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    nutburger got a reaction from Lauraco in Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness   
    I feel like I have a lot going on in my head so I'm just going to blurt it all out - I was planning on waiting until Day 10 to do a mini recap, but since I have time now, here goes.
    I had a little anxiety last night about what happens if I don't lose weight. And I totally understand that that isn't the point of the program, and it's not why I'm doing it...but I do have 20 pounds I actively want to lose, and so my question is, if Whole30 doesn't work, then what do I turn to?  In all other ways the program seems like it is going to work for me, in helping me quit dieting, and achieve my food freedom and be able to eat food without obsessing over calorie counting or constantly fighting with cravings...but I also want to lose the weight I have and reach my goal, which I do think is a healthy and realistic number for my height and body type (I'm 5'1 and 140 pounds right now, so I don't think 120 is that unattainable). 
     I found myself calculating calories in my head over the last few days, which needs to stop. I have been calorie counting for 10 years (and I'm 26 years old) which means I basically know off hand the number of calories in any given thing at a time, which is a little horrifying. And I don't want to keep calorie counting for the next 10 years, because it takes so much joy out of eating.  It's so nice to be able to have a meal without feverishly inputting it in MFP and to be able to have a small piece of fruit at night without weighing up the pros and cons.
    Anyway, I know I shouldn't focus on the scale, so I'm also trying to go by how I feel and by how my clothes fit - today I'm wearing a skirt that definitely didn't fit last year and was part of my "skinny" wardrobe, and it did up very easily after gym this morning, so that feels good. 
    What do I like about Whole30 and my 30 days of fitness program is that it has given me a sense of control over my life again, which is nice. I've been wanting to get to my goal for such a long time, and knowing I'm actively working towards it everyday, that I'm doing nearly everything I can to succeed, is such a great feeling. Doing it in January makes me feel like I've already set up the year for success. I'm going back home in May for a friend's wedding, and I really want to be look and feel great going back, so it's important I put in the hard work these next four months. 
    Food is such a big part of my life, it's such a form of comfort and of fun, that taking it out and treating it as fuel only leaves me feeling a little lost. (and I don't mean to be dramatic, I realize it's only 30 days, but for someone who's struggled with binging and overeating their whole life, it matters). But anyway, looking forward to seeing what the second week brings. 
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    nutburger got a reaction from MamaJ in Jess' January Whole30 with Recipes (my 4th January Whole30!)   
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    nutburger reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    Food Freedom: Wednesday, January 30 
    Today was not how I would have liked to eat. I felt "snacky" some time after breakfast but didn't feel like making anything. So I had some peanut butter. Except I ended up probably eating like a half a cup of it. That was not what I would have liked to do. It was not a very conscientious decision. I just didn't want to have to prepare a meal so I figured I should eat a decent amount of it. But then I really, really loved it so I kept eating it. It didn't even feel good to eat that much. But I did it anyway. 
    And then I didn't want to prepare dinner either. And I wanted Thai food. So I ordered takeout from a local restaurant and had Thai food for dinner. I feel good about this decision, despite that I had made it a goal to go back to 100% Whole30 eating for a little while. And it has definitely not been a little while. 
    Food choices are so odd. We have so many emotions and judgements built into the choices we make about what we eat. I don't want that. I just want to be able to embrace the choices I make. I don't embrace the peanut butter decision because that was just laziness and a stupid choice. I can feel good about my Thai decision because it was also laziness but at least a smart choice. 
    Not sure where I'm going with this. Just documenting that I'm still struggling. And that it's hard to maintain a version of food freedom that I like and can feel good about. And that I still struggle to control how much I eat when it comes to off-plan foods. 
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    nutburger reacted to megbeveridge in Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness   
    You're so close to 30 days! After that you can decide to keep going or reintroduce when you're ready  
    For breakfast, I really like adding in a chicken apple sausage. It's delicious and filling!
