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  1. So, obvs I'm a huge nerd, given the Star Trek reference in my personal log title. I have always supremely loathed the idea of food journaling, as I have a family history that is wrapped up in some really disordered relationships with food and dieting was hugely bad for my mental health. Whole30 is very much not dieting for me though, and really did wonders for me getting out from under a lot of my own issues with food and my body last year. So why am I doing a log now though? Well, I fully expect this, my second Whole30 to be a lot harder than my first because of many of the reasons the website lists, but mainly, I don't want to get overconfident and blow it, especially when Whole30 has been so helpful for me. So, here I am, day one, thinking perhaps a log will help, and that perhaps giving it a bit of a Star Trek reference will make it more fun. Woohoo! Breakfast was two eggs scrambled with three pieces of bacon and a banana plus coffee with a bit of coconut milk. Lunch will be a field greens salad with apple roasted chicken, crushed pecans, and a homemade vinaigrette. Dinner will likely be either be meatballs with carrot/cauliflower mash and green beans, meatballs with mushroom soup, or baked zucchini and artichokes with lemon shrimp. I'm feeling tired, but I'm pretty sure that's more because I took some pretty potent sleeping medicine last night rather than anything else. Breakfast had me full for a very long time, and I expect I would have been pretty alert had it not been for the slight medicine hangover. I can do this!
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    BookJockey's Personal Log, Stardate 0102

    Day 17! Today was kinda brutal because yesterday I worked myself really hard at the gym with all that extra energy I had and NOW I'm feeling it. Stuff I didn't even realize I was working hurts now. But I'm trying to be excited that I had the energy to do it all! And I'm curious to see what my recovery time looks like. Here's hoping whole foods gets me back to un-ouchified muscles faster. Today was another banana in flax with cinnamon and pecan, plus 4 eggs and coffee for breakfast. Lunch was the last of the leftover balsamic chicken and carrots and green beans. For dinner I'm thinking of trying some baked tuna with coconut aminos and stir fried veggies with a smear of avocado and maybe some seaweed strips added for garnish? I haven't quite figured it out, but I had a mad hankering for sushi so that was the best I could figure in a pinch. Help me pinned paleo recipes, you're my only hope! (not really, but it felt fun to say)
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    BookJockey's Personal Log, Stardate 0102

    Day 16! Yesterday was a bit rough, I developed a bit of a headache later in the day, and husband brought home the temptress of all temptresses - chocolate covered pretzels from our favorite chocolatier. I broke down and had a few salted dates (which I'd never tried, but yum!) last night after dinner with my tea because the temptation to have one or two of the pretzels was that great. This may mean those are a food I'll need to watch out for post-30. This morning was a bit tough too as I hadn't slept well last night/this morning (stupid garbage truck being super noisy right outside our bedroom window stupid early this morning). Breakfast was a spinach and mushroom 3 egg omelette with coffee and coconut milk. I had to have a snack just now too I think because of the tired (whenever I don't get enough sleep I'm always hungrier) so I had a banana rolled in some flax seeds and coconut flakes plus some walnuts. It was a really nice mini-meal. Lunch will probably be a bit later than usual now because of the snack, but will be the same as yesterday crockpot balsamic chicken with carrots and green beans in a mushroom soup "sauce" and the verdict is actually out on dinner right now. I might sautee up some zoodles and cabbage to have with meatballs, or to have with shrimp - I'm not sure. I have cauliflower rice too still, so I might do something there. We'll see. I think I want to make some curried chicken this weekend so that'll liven some things up a bit.
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    BookJockey's Personal Log, Stardate 0102

    Day 15! Halfway! Woooooooo! Yesterday was lots of great food, but a super busy day, and today has followed in a similar track. Breakfast both yesterday and today was mashed banana with flax seed and coconut flakes, three eggs, and coffee with collagen powder. Yesterday's lunch was more of my crockpot balsamic chicken with carrots and green beans in a mushroom soup (this mushroom soup "sauce". Dinner was a "taco salad" for Taco Tuesday, with the last of my crockpot salsa chicken, lots of cilantro and lime, guacamole, peppers and cauliflower rice. Today's lunch is a mini paleo shepherd's pie. I had to bust into my reserve epic bar in the car because I was starting to feel carsick and often food helps (it sounds weird, but it's true) but I'm otherwise feeling and doing pretty good. I'm trying to ease myself back into a good exercise routine and have only had really minimal soreness, which I'm also taking as a good sign. The big test of course will probably be this weekend when I have to shovel some snow - we'll see how well I recover after that, but I have high hopes. Dinner tonight will probably be meatballs and zucchini noodles with sauteed spinach and carrot/tomato marinara sauce. Should be good
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    BookJockey's Personal Log, Stardate 0102

