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  1. MōmmyofH&O

    whole30 period snack ideas please!

    I live on peppermint tea but am gonna struggle with not adding a sweetener of any kind.
  2. MōmmyofH&O

    whole30 period snack ideas please!

    I am starting my first whole30 and I am also due to start my period about the same time. I normally deal with nausea or feeling like I need to eat everyone under the sun. My periods tend to be really rough due to PCOS, endometriosis (recently removes) and adenomyosis. I could really use some complaint snack ideas that are easy on the stomach! What are your go-to foods?
  3. MōmmyofH&O

    New Year, New Us!

    Hey! My family and I are starting our first ever Whole30 journey on January 1st! This is gonna be a big change for us and I’m definitely nervous at this point. Our munchkins are ages 5 and 2.5 and are picky eaters most of the time. My husband works shift work which adds another challenge to W30 for me. I have read part of the book, have multiple W30 cookbooks, have multiple friends that have done more than one round of W30, and we have a fantastic support system! I have been dealing with some hormone issues, PCOS, Endometriosis, and recently diagnosed with Adenomyosis as well. I am praying that Whole30 provides some much needed relief for myself along with more energy and less anxiety. My husband is hoping for more energy and better sleep. Smaller waists would be a bonus. Both kids have eczema and I’m hoping this will help clear up their skin and get them eating a little better. Can’t wait to get this party started!!