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  1. These past few days I've been missing some foods. Like, in a sad way thinking about whether I'll eat them again. For example, I was at the Adelaide RV show yesterday on a beautiful summer day and I was recalling my previous visit to the show 2 years ago when I stopped for a break midday and had an affogato (a dollop of ice cream in an espresso) and a lamington (white cake slice dipped in chocolate glaze and dusted in coconut). It was lovely - sitting under a sprawling gum tree listening to the rosellas and, basically, mainlining sugar. Yesterday midday, I refilled my water bottle from the warmish tap and carried on. The difference is more than just do I eat that or not - and it isn't a craving. I didn't want the sugar yesterday - my dragon is behaving quite nicely and I am happy with that. And, I didn't return home and deep dive into a substitue fix so, that's not it. But I feel a little loss. Like I am grieving sugar and all its related sweet treats because my intention is to not eat it ever again - like never. But, I am going to miss it. I'm an abstainer - there is no moderation for me - never has been. I know from all the years that I maintained my 85+ lb weight loss that I need to stay away from triggering foods. And, I know that, yes menopause has been hard, but the reason I regained those 30lb has as much to do with an afternoon snack of affogato and lamington as in does hormonal craziness. I also know that right now, I feel great. My energy is amazing. My stamina is outstanding. I feel less anxious and my mood is elevated. I also don't have waves of hormonal heat wash over my menopausal body out of the blue. And, I'm losing weight - how much I don't know but I can feel it leave my body. So, I have to go back to abstaining from the things I know I don't need to reintroduce to experiment on - sugar is a no go. The W30 talks about guidelines for determining if something is worth it but - when it comes to my sugar dragon, nothing is worth her reawakening. So, I'm having a little sadness about missing my old frenemy. Random thoughts come into my head like "oh, no more Dairy Queen peanut buster parfaits!" and I feel a bit sad.
  2. Lorna from Canada

    Reintro Day 9 - craving vs missing some foods

    Such great weather! Much nicer than the repeated poundings of snow and ice back home. yes - I haven't had to deal much with social expectation around food. Although my kids wanted pizza last night but I didn't because I still, at that point, hadn't reintroduced grain or dairy. They had pizza - I did not I did have avo-toast this morning though - no immediate consequences. Hamburgers this evening, with bun then evaluate tomorrow and Monday. Off to the beach tomorrow - who can be sad at the beach?
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    Reintro Day 5 - snacks are back

    Ya, this isn't good. Somehow, snacking has returned. 3 times today I have found myself staring into the fridge or swinging open the pantry door to have a little look around - because taking a mid-day inventory is a necessary thing. Nope. Nope. Nope. I do not need to be grazing - I woke up at 6AM as usual, had a lovely tomato, onion and kale hash with eggs for breakfast and potato salad and leftover chop for lunch and... okay, I see it. That's really not enough food. The hash is veg and 2 eggs. Then I walk with my daughter to work and return with 9000 steps on my pedometer and I drink a little sparkling mineral water with lemon and wonder why, at 10AM, I'm standing in front of the pantry fondling a bag of Werther's toffee like, if I read the label fast enough, I'll decide they are compliant. I did not see what was happening until I started writing it down just now. I'm not eating enough. Okay then... onward. I hereby forgive myself for plowing through the rest of the potato salad and eating watermelon over the sink like a thief. Got it. More food including a carb at breakfast and maybe a couple of dates and some almonds after my morning walk. In other news, I'm still not really reintroducing anything. I've reread ISWF and have decided I need to define "Worth It" so I can be more confident trying things. I'm still not missing anything either so no worries - things will come back when they come I suppose. I went back to work today - I'm a personal coach with clients all over the world - juggling different time zones is a work out in itself. Taking a full week off for travel and jet lag was a good idea - I felt on top of my game with my 2 clients today. I really feel well - I don't know how to describe it other than to say, I feel really well. Amazing.
  4. I've been back to the gym this week after a long post operative recovery. I had foot surgery followed by some reignition of chronic hip problems aggravated by gait issues caused by the post operative boot. And, I was more than irritated by it, (but the Moderators won't let me use the language I want to use to REALLY describe how I felt), so, in October, I said "screw it" and stopped working out altogether. Ya, ya - I know that wasn't the smartest thing to do BUT, I got the go ahead to start running again at the beginning of February and it made me start missing my gym/yoga/strength routine and I could not wait to get back at it so, all good right? I've been super fit and working out regularly since 2005 - a 4 month break isn't the end of the world. ANYWAY... I've been back to the gym. Plus, even though I haven't started running again - I want to make sure my hip strength is AOK before I start that again - I have a marathon in sight for 2020 - the year I turn 60 - want to make sure I do this right... ANYWAY... I've been back to the gym - full routine with slightly lighter weights than I was using back in October - leg day on Tuesday, Core on Wednesday and heading there shortly for upper body and, where is all my post workout pain? Yes, I'm taking it a bit easy and I'm stretching post workout and adding in yoga - I'm still spending 2 hours in the gym grunting and sweating and putting myself through the paces but, I don't have post workout pain to the same degree that I always have had it in the past. Typically I am sore within an hour of finishing and am tightened up like a top by evening sometimes needing vitamin I in addition to a hot bath to help me sleep. Yes, I am having some next day DOMS - I am reawakening muscles cells after a 4 month break, but DOMS is different than my usual pain. I can only contribute this difference to the change in my diet and the overall reduced inflammation in my body. I will be watching for this pain for awhile until I am back at my pre-break workout level until then - I'm just going to appreciate it and love it.
  5. Lorna from Canada

