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  1. mistysickmeier

    The BEST non scale victory ever...

    I'm finally pregnant!!! Before going into this I had completely given up trying. While only actively trying to conceive for about 8 months, I had really become discouraged. I wanted a change in my life as far as weight and food management goes, so I gave this a try. I ended my Whole30 on Tuesday February 5th. I dropped 15lbs, felt better, had more energy, was healthier, and two days later also got a positive pregnancy test!!! They said the Whole30 would change my life and it did in the best way imaginable. I 100% believe that what this whole eating did for me was make my body a better place for a baby to grow. Thank you Whole30!!!!
  2. mistysickmeier

    1st timer, starting Jan 7th!

    We are getting SO close!!!! I am pumped to be near the end. Who else has been stressing out about the reintroduction period?? Hang in there!!!
  3. mistysickmeier

    Did you start over??

    Thank you for this post! It's nice to hear what others have done and why. I think I would have cried over that. I am always so afraid Starbucks is going to mess up. I watch them like a hawk!
  4. mistysickmeier

    Did you start over??

    Haha!! That's what I told her I probably would've done, but she stayed strong and kept going! Besides the refried beans she ate, she's been 100% compliant, but she knows she has to start over. Honestly, I'm not sure I would've started over if it had happened to me. I am now on day 25..wooo!!!...so while I am reintroducing foods back in, she will still be in the game. She's still pretty bummed.
  5. mistysickmeier

    Did you start over??

    How many of you have come across an issue where you realized that you had something that wasn’t compliant, but did not start over? While it hasn’t happened to me, the person I was doing this with had this happen and is now 10 days behind me. She started over. I was curious to see how many of you have ever come across this and did not actually start over. Especially if it was accidental. We were 12 days in when this happened. She is really struggling with the disappointment and I’m worried she’ll quit. :(
  6. Ugh!! I'm at the end of day 20 and I feel so bored of what I've been eating and so ready to quit. Is this normal around this time? Like, I just want a cheeseburger with a bun. Mac N Cheese sounds good. This morning I was missing my normal coffee creamer super bad. I've been totally compliant and I've eaten about 700 eggs. Not really, but it feels that way. And I'd LOVE to know for sure if I have made any progress. I feel like that would help me right now. Anyone else feel like this??
  7. mistysickmeier

    I'm halfway through!!

    This was an experience that I thought would be harder than it is. I am halfway through today and I will have to say that I am feeling pretty great. I know I've lost some weight, I'm sleeping better, I have more energy, and I'm way less moody! I will say though that I do miss some things that I was eating before. Last night I really just wanted a cheeseburger. Instead I had a hamburger patty with a fried egg on top and some kale chips. I like how these meals do not leave me feeling like complete crap after. Anybody else on the same day as I am?
  8. mistysickmeier


    This was good to read. I was thinking all day today that I was hoping I wasn't overeating. I don't feel incredibly full after I eat, but it also keeps me from being hungry in between meals. I haven't snacked at all! (It's only day two, so I'm not truly patting myself on the back just yet.) Thank you for this input though!!
  9. mistysickmeier

    Just started! Excited and scared..

    Wow!! I am mainly on this journey to kick my sugar addiction. I LOVE candy. Like, REALLY LOVE candy. I am sure that by day 4 or 5 I am going to be wanting it so much. I am hoping that this changes my desire to eat so much of it. This is inspiration!
  10. mistysickmeier

    1st timer, starting Jan 7th!

    Hi, Sarah! Day one was great! Today was day one for you, how'd it go??
  11. mistysickmeier

    1st timer, starting Jan 7th!

    Hey, all!! I was just curious to see how everyone's week has been going so far. We CAN do this!! Day two for me is in the books.
  12. mistysickmeier

    Starting today Jan 8th

    Hey, Monica! How has day one been for you so far?? I am on day 2 and I am currently doing ok with it all. I am waiting for my body to really realize that it isn't getting as much sugar as I normally have. I am such a sugar addict. That's my main goal from this program is to detox my body from sugar and not crave it as much. Welcome to Whole30!!
  13. mistysickmeier

    Flavored Coffee Question

    Ok, now I know there have been posts about this before, but none with what seemed to be what I was about to purchase. I’ve added photos. Is this Whole30 complaint?? It says no artificial flavors. Only natural. This is my first time doing Whole 30 and it’s day one. I tried black coffee and I couldn’t do it. Help! I really don’t want to screw this up already!!
  14. mistysickmeier

    Starting Jan 7

    Hi! I am also starting on Jan. 7th. I really have no advice quite yet to give except that the Whole 30 book and Day by Day Companion has really helped me get started, so if you don't have them already, I'd invest in them! Good luck!!
  15. mistysickmeier

    1st timer, starting Jan 7th!

    I'm so happy to see all of you here! My name is Misty and I am also starting this journey January 7th. TOMORROW!!! I am excited, but nervous. I currently have the support of my co-worker/friend who actually introduced this program to me. We CAN do this!!