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  1. n1b2

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Thank you thank you!!!! This evening I prepped turkey meatballs (no breading, obviously, basically just ground turkey and garlic), a salad with grilled chicken for my lunch at work tomorrow, and another piece of grilled chicken in case I want salad at dinner tomorrow. My instapot arrives tomorrow and thanks to you i have a better grocery list for tomorrow. I also was wondering how often i should expect to shop and guessed it would be as often as you say. I like your breakfast and will get some avocados tomorrow I have to say, the one thing i'm already ready for is the coffee situation. I started getting comfy with black coffee and nothing in it about a year ago and don't have issues, otherwise i'd get nutpod compliant coconut creamer. I do, however, consume lots of almond milk, so I'll be looking into the compliant brands tomorrow. Thanks again!
  2. n1b2

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Started today 1/1/2019 too! I'm 45, recently put weight on after 3 years maintaining my peak fitness level and health level. About 2 years ago I slowly moved into unhealthy habits with food, though I've been able to stay active most of the time. I exercise regularly, and love it. I have a very hard time during winter months, however. I love to wake up early and work out, but when the sun doesn't rise until after 6:30am, I have trouble....lots of it. Lately I've been binge eating all the time, eating food I don't want to eat and usually don't eat (I didn't eat breads for a very long time! Didn't want to! And yet, I slowly started to eat bread as if it was part of my everyday life) I've been Whole30-Curious for over a year. I am doing it to re-establish a healthy relationship food, while also figuring out which foods feel worse during the winter months. Whatever the case, I have cravings for sugar and I know it's draining my energy, delivering nothing but empty calories, probably making my seasonal slow-down a lot worse. I told my partner I won't be drinking for a month, threw out all of the temptations/foods I will not eat & my pressure cooker arrives in 2 days. I haven't prepped food yet and am still figuring out what i will prep - I'm looking for any and all prep recommendations (thanks so much for posting some already!) I also: Started a Whole30 Journal and have written in it a few times per day. Today so far I've written about what I've eaten, how it feels to start, and figured out what feelings I was experiencing when I got a craving Bought foods for meals I can cook over the next few days: zuchini & squash noodles, riced cauliflower, condiments, eggs, chicken, ground turkey, bone broth, spinach Can't wait to be here to support each other, thanks so much for all the great posts and for starting this thread!