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    nutburger reacted to Jihanna in Ji's Journey (W30 #1 - Jan 2019)   
    NSV acknowledgements
    GREATER MOOD STABILITY! This is pretty amazing. I haven't dropped into depression at all this month, even at times when things happened (death of a family friend, etc.) that might have triggered a spiral in the past. The only time I worried about mania was that first day of tiger blood, when it honestly felt like I was soaring but without 'bad' factors I've come to recognize as roadsigns marking the way toward madness. That day was still a little scary for me, but since then any tiger blood has been drastically mellowed out in a way that I see it for what it is instead of fearing it for what it resembles. Either way, this month has been awesome in terms of mood.
    MUCH BETTER SLEEP! I get to sleep faster, I sleep more soundly, and I wake up more refreshed. Granted, I'm still drinking coffee every morning... but it's without sugar or cream, and I don't intend to put either back in since I've learned that they're just not needed.
    I ENJOY FOOD MORE! Okay, this one totally took me by surprise because I already loved food. And maybe it's more accurate to say that I've got a new-found love for truly GOOD food, enough so that this experience is going to be a turning point for me. I don't want to go back to all the stuff I'd been eating before this, despite the things I chose to include in my extended reintroduction.
    I DON'T MISS BEANS! This one also took me totally by surprise. A month ago, one of my favorite lunches was a bowl of chickpeas (like, a whole can) tossed with lemon juice and spices. I'd sometimes throw them on top of an enormous salad instead, but I really could happily eat them by themselves. I also included at least one meal with beans every week, sometimes 2 or 3. Now? I don't even miss beans in dishes where I used to think they should be - like chili.
    I LOVE TO COOK! Full disclosure, I already knew that I liked cooking. The difference here is that I liked putting a bunch of stuff in a crock pot and calling it done, or doing a meal but knowing I could get from start to finish (prep and all) in an hour and a half or less. Now I love to cook, and I'm often in the kitchen well ahead of the time we're planning to eat, just to make sure things are ready to go on time... but I don't mind it, because I'm enjoying it all, and I feel great when my family likes what I've made.
    LOOSE PANTS! It's not every day, so there's definitely some bloating or other inflammation happening at times, but that's something I'll have to figure my way through over the next few months. The important part is that I have at least one pair of pants that have definitely gotten a little looser. Some days, I need a belt just to prevent them from falling off, so I'll take it as the victory it is regardless of what the scale says tomorrow morning.
    I FEEL MORE MOTIVATED! Now that I'm actually feeling better overall, it's helping me feel more motivated to get up and do things that need to get done. It's a slow process, but I'm working on it. I've always been one of those people who procrastinates, so I have to work doubly hard to force myself to do things, but it's a little easier now than it was a month ago. I also feel more motivated to actually do things I know I need to do, like finally get a real exercise routine started (even just stretching or walking in the mornings, anything to get me moving more).
    MINTS DO NOT OWN ME! My mouth gets dry easily, and drinking every time forces far more restroom trips than I'd care to count, so peppermints (or sometimes other hard candies) were a constant presence on my desk. I'd go through way too many, meaning I was getting sugar in a constant stream while drinking soda or sweet tea. It's truly scary to think of how much sugar was going in, even just from mints. That's changed, and I don't plan to go back to the old way. The new way is that I keep a cup of ice on my desk, then use ice to combat dry-mouth.
    FRIENDS! I've gained some truly amazing friends through this process. I honestly think there were times when I would've given up if I'd been in this alone, so I can't thank them enough for being there for accountability as well as support and rejoicing.

    I'll leave this at that for now, but wanted to make sure I logged some of the things that have come to mind so far that definitely won't be showing up on the scale in the morning.
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    nutburger reacted to Aliem999 in Ji's Journey (W30 #1 - Jan 2019)   
    Me too! I gave up consistent coffee about 2 years ago. Not for the Whole30. I had other reasons at the time. I was drinking about 4-6 cups a day. It was my "happy juice." I never felt buzzed or even energized after drinking coffee. I would just be "normal." I could literally drink a huge cup (think like 24 oz) of coffee and then go to bed. I did drink them black, so I did not think it was such a big deal. Boy was I wrong. I had only given up coffee once before and both time weeks of headaches and nausea ensued. 