    Day 13! Wooooooooo!!!! Feeling pretty alert and clear-headed, which I'm liking! My acne is also almost non-existent right now, which is a dang near forking miracle so that's exciting. I know the main goal of whole30 is not to look arbitrarily "better" or lose weight, so I do feel a bit ashamed to admit that I was lamenting to my husband the other day that I was bummed I didn't appear to have lost any weight yet on this go-around. Per the rules (and my own sanity) I haven't weighed or measured myself, but pants don't really seem any looser or anything. That said, I do feel my husband was accurate that I "look good". As stated above, my skin is a lot clearer and husband specifically mentioned my hair was looking great (it does, but I think that might be the collagen powder more than anything). This, of course is mere vanity, and the primary reason for Whole30 is to help my overall health and keep my auto-immune disease under wraps - which it does really seem to be doing. Way fewer skin issues, almost zero joint or muscle pain, hardly any digestive issues, a clearer head, better sleep, and higher energy levels, these are all really good things that I do definitely want to keep going, even if none of the dietary changes result in weight loss. I've had to read the Whole30 blog post about bodies not being perfect, even when they're in good health to remind myself that the main goal here is not weight loss and I do not need to look a certain way to attain better health - AND to remind myself that my health is in fact in a much better place this year than it was last year, and that is all, a very direct result of last year's Whole30 and my subsequent semi-paleo lifestyle. SO. With that, plowing right along! Whew! Yesterday was a nice day for experimentation. I had picked up at Trader Joe's recently their "everything but the bagel" seasoning, which has, all the stuff everything bagels have, some onion, sesame seeds, salt, pepper. It was really good on my eggs with kale and hash browns. We had that plus bacon and coffee that morning and it was really nice. Kinda like a deconstructed bagel sandwich. Lunch was a bit more snacky with experiments. I made an apple, berry and beet juice drink, and had it with some walnuts and prosciutto to avoid blood sugar spikes. I later also had a meatball and a cup of mushroom soup while I made those up for the week's lunches. Dinner was super satisfying, I had more of my meatballs (I am getting super good at making them if I do say so myself, the beef, turkey, pork sausage trifecta plus Penzy's Frozen Pizza sprinkle seems to be the ticket) over zucchini noodles and sauteed spinach with tomato and carrot marinara sauce. My husband had pizza while I ate this, and while I do love me some pizza, I didn't miss it much, or really feel deprived at all, which was a really nice space to be in. Breakfast today was some mashed pumpkin and applesauce with flaxseed, pumpkin spices, and coconut flakes. I also had two eggs and collagen blended into my coffee for protein staying power. Lunch is going to be the same salad I had pictured above on Saturday, fortified with a nice piece of balsamic and rosemary chicken breast and roasted carrots. Made that in the crockpot last night while we slept in order to have for the week to throw over salads or have with a baked potato for quick and easy dinners/lunches. Dinner is probably going to be leftovers from Friday - the pineapple salmon, with stir fried veggies in coconut aminos. While there is definite effort involved, and it can be expensive to eat this way, I'm also remembering how easy it can be if I do a bit of meal prep. And when I have recipes like this one that I can easily modify for Whole30 (subbed the honey for apple cider) and just literally throw stuff into a crockpot and go to sleep, life is pretty good.
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    BookJockey's Personal Log, Stardate 0102

