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  1. christineUF

    Make Ahead Recipes please share here!

    I did meal prep this week with ground beef stuffed peppers, made 4 at once - you could make even more if you don't mind eating the same thing multiple days. I also meal prepped hard boil eggs and grilled chciekn for salads. Besides that I chopped up my tomatos, onions and peppers to throw in eggs/salads/other dinners throughout the week!
  2. christineUF

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Hello All! I just started today as well! I'm super excited to get my health on track, 2018 was a very unhealthy year for me. I'm very into craft beer, and I did not balance the heavy beers with healthy foods and exercise - which led to eating out CONSTANTLY and 20 pounds put on and overall feeling sluggish and down on myself. I did all my shopping and meal prep yesterday and it was a tad overwhelming - I'm going to need to get better at meal prepping. I wanted the first week to be delicious, so I went all out on my groccey store trip, but I think i went a tad overboard.