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  1. Hang in there BB. When everything else is out of control, remember that you can control what goes in your mouth. Knowing that you can control just that one thing can be a big help.
  2. Friday 6th March (Day 29) A trainwreck of a day with the depression. Saturday 7th March (Day 30) Another trainwreck. Finished. Measured on Sunday morning: Body weight 83 kg. So 5 kg (11 lbs) lost in 4 weeks.
  3. Thursday 5th March (Day 28) M1: Scambled Eggs M2: & M3: Turkey Bolognaise sauce with "hidden" vegetables (hidden as in grated into the sauce like mum did to get us to eat vegatables, not hidden as in 2kg of vegetables + 1kg of tomatoes to 1kg of mince). M3 had capers and hummus added. Note to self: since you own a food processor, you really didn't need to grate all those veggies by hand. Duh! M4: Banana berry smoothie.
  4. Thanks Baby Bear. I seem to be OK during the day, but during the evenings I just run down and don't have the motivation to actually log what I'm eating. Anyway: Thursday 27th Feb (Day 21) Friday 28th Feb (Day 22) Leap Day (Day 23) Sunday 1st March (Day 24) Monday 2nd March (Day 25) Tuesday 3rd March (Day 26) Wednesday 4th March (Day 27) All compliant. I'm really looking forward to having muesli for breakfast on Sunday. No, scratch that, it's more I'm getting sick of eggs for breakfast.
  5. These are all excellent ideas, and they combine well. Chicken thighs, pre skinned and boned only need to be be cut in half. Ideally you would brown the chicken in a frypan, but you can skip that if you're prepared to sacrifice some flavour to make the cooking easier. Dump them in the slow cooker with pre-cut vegetables (frozen veg tends to go a bit mushy in a slow cooker), add large tin of diced tomatoes as the base for the gravy/sauce, add a pile of dried herbs or some spices (you need to be fairly heavy handed with flavourings) when using a slow cooker), and let the cooker do it's magic
  6. Wednesday 19th February (Day 13) Thursday 20th February (Day 14) Friday 21st February (Day 15) Saturday 22nd February (Day 16) Sunday 23rd February (Day 17) Monday 24th February (Day 18) Tuesday 25th February (Day 19) Really don't recall what I ate, but I know that a lot of W30 compliant ingredients were eaten, and no non-W30 stuff has been taken from the stash. I've been hit by a downward mood slump every evening, which is not my normal pattern, but it means both ends of the day have been pretty grey in my head. Wednesday 26th February (Day 20) M1:
  7. If you're using the stove top, and you have a large pot with a pasta insert, but all the solids in the pasta insert. It makes removing them at the end a cinch.
  8. Tuesday 18th February (Day 13). M1: Apricots (tinned). Woke up 25 minutes before I was due to start work, so cooked breakfast bit the dust. That’s one of the reasons I would normally have muesli when not W30ing. M2: Grilled turkey and salad with olives, capers, tahini and sauerkraut, with balsamic vinegar and tahini dressing. Not “breading” the turkey was much better. M3: Salmon scrambled eggs. M4: Banana cherry berry smoothie. Ex: nil. Guitar lesson tonight, so no time.
  9. Monday 17th February (Day 12). Got lots of vitamin S yesterday wandering round the camping exhibition, to the point of being slightly singed. Not actually sunburnt, but too much longer and I’d have been a very sore and sorry boy. After weeks of rain, it has been so nice to see the sun (I think that’s what the strange yellowy orange object in the sky is called—it’s been a while). I think, despite it being summer, that I had SAD overlaying the depression. Anyway, yesterday’s mood was better than the previous week’s, and today’s was positively buoyant. M1: Turkey omelette. M2: Pine
  10. I've just had a sequence of really bad days with the depression. These are at the level of "I'm not crawling out of the cave today" days. I know I've kept to the letter, if not the spirit, of W30, because the stash of non-compliant food at the back of the cupboard hasn't been touched, but most of the meals I couldn't tell you what I ate, and I suspect a lot of them involved smoothies. Thursday 13th Feb (Day 8) M1: Stuffed mushrooms M2 (&4?): ? M3: The last of the meatballs Ex: nil Friday 14th February (Day 9) M1: Scrambled eggs M2 & M3 (&
  11. Thanks for all the input. I think that about sums it up, the only thing that's going to give the texture of melted cheese is melted cheese. I think I'll just file this in the "too hard" basket and enjoy stuffed mushrooms without the gooey bits.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. @Terra Milliken: While almond meal will bind the ingredients, it doesn't have that melty, goey texture that melted cheese has. @ShannonM816: Ditto for eggs. @SchrodingersCat: I hadn't considered tahini, but it could work. I've used tahini as a pizza sauce (obviously not in a W30 context), so I don't think it will bind by itself. Experiment: Tahini by itself seemed too runny, so I tried a beaten egg with an approximately equal volume of tahini. The taste was great, but the resulting texture was kind of cakey, more like a fritter batter than anythi
  13. Wednesday 12th Feb (Day 7) M1: Meatballs M2: Scrambled Eggs M3: Banana Berry Smoothie. I think my kitchen scales are borked, as I had half servings of the berries left in the packets (I weigh out the berries as otherwise I tend to be heavy handed, which turns the smoothie into a slushie). Ex: Nil. Another bad day with depression. I think my mood is being affected by the weather as we're having an unusually long wet spell this summer.
  14. I'm wanting to make stuffed mushrooms, and normally I would use melted cheese to hold the stuffing in place in the same way the melted cheese binds a pizza topping to the crust. The recipe is W30 compliant except for the cheese, and I’m racking my brains for a substitute “glue”. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  15. Tuesday 11th February (Day 6) M1: Turkey and chicken meatballs with olives and tahini. Felt queasy when I got up, and didn’t eat until early afternoon. M2: Banana berry smoothie. M3: Banana shake. M4: A snack sized serving of meatballs. Ex: None. This was planned.