    Day 11! Movin' right along! Today I woke up a half hour before my alarm and didn't feel the quiet desperation I usually feel upon waking up before my alarm - which is usually something like: "UGH GAH SO EFFING TIRED AND I NEVER GET ENOUGH SLEEP AND I COULD TOTALLY USE IT AND EFFFFFF... WHY stupid bladder, did you wake me up? WHYWHYWHY????!!!!" and various other expletives and so forth. But this morning after getting up and relieving myself, I came back to bed for the warmth, not because I was still super groggy headed and feeling like I hadn't got enough sleep, and I decided to just try mediating, since I knew trying to fall asleep would just be useless. I'm not a great at meditating, nor do I try doing it nearly as often as I'd like to, but I try from time to time to just focus on my breathing and it was really nice to be able to just enjoy a warm bed. I got out of bed fully when my alarm went off and felt well rested and ready for the day, which is a pretty big thing for me. I am not a good sleeper, and an even less good getter-upper, so if Whole30 is helping with my sleep this time, I am HERE FOR IT. Breakfast was the same as yesterday, mashed banana with coconut milk and ground flax seed plus two pieces of bacon. Lunch was the last piece of my crustless spinach quiche and a little salad roasted turnips and radishes over field greens with an apple and mustard vinaigrette. I need to eat that again for sure. Really awesome. I think I'll make my crockpot balsamic chicken at some point to pair with it next. Tonight will be the last of the shepherd's pie - I'm defrosting some for both husband and I - I hope he enjoys it as much as I have been, I'd really like to continue making it like this after whole30. Pictured below is a pic of my yummy salad today. OMNOMNOM!!!
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    BookJockey's Personal Log, Stardate 0102

    Day 10! Going strong! Last night's dinner of meatballs with sauteed cabbage and a baked potato was really great. Had some mashed banana and coconut milk with ground flax seed and two pieces of bacon for breakfast this morning. Very yum. Lunch was more of my crustless spinach and bacon quiche plus leftover sauteed cabbage. Dinner was the below pictured salmon baked with pineapple, ginger and lime, over a curried cauliflower, zucchini, and sweet potatoe hash/mash. Sooooooo good! I think the leftovers will be good over salads too.
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    BookJockey's Personal Log, Stardate 0102

    Day 9 and feeling pretty good! I have a good amount of energy and my meals have me feeling satisfied. I'm weirdly missing the actual missing of sugary foods, is that weird? Like, I don't really miss cookies or candy, but I miss wanting it. It's strange. I think my overthinker brain has woken up now to the fact that near obsessing over sugary foods and the subsequent guilt I had over it took up a lot of space in my brain and without it, what... do... I do...??? Like, duh, that's the POINT and there are so many other things I could and should and would totally rather be spending my brain space on, but I still sort of weirdly miss being the sugar queen. Brains are weird. Last night's shepherd's pie was just as delightful and satisfying as the other night. I included a pic below. It's not a great one, I'm no food blogger, but I tried to get it to where you can see the lovely carrots and green beans and mushrooms under the ground meet and cauliflower/potato mash. Breakfast today was more of my spinach and mushroom crustless quiche with bacon bits and coffee with coconut milk. Lunch was some more of the slow cooker chicken over seasoned cauliflower rice, sliced summer squash, and sweet potato, plus a drizzle of guacamole for good measure. Dinner tonight is probably going to be the last of my meatballs - I'll need to make more, but fortunately I'm off tomorrow, with sauteed cabbage "noodles" and a baked potato. Should really stick to the ribs, I think. I had a bit of a worry yesterday afternoon - I got a call from my doctor, I'd had labwork done on Monday and she had gotten my test results and said I showed very high increase of inflammation (I have an autoimmune disease that generally is pretty well under wraps, but I still have to get regular testing done to make sure I'm ok). It wasn't too surprising, as prior to my start of this Whole30, I was hitting the holiday goodies SUPER HARD, but I would have hoped that after 5 days on Whole30 things would've been better? At least not, "so high, I thought there must have been a mistake" (Dr's words) levels, right? Maybe not though. I decided I'd stick with my Whole30 and if my follow up blood tests in 3 weeks are still showing inflammation that high, I maybe actually need to be eating something I can't on Whole30, but my suspicion is they'll go back down to normal or better ranges. I've chosen to see it as a bit of a science experiment. Anyway, onward. For science!
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    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    *waives hand* Still here! I am feeling pretty good, but weirdly missing the sugar cravings. Is that bizarre? Last time I definitely had sugar cravings and they weren't fun. This time I'm not really - I mean, sweets sound nice, but meh, you know? But I weirdly miss the actual MISSING having a cookie or two to dip into my mid-morning coffee. That's weird, right? I guess it's because it just feels like such a strange change, and it's like, what do I do with my brain now that there isn't the cycle of near obsessive thinking of treats and the subsequent guilt, you know? That's been illuminating this time around for sure.
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    Formerly vegetarian, on day 8, need meat help!