    Cut to months later. I had a coffee while out to eat at breakfast and wow. I felt the caffeine with just one cup of coffee. I do miss the taste. I love coffee. To this day I try not to drink coffee more than 2 days in a row (even decaf), because if I do, I am "hooked" again. No it won't be weeks of headaches. Maybe just one or two days. It is crazy how we can be addicted to something and not even notice it or be addicted to something and it is just socially acceptable (kinda like sugar.) Good luck skipping coffee! Hopefully your symptoms will not be too bad!
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    nutburger reacted to Lorna from Canada in Day 28 - 2 days (+10) to go   
    I won, I won!! Well, I don't really know what I won or what it means but being a winner always puts a smile on my face  

    You folks are looking at a WINNER!!      
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    nutburger got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in SchrodingersCat doing the thing diary!   
    This happened to me around Day 3, I realized a meat stick I had, had honey in it. So frustrating but don't let it get to you! No Whole30 is perfect, and you're doing great
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    nutburger reacted to Lorna from Canada in Day 21 - 3 weeks in a first food dream   
    I was driving around doing chores yesterday and thinking "damn - I totally should have had that glass of wine!" Dreams are funny, aren't they? 
    Thanks for coming by!
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    nutburger got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in Day 21 - 3 weeks in a first food dream   
    Your dream is so funny! Congrats on making it three weeks so far and all those NSVs!!
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    nutburger reacted to Hblonde74 in Heidi's Whole 30 Log   
    Day 2
    Feeling pretty good today.  A little tired, very hungry, and some sugar cravings.  Taking things one day at a time. If I think toward the weekend or toward Super Bowl parties I freak myself out.  So trying to keep mind on present.  
    Todays food:
    Breakfast: 6:00am - two eggs over easy, one bacon, 1/2 TJs green juice, roasted sweet potatos and broccoli, lots of coffee with nutpods and collagen powder.
    Lunch: 11:00- pork cabbage soup, salad with tessemaes ranch (did not have enough protein here and was hungry within a few hours)
    snack1:  2:00- grassfed beef stick  
    snack2: 4:00- cashew butter, 1/2 apple, hardboiled egg, 2 small bacon slices (very hungry here!!)
    Dinner: 6:15- chicken breast sauteed in ghee, roasted potatoes broccoli, peppers on a bed of greens with tessemaes caesar dressing.  
    Tomorrow's goals:
    more protein at lunch to stay full only one snack between lunch and dinner. workout at Orangetheory tomorrow even though I hate the thought of going there right now.  
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    nutburger reacted to BookJockey in BookJockey's Personal Log, Stardate 0102   
    Day 21! It's been a while I know - computer wasn't working properly over the weekend! I've been feeling pretty god, trying to keep my workout regimes going after my one false start over exerting myself before. The good news was that the soreness didn't last too long, and I have the energy to do more of the workouts, so yay!
    Over the weekend I made leek fritters which are AWESOME and great topped with eggs, or just plain. I also made spinach and kale "tots" which were really fun to dunk in a lovely compliant "green goddess" salad dressing I'd found at Trader Joe's. I have more of the leftovers and am excited to pair them with other things this week.
    I also roasted up some turnips, radishes, and parsnips to have with field greens and arugula and then variable proteins this week. Today it was a leftover plain burger, but tomorrow it might be some salmon I'm thinking of baking up. Very tasty with a compliant applesauce and stone ground mustard dressing I made.
    So that was breakfast and lunch today (leek fritters with eggs and bacon, field green and root veggie salad with a burger patty). A snack was a banana with some flax seed and coconut flakes.
    Ooooh! I forgot, I also tried broiling grapefruit - so good! Oh my! I love grapefruit in general to begin with, but broiling it with a bit of salt to counteract the bitter and some coconut flakes was a heavenly treat to have with my breakfast the other day.