    Day 30 - It's HERE!!

    This will be the first post of the day - because the day that everyone starts off thinking is never going to come has arrived for the 3 of us intrepid W30ers in my famjam!!! And I'm excited to report on everyone's progress. I'm so glad they both jumped in wholeheartedly to do this with me - it would have been really difficult to do this on my own. My hat is off to anyone who does it on their own without family support. Last night, Hubs and I sat down to chat through his experience since we're not otherwise going to see each other today. His sole goal was to drop 5 pounds which he did (he broke the rules and weighed himself Day24) and his clothes are fitting better. He's a tall (6'1"), thin (177 when we started) and doesn't really have too much in the way of health complaints - unlike his wife. So, he says he can't really tell if anything has changed for him - no tiger blood, no digestive improvements, no change in sleep or brain fog - nada. But those 5 lbs mean a lot to him. He and I were both obese and really sick at one point in our lives, (here's an article from Canada's National Newspaper about us https://tgam.ca/2SniHAM), and neither of us ever want to go back. SO - even though he doesn't feel any different, he wants to make major dietary changes - no more cheese, crackers, cereal, bread, white rice (he's fallen in love with cauiliflower rice) and NO MORE CANDY. I'd say the one thing that has changed is his sweet tooth - he was ALWAYS scouting around looking for something sweet after dinner and that has stopped. So, this morning, I'm doing the clean out the pantry for the Food Bank - there are going to be some carbs heading out!
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    Day 30 - It's HERE!!

    Thanks @Lauraco Life saving indeed It's good to keep track of where you've been so you don't lose sight of what it's taken to get you here now. Since you liked that part of our story, you may enjoy this one as well. We did that as part of our 35 anniversary celebration.
  7. Lorna from Canada

    Reintro Day 5 - snacks are back

    Right? Up at 6AM and hungry by 10AM... I'm smarter than this
  8. Lorna from Canada

    Weird Added Sugar Issue

    Well now, I've learned something - thanks for the question and all the interesting answers!
  9. Lorna from Canada

    First Timer - started Jan 28

    I've just ready through all of your posts in this thread - feel like I'm sitting in a cafe eavesdropping on the most interesting conversation! @Jihanna - your stories and commitment are amazing! Like you, I'm not sure where to go to continue to process this amazing experience - staying here posting about Reintro Day 89 seems unlikely. @Lauraco Sounds like you are NAILING this and really embracing the experience. Like Jihanna said, this is more than an elimination diet - I have learned SO much about myself from this experience and my relationship with food has changed significantly. I was really, really skeptical of the intital claims but now I am a huge believer in what W30 is trying to do. Carry on you two - this is the best thread on the forum
  10. Lorna from Canada

    Reintro Off Schedule - How to get back on track?

    @BeccaNewbie I'm afraid I don't have the sanctioned Whole30 answer for you but I did want to stop buy and say Wowza - you were without access to your normal food and you were able to skip the pizza and donuts on offer?!! That's really awesome! Good for you! As for getting back on the reintro track - I guess it depends on what you were trying to learn from doing this W30 - if you were really worried about rice and soy and how they work in your body then you wouldn't have had that answer from eating something with both of them in it so, maybe a few more W30 days, (like you're planning), before introducing one of those things on their own sounds about right. If you weren't really worried about soy or rice and had no reaction from the bars then maybe just carry on? Sounds like you're being very thoughtful and aware of the foods you're reintroducing and that's the main thing at the end of the day, isn't it? Hope the rest of your reintro is smooth as silk!
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    What would you do?