    *raises hand* Gal who leaned heavily vegetarian during college and grad school because meat can be expensive and she didn't have a proper kitchen to cook it in anyway here! I can't eat meat off the bone. Never ever ever. I just. Can't. Do it. It wigs me out in the same way you're describing. I know there are a lot of health and flavor benefits to cooking with cuts of meat that include the bone, but I don't see myself trying to make them anytime soon because, yeah. I also tend to have a hard time cutting raw chicken (even if it's just the boneless, skinless breasts I use) because it reminds me of the horrors of my food services days (a bit of raw chicken went down my bra one day and I couldn't eat chicken for months and months after). So I utilize a lot of frozen chicken. I find that when chicken is still semi frozen, I can stomach cutting it way better because it cuts like a hearty veggie - like a firm sweet potato, rather than a fleshy, gelatinous, blerghy thing (that is the technical term, I swear). I also honestly do a lot where I just throw frozen breasts directly into the crockpot with a few things. Then it breaks down a lot and becomes super easy to shred and to me, resembles more of the stews and hashes I generally live on, as opposed to, ya know... Aside from that, I generally just utilize a lot of ground meat. Again, then that way I can just throw it into a chili or stew to become a meal, as opposed to an intimidating looking hunk of meat. But yeah, as others have said, there's nothing that insists you must. Eat. ALL THE ANIMAL PROTEIN EVAR. You do your Whole30 the way that makes sense for you.
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    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    For the coffee folks - I discovered this morning that I actually like my coffee stronger - who knew! I brewed mine with a little less water this morning and I enjoyed it a lot more. Wild!
  12. Emphasis mine added. Thank you, @ladyshanny for this kind and insightful answer. This is why I love Whole30, it is ostensibly about being kind to your body and yourself. As someone who's also had a lot of trouble with very disordered eating in high school and college (but who is, admittedly, many years farther away from those days than @fmb16 is), I feel this post hard. I had a lot of trouble with this on my first Whole30 last year. I wasn't weighing myself, but constantly measuring myself and I was not always in the best of mental spaces, especially at first. I decided to stick with it after a lot of soul searching. Whole30 was making me feel a lot better in ways that had nothing to do with weight loss (my autoimmune disorder wasn't plaguing me with constant mystery illnesses, aches, and pains, my chronic indigestion was almost non-existent, I was feeling more alert, I was finally escaping the calorie counting nightmareland of my 20s, etc). It took a lot of effort to focus on that stuff more than the weight loss aspects, and to stop measuring myself. Trying to focus instead on all the other positives gave my overthinker brain something else to do. In the end, sticking with it was good for me, but that may not be the right decision for you, and that is, as stated above, 1000% ok. Whatever you decide to do, do it with love and kindness towards yourself and your body. You are worth it. P.S. I want to commend your bravery posting this here, and your insight in recognizing this in yourself, as they say, the first step is identifying when there's an issue.
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    Daily bathroom habits with less fruit

    Seconding @ElizabethG - I don't get sugar cravings from fruit, especially not when I eat it the Whole30 recommended way (with a protein and/or as part of a larger meal) but if I have it on it's own, it tends to just make me hungrier after. Apple alone is good, but I'll be hungry again in 30 minutes to an hour. Apple + prosciutto or banana + nut butter, etc is a really satisfying snack to tide me over between meals if I need it. I eat about 1 or 2 fruits per day, and again, just never a piece of fruit on it's own. Fruit helps keep me regular too, particularly apples it seems, so I get where you're coming from!
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    No Poop Going on Day 9

    I was having some trouble getting regular for a bit there too, but yesterday and today I had a tablespoon of ground flax seed and it really helped both days. Apple sometimes helps me too, you could try some apple with prosciutto, or in a salad/other dish? I find them quite good cooked with chicken and carrots too.
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    BookJockey's Personal Log, Stardate 0102

