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  1. Acer

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    It was a great 30 days! We started reintro last night with a little red wine. It was well earned We plan to finish the reintro (in the order recommended) and then go from there. Also I just have to share! We weighed ourselves this morning - I lost 5 lbs and my husband lost 10! Both our BMIs and Fat % are down too (this is as the scale tells us, so the trend is more important than the number). We both finally feel good enough to start really working out again. We are very happy with our Whole30 and look forward to taking everything we learned and will learn about ourselves forward in our lives. Congrats to all!
  2. Acer

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    DH and I were just discussing how we would most likely keep going with the program like 80% of the time. It just makes sense for us to continue to keep us on track during the work week. On weekends, (after reintro) and on travel, we can relax a little, and moderately enjoy dairy, alcohol, etc. Once we start working out again, we can really shed some extra weight - which we need to do! But overall we are really having fun! Food is great, we are getting creative, and enjoying ourselves. Speaking of reintro - are most people planning to slow roll? We are starting on the first with red wine
  3. Acer

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Can't believe there are only 11 days left! We are having a great time. This weekend we enjoyed tuna poke, hot wings with veggies, and portobello burger stacks. Yum! Pics below
  4. Acer

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Day 13 here! My husband and I are doing great. He's had a harder time since he's had to travel, but overall we haven't had too many problems. He feels great - I am feeling good too, but am tired a lot. I'm sleeping great - but find it hard to get out of bed. I think my SAD might be rearing its head. I'm trying to get back on my supplements and have been using my UV light. Hopefully I perk up soon. Overall though, I think it helps we were already big on weekend meal prep, and we were eating a lot like Whole30 - just with alcohol and bread. I love the challenge of seeking out new recipes and trying new things. If anyone needs any help in this arena I am happy to answer questions! I can't believe we are all almost half way there! We are doing this!
  5. Hi! My husband and I are doing are first Whole 30! We are on Day 4 and feeling great. Hubs just found out he has to travel on Tuesday - taking a 5 am train, and probably returning around dinner time. I bought a cooler pack for him to bring his breakfast and lunch, but he's worried with such a long time between the two meals he needs something for in-between to avoid an emergency trip to a vending machine (he'll be in a secure building and can't just leave to search something out). Would him having a compliant RX or Kind bar be OK if he needs something to eat in between meals as long as we don't make a habit of it? Thanks so much!