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  1. I am a pescatarian starting a round of Whole 30 (today is day 1) and wanted to chime in. I've done rounds in the past (pre-pandemic times aka "the before times") and have really had a hard time with food throughout 2020 until today. I didn't do any resets during the pandemic, and I'm thrilled to be starting again. When I did previous rounds in 2019, I went against my veg / pesca ways and incorporated meat according to plan. I had great rounds, but didn't like eating meat. So, now I'm doing it the pesca way. I'll come back and let you know how it goes. Day one is easy as most day one experience
  2. Hello & Good morning day 3! I feel ok on wake up, but am playing the mental game of “how many calories am i eating” which isn’t the way of Whole 30. I’ve been here before, this is my 4th round over the last 18 months, but am so surprised that no matter how much i think i know about what to expect, it’s never what I actually feel. The calorie obsession is directly connected to the weight gain I’ve experienced during the quarantine & the depression I feel - i know it’s not healthy to connect these emotions to weight gain and self confidence but here I am, and I’m 100% certain this r
  3. Yay!!! Let’s do this together! All cheering is good even from Day 18. I’m so so so so so happy you both replied. How’s it going so far? Me: predictably happy about Day one and the decision I’ve made to do this.
  4. Im a month behind you and starting tomorrow 5/14. I’ve done it before but have hit Rock bottom with emotional eating in quarantine and am looking to re establish a healthier relationship with food. I am in a city which has to remain safer at home for our safety so this does seem like the right time to just accept I can’t do this the way I’m doing it and to instead do a round of Whole 30. Single, no kids, have instant pot.
  5. Im starting Day one on 5/14 so I’m a few days behind you but you aren’t alone!
  6. Hi! Starting Day 1 and looking for a buddy or team. This will be my 3rd time but I’ve hit rock bottom in so many ways, it feels like the first time. Is anyone else starting off and want to help each other?