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  1. CherDeez

    Chipolte Peppers in Abdo Sauce??

    Does anybody know where I can find Compliant Chipotle Peppers? Philadelphia area stores? All the ones I find have Sugar as ingredient.
  2. CherDeez

    The Great Ghee Debate

    On the topic of Ghee, which I have never ever used, It seems to be "separated" in the jar. Do you mix it all together before using? Is this normal? And do you keep it in the fridge ?
  3. CherDeez


    I am having a hard time eating a large breakfast--I get hungry between breakfast and lunch. Any suggestions for in between snacks?
  4. CherDeez

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Starting my First one today. Couldn't finish breakfast so I brought it for lunch along with some compliant stuffed cabbages, apple and Almond butter. So far, so good !
  5. CherDeez

    Sunflower seed butter

    Thanks! Trying to make the "Sunshine sauce"
  6. Where can I find unsweetened sunflower seed butter? Or is there a compliant brand online anywhere?
  7. CherDeez


    I have the books, the lists and am going shopping this weekend. Very excited, scared and nervous and anxious..., but Looking forward to a new me via Whole30 !