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    Just posting to say thank you for this original post, OP, and thank you to whoever pinned it, and thank you to all folks who have added to it since! I really needed to hear it on this, my day six of second Whole30 because I am a card carrying overthinker and I want my second whole30 to be just as good for me as the first was.
    I was actually feeling "bad" for having a really large salad for lunch - a coworker commented that it looked like I brought lunch for everyone and I was furiously re-reading my Whole30 rules and book and thinking, "but I'm doing the proportions they said!" This post brought me back down. Yeah, my salad looks giant compared to the ones you can get at fast food joints because it doesn't have yuck-o fillers and I need it to keep me satiated till dinner, so I don't graze like I normally do. So suck it, coworkers.