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  1. GRADUATES! Hello - I've been MIA - just coasting along on a W30 based diet and staying safe in covidice. Thanks for the shout out Darcy @SugarcubeOD - I just haven't had much to share. It is a perpetual Groundhog's Day in my neck of the woods. Hubs and I have decided to live grain free (with the exception of his 3 times a week beer) so that's been an adventure figuring that out. Eating oatmeal and feeling completely in pain the next day makes it not worth it for me. I can tolerate white rice but the rest are off limits. I've also decided to stop drinking unless it's really, REALLY worth it. I
  2. @RonRaz Everyone is unique but, after 4 months of essentially W30 eating everyday (includes high quality meat (chicken, beef, pork, lamb, duck) on the regular plus a daily consumption of 3 -4 eggs), my LDL level dropped significantly and my HDH rose somewhat. First time my cholestrol has been in a healthy range for a couple of years. My BP has also dropped despite a significant decrease in exercise due to foot injury and, you know, covid. I'm convinced that we've long been fed a load of crap (no pun intended) around what constitutes healthy diet/lifestyle and believe 100% that the W30 appro
  3. Wow @H Dodge, what an experience! Agree that this W30 thing is a powerful tool - a "science project of one" as they say. So good to know that wheat is a problem for you - makes it rather elementary, doesn't it? No more wheat for you my friend! I always thought oatmeal was a harmless, nay truly helpful, grain. On this reset, I have introduced it properly and immediately suffered from SI joint pain that ran all the way down my calf. A return to W30 and another oatmeal tst revealed the same experience! While wheat is quite innocuous, oatmeal is on the BANNED FOREVER list. I very much enjoy livin
  4. @Elle0305 That's SO irritating! Really makes you mad when that happens. What have you decided to do? In case you missed it - here is a link to the "Do I Have to Start Over?" article - very helpful to me when a I experienced a similar challenge. Good luck!
  5. There is less oil in that bacon than there are spices - I'd be going for it! Sugarfree, sulfite free bacon is hard to find and bacon is a lovely rare treat. I'd be buying that without a qualm!
  6. @MadyVanilla Remember we were talking about Voltaren? I feel like I need to do a PSA here. I have been very ill for 2 weeks with repeated bouts of gastritis (nausea, vomitting and diarrhea) as well as stomach pain and a heavy feeling in my chest. I have been in strict isolation for months and it wasn't covid but my MD and I couldn't figure out what was going on - especially since she didn't want to examine me or send me for tests unnecessarily. I have pretty bad IBS but usually feel great on W30 so I was really, REALLY getting frustrated. Turns out it was a drug reaction to Voltaren. I c
  7. Hey @ched235! Glad you're plugging through this challenge and trying to figure it out. I have IBS and can't eat a lot of veggies either. After 4 W30s, I still can't eat to template because I can't fill up on veg and need something in my gut to settle it many times a day. I hate feeling hungry (I have food scarcity issues stemming from my childhood) and my IBS needs a steady flow of food. So, I follow all of the rules except the template - that makes my W30s imperfect which is exactly okay. There's not such thing as a perfect W30 anyway. I eat a lot of white and sweet potatoes for the sa
  8. Ugh - I would hate that too @draginfly! I hope this has passed for you and you're feeling back on track. I have always experienced a crap few days in the middle of my W30s (I've done 4) and then I spring back from that. Here's hoping that you've returned to the land of NSVs and great spirits!
  9. Yes - but, trust me on this one, he isn't the only one who suffers through his gastric distress if you catch my drift (no pun intended!) Now you're making me think I should have brought the cheese to my sister! Brilliant in retrospect as usual. I could offer it to my daughter but she's eating more vegetarian these days in protest over factory farming so, I don't know if artisanal cheese made from happy cows would make her list or not. I only know 3 of my neighbours - none of them are home during this pandemic! They returned to their home countries around the same time I was returning to m
  10. Well - dinner at my sister's is in the bag and I did okay! I chose not to drink - knowing I would be eating sugar, dairy and gluten for the first time since Dec 31 was enough. Didn't need to throw alcohol into the mix. I did very well - ate the compliant ingredient appetizers that I provided then filled my plate with roasted root veg and potato. The protein was a gluggy bread based stuffed pork chop of which I ate half. The kicker was dessert - she made my favourite raspberry pie and I had a very large slice. It was totally, TOTALLY worth it. I eschewed the ice cream (that was difficult to do
  11. LOL - I read this and go "there's stuffing? How did I miss that???" Yes, that stuffing does sound delicious!
  12. I turn my back for 20 hours and come back to find SO MUCH GREAT STUFF here! I love this little group! Lots of good thinking here around saying "no" and being "that person". I appreciate the sharing of perspectives as it help me work through my own issues with standing firm on my own ground around this issue. I defintitely have some people pleasing tendancies that are rididculous when I examine them closely. Like @SugarcubeOD said - it's me who suffers from my inability to say no. I'm the one who's going to suffer the gastric pain and inflammation so why on earth do I say yes? I only
  13. That's an interesting question! I would be inclined to have it regardless of the official answer We await word from the officials!
