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  1. Mmurray19

    Flavored Coffee Question

    To piggy back off of this mocha question... I was given a package of vital proteins collagen creamer in the Mocha flavored. I’ve been hesitant to use it. The website says Whole30 approved but the nutritional facts show 1g of sugar. Is this a compliant product to use?
  2. Mmurray19

    Fats in meal planning

    So one issue I am going to have with waiting 4-5 hours between meals.... I am a teacher. So, I have breakfast around 7-7:30 before I head to school and then my lunch time is at 10:30. I won't eat again until dinner around 6. I know snacking isn't part of whole30, I will say snacking is one of my issues. Could I add a handful of nuts later in the day to hold me over from lunch to dinner? As long as it is a small Whole30 compliant snack?
  3. Mmurray19

    Fats in meal planning

    Hey there! My fiance and I are starting Whole30 to kick off a healthier year as we prepare for our wedding in June. The only part of meal planning that is confusing to us... FATS! I have put off posting a question as I scanned the forum but I have not found the answers to our specific questions. I have a couple questions on how to incorporate these into our meals in the right way especially with a picky eater (me). We realize using them to cook is a way to incorporate them but is that enough if it stays in the pan?! HELP! 1) Using Coconut milk in our coffee- would that count as a fat with breakfast? 2) If we made and are using the Whole30 Ranch Dressing from the book on our salad or drizzled over our roasted veggies... would that count as the fat for that meal? 3) Would eating a hand full of nuts count if it is not incorporated in the recipe. OR eating spoonful of nut butter... even if it is not cooked into the recipe? Thanks in advance! Sorry for the first-timer questions!