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    Hi, my name is Leah, and I'm starting today also. I'm 41 with two daughters age 12 and 10. My husband and kids will be eating what I prepare but there will also be other food in the house for them that I will avoid. I successfully completed the Whole 30 once before, two years ago. It was a good experience but it was also a big challenge for me and I found by the end I was really looking forward to it ending and struggling a bit to get through those final days. Despite how good I felt doing it, I didn't really form new habits as a result of it- it was more something I got through and then went back to normal. I'm a teacher, and quite passionate about my job, which leads to me going hard all day, often forgetting to eat at all, and drinking coffee all day.  I then fall into bad habits of buying convenience foods or processed foods the kids request. I often find myself eating potato chips on the commute home because I'm so hungry after the work day, then popping frozen pizza in the oven when I get home, and eating unhealthy snacks all evening to make up for a day of no food. It sounds ridiculous, but it's what I keep doing.  So, I'm doing this to try to get myself back to home-cooking whole foods and being a good role model for my family. I plan to do this for 90 days instead of just 30, this time, in hopes of more effectively establishing life-long healthy habits and routines. I'm also seeking better work-life balance and prioritizing self-care a little more. My biggest challenge will honestly probably be trying to eat breakfast and lunch.
    NZ Robin- your blender adventures gave me a belly laugh.
    Looking forward to getting to know all of you and doing this together! 
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    Leahg reacted to NZ Robin in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Hi All,  I too decided to start the Whole30 on January 1st; but because I live in New Zealand that means I started today!
     I’ve had a few health issues over the last two years (first a frozen shoulder, really nasty, and the unexplained joint pains).  Most of my life I’ve had issues with eating properly. My bad habits seem to have caught up with me. Time to make a change!
    So, I’m a day ahead of the rest of you. It was all going well until my first attempt at mayonnaise. As I  “slowly” drizzled oil into the egg mix my brand new blender enthusiastically sprayed a fine fog of mayonnaise out of the hole in the top. Several adjustments later and I had the situation marginally under control. Unfortunately I still managed to add the oil too quickly and the mayo separated. Attempt 2:  still messy, but under control. Mayonnaise began to thicken nicely. That was when the blender began to disintegrate. The smoke was my first clue that something was wrong. When I took the top off I was greeted with lovely thick mayonnaise mixed with plastic bits. The highlight of day 2 will be returning the blender carcass to the appliance store. 
    Hope we you all have a less eventful day 1.