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  1. Good morning everyone, So I have done it - tomorrow is Day 30, no slip ups at all. My clothes are fitting much more comfortably, I have more energy, I am sleeping better, people at work have stopped me and asked how much weight I have lost! But more importantly - I have cervical spondylosis (arthritis in my spine - it is in my neck and have 3 herniated discs as a result) and the pain has nearly completely diminished. The last time I took any type of pain relief was Day 4! Previously - took Aleve daily, reserved prescription stuff for really bad nights, but the pain was dull, constant 24/7, neck and down my shoulder with arm tingling. Now once in a blue moon I will feel a twinge that reminds me that I have this, but it is almost non-existent! So that said, I plan on making some real life changes and the reintroduction will be important for me, so I have to pay close attention during this process. I am nervous though, as I don't want to go backwards - at all. I am typically an "all or nothing" type. I know I need to find a healthy balance, and that I can't spend my life food prepping, cooking and cleaning, lol ... but I am afraid of reintroduction. I planned on doing the slow roll, but I also feel like I need to ensure I reintroduce one step at a time, so I am not sure if that is the right choice. Any words of wisdom? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi everyone, I really would like to make the dump ranch recipe, but I can't find compliant almond milk anywhere near me! I know some recipes call for coconut milk, although the 40 aprons site mentions they don't prefer the coconut milk. Does it change the flavor at all? Any thoughts for another sub? Thanks in advance!
  3. theHRlady

    Starting Jan 6, 2019

    Hi everyone, I am also starting January 7th! I am using this weekend to do my shopping and meal prep, but I am getting nervous that I am not prepared! I have two teenagers at home (who are actually excited to do this with me!) which makes me more nervous because I want to ensure we have adequate meals planned, lunches etc. I am excited to see how I feel following this program. I could stand to lose weight, but also was diagnosed with arthritis in my spine during the summer. I am hoping to have some relief with making better food choices!