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    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Really appreciate the honesty here. I'm sorry about the bad body image stuff. That sucks. You're taking care of your health by doing this Whole 30 thing and that is no small fact. The feelings are only temporary (something I have to remind myself of, too) and as an outsider, it is incredibly impressive (and MOTIVATIONAL!) that you're so committed and invested. WELL DONE. I, too, have been feeling backed up and bloated since around Day 6? But what helped for me was taking Mag 07 (All-Natural Magnesium supplements) before bed with water. Truly, it helps you sleep soundly and it helps to get things moving. Just thought I'd offer that up. Can't believe we're all a third of the way done! Thanks again for posting all of this. Take good care, G.
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    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    I'm so loving this! Thanks for keeping track on the Forum. I'm also in NYC so places like Hu Kitchen (Their Chicken tenders...SO yummy!) and Cava and Dig Inn are such great resources for us. Also, Sweetgreen, right? They're technically compliant if you don't get any of the cheeses or dairy dressings?! What about Westville? I bet that would be great for W30, as well. Love your commitment to working out every day. This is my first W30 and I have just felt crazy lethargic this week - started 1/1. I think now that I'm out of the fog (and post December food extravaganza), this second week I can commit to more sweat sessions and taking it up a notch. I've just been doing gentle walks around the park, which I love but are not necessarily giving me that burn. Thank you again for posting your meals, thoughts, and exercise routines. SO helpful! Take care, Gia.