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  1. So good - I am always sauteing mushrooms, onions and whatever sturdy green I have in my fridge - usually kale, chard, bok choy or broccoli. Surprisingly delicious side for almost any meal!
  2. reading this while shoving a tablespoon of almond better into my mouth
  3. Self compassion is so critical! After years of living with a nasty inner critic (I call them my Itty Bitty Shitty Committee), I've had to work hard to develop self kindness. Dr. Kristin Neff's work is a great resource for anyone needed a boost in this area. I usually end the day by reading the notes for the next day in my W30 Day by Day but had missed reading Day 21 so I caught up last night. Boy - Melissa hit it on the head! While day 20 tends to be a big high, W30ers often report day 21 being a big downer thanks to boredom and repetition and all the things I was feeling and reported on
  4. Does it count that one of my baggy sweatshirts is slightly more baggy? LOL We decided to give its contents to our building's concierge team. We opened it to make sure there wasn't personal info inside and, just like you said Sugar ... ... but it actually made them easier to resist. There was so much competing, unnatural scent that I turned my nose up and walked away. So, crisis averted. I didn't even sneak out the gorgeous little packet of glossy licorice allsorts for a post W30 'treat' - that's a major win - I adore LAs above all other candy! At this point in every W30 I'
  5. Me tooo - I'm really, really wanting candy which is the LAST thing I need. It doesn't help that there is a big delivery box filled with candy sitting on my kitchen counter. We didn't open it - it's a Christmas gift from one of Hubs's vendors and it's taken its sweet time (oh, forgive that terrible pun!) getting here from the exquisite candy store from which it was ordered. Both of us know that opening the box would be very, very dangerous. So, there it sits. sigh* Initially doing this 4th W30 felt like a great structure to get though a crappy, covid impacted winter and, it really has bee
  6. This is so true! It has taken 3 W30s for me to figure out my challenges - small amount of dairy =- no problem but too much dairy = GI distress small amount of gluten = no problem but sugar + gluten = GI distress small amount of sugar = no problem but sugar + dairy = GI distress Only legumes revealed themselves as problematic on first reintro.
  7. DAY 20 - Woot!! Home stretch indeed! @becs Wow! Super job managing the cabin! That's awesome. I'm feeling great! This is always the best thing for me - again - why do we go back to terrible habits that don't serve us? Off on a busy day - stay the course... we've got this.
  8. The key word here for me would be 'ideally'. I would ask myself 'what do I want to learn from reintro?' - if you are truly committed to never eating any dairy besides coffee cream and don't actually care whether you're sensitive to dairy or not, then, reintroduce your coffee cream and carry on. I think most of us are curious to find out where the problem children are (especially after a first W30) so, going the ideal route might make more sense for you. I'm not doing a reintroduction after this 4th W30 because I already know my hotspots very, very well (even if I don't always use that inf
  9. LOL! Hubs and I have just been talking about this. We're half way through W30 #4 and almost everyday we say things like "why don't we just eat this way all the time?" because we always feel SO good when we do. We have learned from previous re-intros what we're obviously sensitive to and have eliminated legumes and tightly limited dairy in our non-W30 days. But sugar is the creeper as everyone here already knows and, like you say Rebecca, grains rev up the sugar dragon something ferocious. So, after January 30 we're going to carry on with W30 principles and reintroduce wine and beer in mo
  10. End of Day 16 - feeling divine! Okay - little non-Whole30 PSA - remember to back up anything not in your cloud Fatal hard drive crashes are no fun. New computer already ordered but, in the meantime I'm using this old one which is clunky. sigh Sounds like everyone is doing GREAT with the program even with the ups and downs these middle days bring Hubs and I are already starting to talk about the 30(+) days after W30. We're not going to do reintro as we already know what we can't tolerate - legumes for me, gluten for him and dairy is a problem for both of us. I'm going to carry o
  11. Voltaren doesn't work for everyone - I'm one of the lucky ones too. It's amazing - I'm glad you discovered it and it's helping!
