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    Who's starting 1/1?

    I am starting my first round of Whole30 today! I’m Melanie, I’m 33 from Sacramento, Ca. My weight is at its highest and confidence is at its lowest. I’ve done harder things in life and want to prove to myself that I can make this change. I believe the way to self esteem is esteemable acts and this is exactly that. I have awful food habits. I sit at my desk at work and snack on crap all day. I am excited to challenge myself with new things to eat and actually think it will be fun because I love to cook. I ate paleo a few years ago and had a good time with the recipes I discovered and how great so many of the things tasted. I’m worried that my busy work schedule coupled with caring for a toddler and a husband will be my biggest challenges, since I’m going this alone. I believe in myself though. I got sober 5 years ago and THAT was hard. (Which makes the giving up alcohol part of the W30 easy!) The opening line of the manifesto totally spoke to me. It reminded me of what I am capable of when I make the decision to change!!!