually comes. I've been trying to bring this into my own food recovery by saying that I won't have insert food here today, but maybe I'll grab some tomorrow.
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    It's only failure if you don't learn something from the experience. If you do learn, it's a stepping stone.
    I'd definitely encourage you to kind of slowly ramp yourself into your start date, so that you can prepare some condiments ahead of time and get a feel for how they taste, tweaks you might want to make, and how often you use them. If you also go ahead and remove a couple of the food groups W30 eliminates, you might be able to limit your detox issues (since you won't be coming off all of them all at once).
    Either way, it's awesome that you're not just walking away!
    That said, I absolutely despise the taste of mayo made with olive oil, even the super-light stuff. I tried grapeseed oil once, and then tried once where I did half grapeseed and half light olive... both disgusting. SUNFLOWER OIL is my saving grace, because it's way cheaper than avocado (which is what's suggested in so many blogs) and it has an amazingly light flavor that lets the seasonings do all the talking. My recipe includes the oil, egg, and lemon juice, plus salt, mustard powder, garlic powder, and a sprinkle of pepper. I'm happy to share it, if you'd like