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  1. Hey folks, this is my second time starting the whole30 and I’m on day 3 now - but yesterday and today I’ve been feeling lightheaded on and off. Last time we completed the whole30 I didn’t have this problem. I assume it’s because of a dietary reason so I thought I would hop on here and ask the experts. I should note I’m an anxious person who manifests in physical symptoms so I’m also not sure if I was feeling slightly lightheaded and now my anxiety is just taking over. Otherwise im a 32 yo male, 230 lbs,in good health other than I could drop some weight. Here’s my first three days of food: Day 1 Breakfast Smoked salmon - 4 slices potato/sweet potato/zucchini egg latkas (x2) lunch Fresh salad with chicken banana clementine dinner French onion soup no bread or cheese pineapple slices apple with almond butter terra sweet potato chips (20 chips) day 2 breakfast latkas again (x2) grapes pineapple Avocado lunch Beef and butternut squash tangine (3 cups) Banana clementine 2 dates dinner Cod red curry with veggies and cauliflower rice (2.5 cups-ish) dried apricots (x6) Kosher pickle (x2) small amount of beef and butternut tangine (1/2 cup) Snack 4 slices prociutto day 3 breakfast Egg frittata with spinach, lamb sausage, mushroom and sweet potato (x2 slices of an 8 slice frittata) Banana plantain chips lunch Cod curry with cauliflower rice (2 cups worth) apple Plantain chips dinner Not decided yet - probably a sheet pan dinner of chicken veggies and potatos Thanks for any help or advice!