    Day 8! I'm in a groove! *grooves* Yesterday I felt truly wonderful. Breakfast kept me satisfied and erm, regular, heh, lunch was really lovely, the mushroom soup I made last week thickened into a lovely sauce for green beans and spinach, and dinner was huge and great. I had a nice strawberry and lime infused spritzer with dinner - almost just as tasty as a margarita and way more refreshing + no upset stomach or morning headache the day after! I did have a hard time refraining from eating some of the non-compliant food at work, but it was really more because it involved a tasting component, and I kind of had to go into it blind, relying on my culinary skills and other's tastebuds. It turned out fine, of course, and we've got leftovers for another program next week and some compliant leftovers (cilantro and lime, among other things) that I can enjoy. What was really great about yesterday was I didn't feel really hungry between meals, which tells me I'm finally on the right track for finding a balance of things to eat at my meals. Lunch is going to be some salsa chicken over a salad with summer squash, leftover fajita veggies from yesterday, and guacamole. It's a wonderfully easy recipe (and easy on the kitchen cleanup). I literally just threw 4 frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breasts into the crockpot with a can of compliant salsa overnight (I set it on low for 8 hours) and woke up to this (picture below)! I mean, ok, I had to shred the chicken myself, but that took about a whole two seconds and I didn't even have to use more than one fork, it was that tender and juicy. I'm excited to eat it later. For dinner I'm going to have another defrosted shepherd's pie - I'll try to get a pic tonight, monday I was so hungry and it was so good, I torched right through it before I could get a pic!
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    BookJockey's Personal Log, Stardate 0102

    Day 7! Yesterday was rough as I had to be up earlier than usual, had my eyes dilated, had my blood drawn, and I hadn't slept well the night before. So I was HUNGRY and headachey all day and had to reach for the nuts + banana combo mid-morning and the emergency hard boiled egg + prosciutto in the afternoon. I've found that if I am tired, I'm way more likely to be hungry and want that sugar. I'm very glad though that my local grocery has a compliant prosciutto that I like! My Whole30 shepherd's pie turned out AWESOME if I do say so myself, and the best part was I had made 4 of them in little mini loaf pans and frozen them, to be defrosted and baked later. I had just taken it out of the freezer Sunday night and in the fridge. When I got home I threw it in the oven while I walked my dogs and it was done about 10 minutes after I got back. So warm and satisfying after a chilly walk. I'm finally starting to get into egg fatigue land so breakfast this morning was a banana sauteed in coconut oil with some almond butter, flax seed, and coconut flakes, beetroot juice, and my morning coffee fortified with two eggs and some collagen powder. Lunch will be meatballs with spinach and green beans in a mushroom sauce, and dinner tonight will probably be southwest style shrimp, peppers, and onions with salsa, guacamole, and sweet potato. Today will be a bit challenging at work, as we're doing a food-related program, and not all of the foods involved are compliant, but it certainly won't be impossible to stay on track.
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    How do you drink your coffee on whole30?

    I add a pinch of salt to my coffee - salt actually helps to block bitter flavors and enhances sweet flavors - that's why salted dark chocolate is so darn good, for example :). I'll also sometimes (usually on lazy Saturday or Sunday mornings when I have time) crack an egg into my blender with a tablespoon or two of coconut cream and cinnamon, blend it for a minute, then slowly add my freshly brewed coffee with the blender still on low. Sounds weird, but it's a nice added bit of protein to have, especially if I'm going to have fruit with my breakfast that morning.
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    Very upset stomach and other issues

    You could look into trying a probiotic. They tend to help me a lot.
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    Don't over think this.

    Just posting to say thank you for this original post, OP, and thank you to whoever pinned it, and thank you to all folks who have added to it since! I really needed to hear it on this, my day six of second Whole30 because I am a card carrying overthinker and I want my second whole30 to be just as good for me as the first was. I was actually feeling "bad" for having a really large salad for lunch - a coworker commented that it looked like I brought lunch for everyone and I was furiously re-reading my Whole30 rules and book and thinking, "but I'm doing the proportions they said!" This post brought me back down. Yeah, my salad looks giant compared to the ones you can get at fast food joints because it doesn't have yuck-o fillers and I need it to keep me satiated till dinner, so I don't graze like I normally do. So suck it, coworkers.
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    Can’t sleep!!