  12. So - this ol' housecat has experienced these NSVs at the 1/2 way mark: reduced anxiety +++ I was struggling so much with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety in December - it cleared out almost immediately. I think it's the sugar coping with my Seasonal Affective Disorder much better. Usually by January I am heading to a "can't get out of bed" depression. For the past 5 years, I have wintered in Australia and, even knowing that I was leaving in 2 weeks didn't stop the depression from coming on. This year, I can't go to Australia because, well, you know, covid, and I am steady as a ro
  13. We'll be retiring there in a couple of years - Hubs is a Newfoundlander and has done his time (40 years) for me in Ontario In the meantime we'll use it as a cottage. Anne of Green Gables - what a WONDERFUL book and childhood memory. You can see from the photos that we have the red beach! Definitely - plus we've just been herded into an even deeper lockdown here - it's all very depressing without wine and friends and good cheer. and... That's IMPRESSIVE. I've decided to go 6 months sugar free to see if it really does help with my anxiety the way I think it will an
  14. DAY 14! A BUSY work day for me - back to back clients from 11 AM through to 8PM - why do I do this to myself??? No clients tomorrow though so I am going to spend the day planning my furnishings for my NEW BEACH HOUSE!! WE GOT IT! We survived 2 bidding wars each with 3 offers - what a thing to endure! If you are super nosy like me or just into real estate (also me), here's the agent's youtube video - won't be up long now since it is SOLD!! TO US!!! YEAH!!! Sad thing was we couldn't even celebrate with champagne - not gonna lie - tea doesn't quite cut it as a celebratory beverage!
  15. Good afternoon! These sound like Larabars to me so, they would be allowed. We don't have many W30 products in Canada either so I rely heavily on igredient checking. I've atually been known to eat a few chips on W30 which isn't allowed either but, when you're travelling and can't find a single compliant thing to eat in an airport, a bag of plain potato chips is the best. I think W30s perspective on chips and even Larabars etc is what is your intention behind snacking on these things? Are we replacing a daily chocolate bar habit with Larabars? And, if you're accustomeed to eating chips everyday
  16. Such a good list! I can check off so many of those.
  17. Good luck with this Becs!. We have an Airstream parked in a winter campground and I associate our weekends with Friday night wine and cheese so I totally hear you on this one. We make do with tea - lots of pots of tea.
  18. As requested - Buffalo wing cauli is super easy (I know this for a fact because Hubs makes it and he is no cook) Cauliflower florets - I like them smallish - 2-3 cm/1 in in diameter approximately. Drench thoroughly in beaten egg (nothing added) Drench again in almond flour seasoned to taste with garlic, onion and chili powder. We have tried other gluten-free flour blends but almond flour is hands down the best for this Spritz with avocado oil and get them into an air fryer. Depends on the AF but ours takes about 15-20 minutes at 400F Dipping sauce: Homemade mayo l
  19. I actually have done okay during my first weeks on the 4 W30s I've experienced so far. My anxiety settles out within 3 days which I attribute to the sugar (and wine, which is essentilly a sugar too) and I don't have any KATT reactions. But, I suspect diet is really entwined with our brain function so I wouldn't be surprised if you are experiencing emotional lability the first week. As I approach the middle mark here, my big question is what am I going to do to keep this momentum on day 31?
  20. Oh boy @Coleen79 - what an absolute bummer! I've been there - I assumed all baba ganoush was made with just compliant ingredients and was on my 2nd tub of a particularly delicious brand ( ) when I discovered sour cream in the ingredients. GAAAAH! I think you can find the official stance here: https://whole30.com/start-over/ For me, it comes down to what your goals for the program are. With the great cream incidence (day 9), my goal for the program was to be hyper-compliant and do a proper W30 reset so, it got turned into a W39 and I felt great. Today, if I were to discover sul
  21. @jlmoia Sounds like you're doing FANTASTIC! Way to go! I didn't have any KATT or EATT or symptoms either for any of my W30s. I also didn't get the much sought after Tiger Blood either - more like old housecat blood Keep up the great work!
  22. As a side note, I think ghee is one of my best discoveries to come out of the W30 program outside of health. It is so much better for frying everything that you would use butter for! When we're not doing a W30, I it is the BEST for making popcorn, fish and pancakes - so delish
  23. Hubs likes to point out that, with no wine or beer in the fridge, at least there's lots of room for all the veggies! Dinner tonight is salmon and we had kippered herring as our protein for lunch so I guess this is fish day. We're both working big days with back to back meetings so we're not very active today. These are good days for fish because it doesn't fill me up and hold me either. Veggie things I LOVE about doing a W30: endless oven fries of both kinds of potatoes - so good. fried onions. Oh how I love fried onions! And they are a veg! buffalo 'wing' cauliflo
  24. OMG - ALL of THIS to the MAX! The strict observance and judgement of everything that goes into or near our mouths. During this 4th W30, I notice I trust it more which may be why I am feeling more full? I don't have to overeat because I know that more goodness will come my way when I need it? But I have many decades of disordered eating that get in the way and are hard to undo - indeed, I hold the weightloss industry responsible - there has never been balance for me until Melissa came along and said - hmmm, what if we just ate food? The successful purchasers have backed out so we're bac