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  1. Thank you ladies! I have been eating more (fruit, veggies, meat & avocados)for lunch & dinner & so far no hunger between meals!!!
  2. Lately this is a typical day, i havent been much of a breakfast eater so I usually eat a couple hard boiled eggs & maybe an apple, lunch is a couple palm sized proteins & a cup of veggies, dinner is either the same as lunch or a Chipolte Whole30 salad. I found a while30 eggplant goulash recipe which is pretty good but a serving is only a cup.
  3. I am on day 7, i had a high sugar high processed food diet before i began, i ate 2-3 meals a day with candy/junk food in between sometimes. Occasionally i have had borderline high cholesterol usually when i eat a lot of junk food & fried foods. Now to my questions, i get hungry or what feels like hunger a couple hours after a meal of some sort of meat & vegtables. I have been eating a piece of fruit or an egg between meals but just read snacking isn’t recommended & that eating more fat is. I have been using an app to track nutrients & fat is usually a lot. As far as i know (other than in meat which i eat a lot of turkey, chicken occasionally beef) the fats i eat are from eggs, avocados. How/what do i eat at a meal to last til the next meal & does too much good fat raise your cholesterol?