  14. Such good insight! I know this to be very difficult work but it is worth it if you can figure it out. I have good understanding as to why I have a lot of automatic behaviours (I've had some excellent therapists!) - not all of those behaviours are food related but many are and many are interconnected with food. What I've learned to tolerate is that I can't always change those automatic reactions that drive behaviour - some of them were developed in my precognitive state and I can't go back far enough to access the information I need to change the speed of many reactions - they're just going to
  15. I agree with every word. The need to explore our emotional connection to food and the patterns of automatic behaviour that are associated with those foods is paramount and very difficult. I think the W30 FWNB idea is related specifically to the out of control eating that supernormally stimulating processed Frankenfoods are designed to trap us into doing. Those food are designed to bypass feelings of satiation which is the mechanism that tells us we've had enough. For me, a chocolate bar couldn't replace dates/nuts/coconut because I will always want more chocolate after one bar and, if t
  16. Well - I fell out of W30 yesterday thanks to a rather violent gastritis that started on Sunday. I was starting to come around yesterday but felt completely depleted and still unable to tolerate solid foods so a few bottles of Gatorade were in order. I realize that sugar in medicine is okay and that Gatorade was a quick hit of the electrolytes I needed so, I could carry on with W30 but I was planning to been done on Friday so a few more days wouldn't make or break me. Today the only thing I wanted to eat was oatmeal (I already know I tolerate it from previous W30s - gluten free grains are okay
  17. Hey @chichi This has been an eye opening diagnosis for me. I spoke to my MD about it and she agrees that this is likely what is happening although, as you noted, the test is both expensive and invasive so I am not having a formal diagnosis. I have all the common adult symptoms: difficulty swallowing, food getting stuck in the esophagus after swallowing, chest pain that is often centrally located and does not respond to antacids (I hadn't associated this with the other symptoms until I read this), and backflow of undigested food. I have been taking losec for many years and it does hel
  18. Oh boy - I'm here with this wine discussion. On one hand, I already know what wine does to me thanks to previous reintroductions. I wake up at 3AM with anxiety that keeps me awake for 90 minutes then feel like crap the next day. I know the science behind it (Gaba production and glutamate suppression and rebound - it's fascinating if you're interested in that kind of thing) and I know from previous reintros that I am super sensitive to that rebound in that I have it after one glass of wine not 3 or 4 like most people. On the flip side, I'm an oenophile with extensive education in wi
  19. Happy Friday everyone! I've spent most of the afternoon completing my 2020 books for my accountant - ohhhh, FUN! Woo Hoo! I have mild dyscalculia which plagues me with anything numeric to this day. Doing my books is an exercise in mental exhaustion. I was craving something sweet every time I transcribed 1897.30 as 1983.70 (or similar) today. Maddening. Then I was out $11.73 on my HST calculation - my brain says "close enough" but I dare say my accountant wouldn't see it that way. I spent an hour rummaging around with pen and paper trying to source the error only to discover that I had built an
  20. Ho boy @Nicki S You are in it full on - carb withdrawal is a thing. YES - it gets better - hang on tight! With a regular intake of rice/a little something sweet/cocktails - your sugar dragon is enraged right now. I have completed 4 W30s and each time the sugar dragon release has been different for me. This time I had a raging headache. Last time I was full on irritable and angry. All times, though, I stabilised after a week to 10 days and everything calmed down. It's very instructive to see how in control our sugar dragon is. When I complete this current W30 process (I'm on day 49), I am stay
  21. @Natashia I feel for you here - it feels like 15 days of trouble and nothing to show for it. Been there - 11 days into a W30 I discovered that the extra delicious baba ganoush I had been enjoying all week had dairy in it (this is a sacrilege - BG does not contain dairy. I now exclusively make my own BG but I digress) ... I restarted and am glad I did - here's why I knew that the challenges of the first 11 days wouldn't be there - no KATT or EATT because I had already cleared the sugar and FWNB from my system I hadn't been feeling great and, from a previous W30, I knew that dai
  22. Amen sister (retired RN here ) - 2020 was really, really rough. It's been good to be doing a W30 since January 1 and to be carrying on with it. I am still working through my return to exercise since this is something that is missing from my routine as well. I am struggling without access to my gym and trainer. I am confident after my first shockwave that my foot is healing and that gives me confidence that I can return to working out soon. fingers crossed Good luck as your embark on your W40 - have you done one before?
  23. I don't have any sugar cravings at all and have also reduced my nut intake since Jan 29 - all those veggies I've committed to eating don't leave much room for nuts. I may try a nut free week to see what happens. Hubs eats a lot of nuts as a snack and I've been making him spiced nuts to eat as a treat. I don't have to eat them though. I need to find my FFF book - I think it's buried or, worse, I lent it to someone long since forgotten. Do it - you won't be disappointed. We bought ours after Christmas and use it for everything! I have been very happy with ours. LOL - yes, Hubs i
  24. Oh boy @christine19 that margartia sounded delicious intitially and now it sounds instructive. SO much to think about! It's Family Day here and I managed to NOT book it off in my calendar so have 3 clients this morning. I am irritated with myself as Hubs is still sleeping and I would like to be too!!! At least I have the afternoon off. We went out to our daughter's for dinner and she made a lovely, compliant cottage pie which was SO good. She made fruit based ice pops for dessert which may be considered a SWYPO but were so very welcome as a treat I don't care It's very nice to have t
  25. Work is just awful for everyone everywhere right now - sorry your term has been complete crap @Rebecca001 - my teacher friends have had up to their eyebrows. Our gov't has decided to delay March break because everyone's had so much time off and our teachers are ready to walk out. I think everyone needs and deserves a week off per month during this crap time! I;m seriously contemplating retirement - something I did not think I would be ready for until 2023. I am just not coping with clients. And strawberries with almond butter are the best. I bought some strawberries yesterday and they wer