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    Who's starting 1/1?

    Hi, I'm Tobin. I'm a 25-year-old marketer living in Torrance, CA. I just started Whole30 on the first of the month and am excited to see how it affects my skin, mood and energy levels. Last year I started but did not finish the full thirty days. I actually received some pushback/judgment from my family when mentioning my plan to start while on vacation last year. They mostly felt that the food groups eliminated were too extreme, so I've decided to keep my plans to myself this year. So far I've bought a ton of veggies and meats and have roasted them up, but I want to make more complete meals like stir-fry or soups in the coming weeks. My main craving is likely going to be for sweets, so I'm hoping to lean on fresh fruits and spindrift to get me through. Wishing everyone on here good luck and perseverance through the month! -TK