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    I have been very good about eating completely compliant outside of the thing I am reintroducing. I agree that has made the process a lot easier. I am through both legumes/soy and gluten-free grains.
    Oddly enough, my "sugar dragon" has not come back. I mean, I did feel some cravings walking through the grocery store after the first reintroduction, though circumstances put me at the grocery store hungry so I literally wanted everything, not just the sweets/carbs/processed stuff. I re-introduced soy and legumes, and think the soy messed me up. I am going to add a couple of days at the end of reintro and try them separately to see. After non-gluten grains, I seem to be mostly okay. No slips in energy, though my sleep has been terrible; cannot fall asleep and do not get much deep sleep. I wonder if this is normal for those, or if it has to do with stress at work. Anyone have an idea?
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    HawkeyeE got a reaction from GraceMelodie in "Who's starting 1/1?" Reintro Group   
    @GraceMelodie That actually sounds like a cool idea. Using the weekdays to generally eat Whole30, and then use weekends for worth-it indulgences (if they are worth it). I like it, and might run with it!