    For dinner I'm thinking of some mushroom soup with meatballs and spinach tots or perhaps some salsa shrimp with sweet potato and cauliflower "spanish rice". I've also discovered some of the spritzer recipes in the Whole30 cookbook - lovely! They're really nice little sort of "mocktails" to brighten up a meal with. Definitely missing sweets and SAD type stuff, but doing really well with not agonizing over it, which is my favorite Whole30 place to be in. Knowing I "can" have something, but I don't NEED it "right now" because I have all this other great stuff that is doing good things for my body, is a really helpful approach to food for me, and I really hope I can also nail my reintro (which I'm already thinking about, yes, because overthinker extraordinaire here) so that way I can maintain that frame of mind.
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    nutburger reacted to MamaJ in Jess' January Whole30 with Recipes (my 4th January Whole30!)   
    It really IS! I'm so glad you found it!
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    nutburger got a reaction from MamaJ in Jess' January Whole30 with Recipes (my 4th January Whole30!)   
    Thank you so much for posting about this Tea, I saw it at WF on sale and bought some - it's SO good.
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    nutburger reacted to NathalyAF in W30 R1: NathalyAF Accountability+Documentation   
    Hi all - I'm finally willing to concede that this is too hard to do without planning. I started Tuesday night (immediately following a doctor's appt) with the impression I could just do this with what I had at home (eggs, proteins, fruit, vegetables) and by being selective when ordering lunch.
    Unfortunately that didn't work as (not) planned. My infractions since Tuesday evening:
    -- blended banana for late night snack
    -- smoked salmon with my D1 & D3 breakfasts which I later learned has sugar in the ingredients list. 
    -- smoothie with D1 breakfast
    -- who knows what seasoning in cafeteria grilled chicken
    -- brown sauce with mixed vegetables with shrimp (I specified no soy sauce -- only salt, pepper, garlic, oil) but when it came out I didn't have the heart to return in and I was pretty darned hungry.
    -- I fulfilled my late-night TV cravings last night with almonds and a Larabar (all technically compliant but not in the right spirit especially since it was feeding my no-holds late-night snacking dragon)
    I need to do this right. 
    Unfortunately, that means I have to start over. 
    I've been up since 7am (it's 840am) so I'm definitely hungry and gotta get eating. Eggs, veggies & fruit -- here I come!
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    nutburger got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in SchrodingersCat doing the thing diary!   
    This happened to me around Day 3, I realized a meat stick I had, had honey in it. So frustrating but don't let it get to you! No Whole30 is perfect, and you're doing great
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    nutburger reacted to Jihanna in Ji's Journey (W30 #1 - Jan 2019)   
    @nutburger As of right now, I'm trying to decide on a general outline for approaching it on a slightly longer time-frame than the usual 10 days, so I can reintroduce several things completely on their own instead of as parts of an overall group (that way if I can tolerate those things well enough, I can use them occasionally without worry even if the group as a whole doesn't do well for me). Post-reintro, I'll likely transition into Paleo or something that looks a lot like it. I've also decided that my daughters need this, so I'm going to be spending some time figuring out how to make Whole30 work for my youngest (big issues with food texture, so she's very picky!) and then try to tackle a solid month of it with them this summer (when they're not in school and able to eat off-plan while I'm not there, lol).
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    nutburger reacted to megbeveridge in Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness   
    I don't have the tiger blood either yet  I'm hoping it will kick in soon because this girl is very tired! Congrats to you too on getting past the hardest days! 
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    nutburger got a reaction from Aliem999 in Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness
    This is the recipe I use @Aliem999  it reheats well too, if you have any left (we usually don't).
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    nutburger got a reaction from megbeveridge in Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness   
    Thank you for such kind words @megbeveridge! It's nice to know that someone else can identify with how I feel. Best of luck on your journey :).
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    nutburger reacted to megbeveridge in Megan's First Whole30!   
    Hi! I'm Megan and I started my first round of Whole30 on January 1st (new year new me??). I didn't know about this whole forum thing so I'm starting my log on day 11. For some background: 
    I am 25 years old and a little overweight My mother raised me as a huge environmentalist I was a vegetarian for about 4 or 5 years prior to starting W30 My relationship with sugar is horribly unhealthy I have depression and anxiety among other things that have made healthy living really difficult I feel like I've been tired my entire life For fun and exercise I belong to a rock climbing gym When I first heard about this program my response was Absolutely Not. When my partner suggested we try it for January as a reset after the holidays, my response was Heck No, Friend. When I found out it was impossible to do on a vegetarian diet my response was Are You Trying To Kill My Soul? BUT, as I continued to read about it and look into it, I started to come around and by the last week of December I was SO READY. Now I'm in my second week and I still get the vegetarian guilt, but at least my stomach doesn't implode whenever I have chicken! Baby steps, right?
