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  1. 1of3isme

    High Oleic Oil

    Perfect. Thank you so much! Making sense of all if it helps me stay on track. Day 20! 10 more to go #winning
  2. 1of3isme

    High Oleic Oil

    Actually, in ISWF I was referring to high oleic (and not sunflower oil) they mentioned specifically to not be good. Not arguing, just curious. I didn’t feel as though the link specifically addressed that, but did address why the dressing was changed.
  3. 1of3isme

    High Oleic Oil

    Question about high oleic oil. In It Starts with Food this oil is a No, but recently I purchased this dressing with the whole 30 stamp on it, but it contains this oil?
  4. Ok, I know... what a topic! But kind of struggling here, no pun intended. Im wondering about fruit, which in the past has seemed to keep me "regular". Is one piece of fruit a day too much? A little fruit with each meal? Ok? On the whole 30 I am questioning what is considered too much versus risking not enough. The book suggests occasionally adding a "serving of Fruit". Does this mean to each meal or each day.. or not every day? I feel like I need more to keep things moving... Has anyone else experienced this problem with so many vegetables and less fruit?
  5. 1of3isme

    Flavored olive oils

    I’m also curious as to extra virgin olive oils such as this. I haven’t found an ingredient list on their websites...
  6. 1of3isme


    I know that vinegar is allowed, but I wondered about these?