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  1. Jingalong

    Living in Australia

    You are correct, about Nitrites. Bacon without them is fantastic, especially the Coastwide Meats brand, tastes amazing. I just prefer to have bacon that isn't soooo salty I can't eat it, better still we have smoked salmon with our eggs.
  2. Jingalong

    Living in Australia

    Hi D Russell, I also have this problem living on the Central Coast of NSW (just north of Sydney). Nitrate free bacon and ham which I discovered at a butcher at Lisarow Plaza and Coastwide meats at West Gosford. Mostly I have found word of mouth is the best, I just ask people or Google and I usually get an answer. If in the Crows Nest area there is 5 Star Gourmet. I even found Whole30 compliant food in Totnes, Devon (UK) last May, I just asked, however, couldn't find any nitrate free bacon, they looked at me like I was crazy! Hope this is helpful. Jingalong