    My goals for Whole30 round 1 are to kick my sugar dragon where it hurts, gain energy, start living a healthier lifestyle, and improving my overall mood. So far I've noticed that climbing is easier, sugar has less power over me, and I enjoy "voting with my dollars" for animal proteins from humane and responsible sources. Who knew a diet program could turn an avid vegetarian into an ethical omnivore?
    This log is going to include meals, any particularly enjoyable recipes I come across, and a record of my mood and physical symptoms.
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    nutburger reacted to megbeveridge in Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness   
    This really hit home with me. I'm 5'2" and fluctuate daily between 138 and 142. At the beginning of last year I was about 13 pounds more. I'm here for similar reasons, I want to achieve food freedom and stop worrying about calories! My goal is 125 since I will always have muscular thighs and wider hips.
    I also have a tendency to overeat when emotional or when I'm alone or when I have a trigger food and just can't stop... Food has always been a big part of my life, but I was thinking about it the wrong way. Not every celebration requires food, I can treat myself to a hot bath or give myself some down time. Just because I think I'm hungry every two hours doesn't mean I actually am. I'm finding new ways to find comfort and fun, but I'm also getting some of that by spending more time with food. I don't usually cook more than one meal a day, and that's usually with short cuts. I used to eat a quick breakfast at my desk every morning, now I get up and cook a full meal to start my day and it feels great! I'm finding recipes that incorporate some of my favorite foods so I'm excited to eat, not grudgingly downing some soggy veggies.  
    Like you said, I feel like it's given me control over my life. For a long time I felt trapped in a body I wasn't sure I could change. Now I know that I can do things to make it better. If I treat my body well, it'll treat me well and the same with you! I know you'll get to your goal and have a great time at the wedding! Thank you for writing so thoughtfully. It helps to know others are going through similar things.
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    nutburger reacted to Jess76 in My Whole30 log day 10 - omg cravings!!   
    I am at the end of day 10. So far I have done a great job planning, am really enjoying cooking, and even have my husband going along with the food I’m making. But man, today was a little rough. I wanted all the carbs - not the good ones, as I’m eating plenty of fruits and veggies, but bread and butter. And pizza. And also some of the candy on my admins desk. And cheese. I’m sure being pregnant is not helping with the cravings! I stayed strong though, made myself some herbal tea, and got through it. I have really good reasons for doing this program and it’s not worth it to me to screw it up now. I’m a third of the way through! I really want to see what foods cause my joint pain and inflammation. And i know that a piece of pizza wouldn’t really be as satisfying as seeing this through. Just gotta stay strong! 
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    nutburger reacted to Aliem999 in Allison's Whole 30 Log   
    Thanks! I actually read yours as well. I actually have an Equinox pass as well (but I am in Orange County, California). It has been so hard to use it this last year after having my daughter. I really want to get back in at least a day or two a week. Especially since I can walk to the gym from work, if we work in the office over the weekend, and it's only two blocks away during the week when I am at my client! I really have no excuse! I really miss the classes. It's cool that I am only a few days behind you!
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    nutburger got a reaction from NYCBlond in Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness   
    Day 6:
    Meal 1: Italian sausage fried up with peppers and onions, and eggs
    Meal 2: Pear, meat stick, cashews
    Meal 3: Pork chops with applesauce, Brussel sprouts, and sweet potato
    I'm having trouble fitting Meal 2 in after such big breakfasts. I felt good today. I'm definitely not as regular as I thought I was going to be, and I do feel quite bloated.  Had a bad body image day and felt heavier than I have in a while.
    Exercise: 45 mins of 'Whipped' (interval training) at Equinox