    I've been having trouble sleeping as well, but I'm no stranger to sleep issues. Plus, I was under a lot of stress just before the holidays, got super sick, relied on cough medicines to help me sleep and get better the last week of the year, really, and I know my body too is going through a bit of a withdrawal there. So I can't say if the Whole30 is affecting it or not, but I know it's tough. To make matters worse, sleepiness often makes me hungrier, making ignoring my sugar demons that much harder!
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    Approved frozen foods at Walmart

    Just curious if anyone wants to speak to how tasty the meals are? I love to cook, but am already starting to have kitchen cleaning fatigue, and something like this to help me in a pinch would be helpful if they are satisfying taste-wise. Also, that they have a BBQ flavored one is intriguing to me as BBQ sauce is my favorite ever, but I have yet to find a whole30 compliant sauce or recipe I like. Comments, anyone?
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    BookJockey's Personal Log, Stardate 0102

    Day 6, could it be? Whew! The weekend was a bit tough as my husband wanted to go out to eat on Saturday, but none of the places we had gift cards to were all that close or Whole30 friendly, and Sunday we visited my in-laws for dinner. But we compromised on staying in for dinner (meatballs and pasta for him, meatballs and zucchini, carrots, and cauliflower for me), but going out for desert/tea after (he had desert, I had tea) and my MIL was fine with my request to set a boiled potato aside for me to have before she mashed the rest to be served to everyone else on Sunday. And since I helped her make the pork, I knew it was compliant. Made hashbrowns and sauteed mushrooms and onions to go with our eggs and bacon Saturday morning for breakfast, and Sunday I made a really nice mushroom, spinach and bacon quiche. I had the leftovers again for breakfast this morning and will have more for tomorrow and Wednesday probably too. Lunch today is the last of my balsamic chicken and carrots over field greens salad, with apple and mustard vinaigrette. Dinner tonight will be a whole30 compliant shepherd's pie I made with a mix of ground beef and turkey, cauliflower and potato mash, carrots, onions, mushrooms, and green beans. TMI ahead: while my gluten rash is gone (yay!) I have noticed that I am, sort of bizarrely, not as regular as I normally am. My guess is it's because my usual breakfast before Whole30 was two eggs blended with 3tbsp of ground flax seed and 1tbsp of stevia, zapped in the microwave and eaten warm with applesauce on top, to make a sort of healthy dutch baby type thing, and obviously I've been avoiding that since stevia is not compliant and paleo "pancakes" even ones made with compliant ingredients are a no-go. I know once my body adjusts to getting most of my fiber from other, more varied sources and at a different time of day, it'll be fine, but man, I do miss being able to pretty much set my watch by this! I may try putting a tbsp of ground flax seed in my coffee tomorrow, and then try doing that every other morning or so, and see how that goes.
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    BookJockey's Personal Log, Stardate 0102

    Day three, yippee! Or at least, it would be if I'd been able to get some sleep last night. I made the mistake of having a glass of kombucha in the evening, which I brewed with black tea, so I'm pretty sure the caffeine kept me up. Won't try that again. Feeling pretty groggy and a bit achey, but I know that's normal for day 3, and is nothing some tylenol can't take care of here and there. Dinner last night was delicious, lemon garlic shrimp and zucchini with artichokes, but it clearly wasn't filling enough, as an hour later I was hungry again. I snacked on an apple with some almond butter to fill up. Going to have to be more strategic about getting my starches and more veggies and protein too obviously so I'm not relying on fruit as much to fill up. Glad at least though I had the good food on hand so I wouldn't break! Breakfast this morning was two strips of bacon in scrambled eggs over top of some roasted, cut, "home fries" style of sweet potato, plus coffee with coconut milk. It was very filling, and I might make it again, maybe with guacamole on it too. Lunch will be my creamy mushroom soup and dinner will likely be a "taco" salad of sorts with chicken, or turkey meatballs in compliant marinara sauce with cauliflower, spinach, and zucchini. Ah well, every day down in the beginning gets me another day closer to that tiger blood! Rwar!
  24. BookJockey

    The crazy things people say

    Honestly, this has been my experience as well. I have some family and friends who either know and are supportive, or likely would be if they knew, but other family who would be judgey as all get out and I don't need that. And I really don't need to fight folks at work who think it's some kind of fad thing. Dealing with sugar cravings and aches in the beginning is enough to have to worry about without dealing with judgement on top of it.
  25. BookJockey

    Calling All Creamy Vegetable Soup Recipes!

    @kirbz no problem, glad it helped! FWIW, I used beef bone broth as opposed to chicken like the recipe suggests, because that was what I had on hand, but I honestly think I'll keep making it that way, as I really liked the way it turned out. I'm thinking of maybe trying to use a bit of it as a filler for a paleo/whole30-ized version of shepherd's pie. Thank you for all the other recipes! I'm really excited to try more creamy Whole30 soups as I now feel like that's something I totally missed out on!