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    Day 7 has gone well so far.  It was my first day back to work so I made sure to eat a full breakfast (eggs, coffee, fruit & veggies) and pack a good lunch (ground beef, sweet potato, & a carrot).  I didn't eat the catered breakfast and lunch that we always have on the first day back after winter break but I enjoyed not having to stand in line with 100 other employees waiting to get food.  I am looking forward to dinner tonight: roasted chicken, onions & butternut squash.  Yum!!  I had a lot of energy today and am feeling much better than I did over the weekend.  On Day 5 I had tummy trouble and slept 10 hours.  Cheers to finishing up our first week!!
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    I'm so excited to start 2019 with the Whole 30!  I went grocery shopping today, and so far I've made a big batch of Thai ginger carrot soup (I'll freeze a bunch of it).  More food prep will be underway over the next two days.
    I love having accountability partners.  Please introduce yourself, and let's check in on each other throughout this journey!
    I'm Christy.  I turn 50 this year , so it's especially important to me to get back to eating healthy and working out on a regular basis!  I have two daughters (22 & 19), am married, work full time and have a fun-loving pup at home.