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  1. These are all excellent ideas, and they combine well. Chicken thighs, pre skinned and boned only need to be be cut in half. Ideally you would brown the chicken in a frypan, but you can skip that if you're prepared to sacrifice some flavour to make the cooking easier. Dump them in the slow cooker with pre-cut vegetables (frozen veg tends to go a bit mushy in a slow cooker), add large tin of diced tomatoes as the base for the gravy/sauce, add a pile of dried herbs or some spices (you need to be fairly heavy handed with flavourings) when using a slow cooker), and let the cooker do it's magic
  2. If you're using the stove top, and you have a large pot with a pasta insert, but all the solids in the pasta insert. It makes removing them at the end a cinch.
  3. Congratulations on the 20lbs (mentally translates that into 9kgs, or about the weight of my touring bicycle). Keep this up and you're going to be spending a fortune on ever smaller belts.