    Yesterday, my winter camping neighbour dropped by with a plate of Paleo scones she had just baked. We don't know her well - we winter camp together and see each other around - we've only socialized together a few times. Still, she's very nice and we enjoy bumping into her and her husband when we're out for walks or skating. So, back to yesterday. Knock on the door and here comes Susan with a plate of fresh from the oven, blueberry Paleo scones. I am SO glad W30 has given me a name for these kinds of things - SWPO indeed. I have never liked foods masquerading as other things. I'd rather eat a handful of almonds than some traditional wheat based baked good made with almond flour. Still, this offering (which, in addition to being a SWPO item, contained vanilla extract, sugar substitute and heavy cream - totally W30 non-compliant) was thoughtful, generous and kind. I really appreciate her thinking about us and sharing this gift with us. So - what would you have done? We accepted her lovely gift, thanked her profusely and threw them out. I have a real problem with food waste - I keep all my organic vegetable peels and waste in a bag in my freezer and, once there's enough, make veggie stock with it for heaven's sake! So, I feel tremendous guilt at throwing them away but think I would have felt worse had I rejected her kindness. I couldn't have re-gifted them - there are only 2 of us in the park at the moment. So, what would you have done? Have you ever had a gift like this rejected? How did that feel? Thanks in advance - this is really bugging me.
  12. Hmmm, breakfast was leftover potato salad and 1/2 a sausage that wasn't compliant - had sugar in it (why oh why? It was a country style pork sausage - why sugar???). I knew it had sugar in it because I ate it a few days ago and had no post consumption effect - I'm sure there's not enough sugar in 1/2 a sausage to do me much harm but then I was craving carbs this afternoon so I wonder... I did have a workout today and only had a giant mixed greens and tomato salad with mayo dressing and leftover steak afterwards so, maybe I was likely down a bit in carbs. I decided to eat something - had some watermelon and almond butter and that seemed to do the trick as it's almost 7PM and I'm not that hungry for dinner which isn't for 1/2 an hour. I guess I need to do a proper sugar reintroduction since it is SO HARD TO AVOID out in the real world - UGH! I really don't want to try full on sugar - my dragon is resting quietly and I like it that way and I'm not sure today's little crave was even about that sugar in the sausage or just because I was under caloried for the day. Having a craving was weird because I really haven't had any except for the first week on W30 when I was missing my wine and then again a few days ago when I wanted meat. Craving a sugar based item (specifically I wanted cake or cookies today) feels weird. In any case, I'm claiming an NSV because I ate watermelon and almond butter instead of cake and cookies and that's worth celebrating. I've been to market and have a lovely supply of fish ends and other seafood deliciousness to turn into a bouillabaisse (and again, the French are after me for mauling their proprietary cuisine related things - je m'excuse!) so that will be amazing - love being so close to the sea! Vive L'Australie.
  13. Lorna from Canada

    Reintro Day 4 - a little craving this afternoon

    It was amazing!
  14. I suspect all of the people who have commented on my "crazy diet" in the past 6 weeks see me this way too - and maybe you'll see yourself in this. it's cute; enjoy a little humour while we continue our journey! https://nwedible.com/tragedy-healthy-eater/
  15. @kirbz I should have labelled it NSFW - sorry about that . I completely agree about the W30 experience. When I read any discrediting reviews of W30, the writer always talks about it as a weight loss program or a long term diet which, of course, it isn't. I've never been more engaged in or curious about the relationship between my diet and my health than I have been here since starting W30 Jan 3. And I've learned a lot about me and food. I do know that something I eat has caused chronic pain and now I'm going to try to figure out what that is so I can make informed decisions about my own needs. And that is very, very cool. Now - get back to work
  16. Lorna from Canada

    SchrodingersCat doing the thing diary!

    Because we Canadians are renowned for being SUPER NICE but, in fact, we're actually a fairly passive aggressive lot () , I'm voting for the sneaky vodkas - completely self serving, of course.
  17. Lorna from Canada

    SchrodingersCat doing the thing diary!

    Oh - I just remembered you were extending because you got yourself into something non-compliant early on - is that right?? Darn it all - I was hoping you'd be sharing your reintro experiences as I was struggling through my own. Reintro is WAY harder for me than I expected Okay - carry on Schrod.
  18. Lorna from Canada

    SchrodingersCat doing the thing diary!

    Wowsa! Great news on that. I know what you mean that some docs aren't down with something being fixed by diet - I think that tide is changing but there is still a breed of practitioners that want all the credit for their mad prescription writing skills. But to be without vertigo - amazeballs. I feel the same way about the magical disappearance of my plantar fasciitis in my right foot. After its unwelcome companionship for 6 years, to not have it is some kind of miracle! 2 more days and you can join me in the scary reintro part - which I'm not doing very well at since I'm basically not really reintroducing anything out of fear and anxiety. Need to go find my big girl panties and get on with it. maybe your experiences will pave the way for me???
  19. Lorna from Canada

    Carb Curve Help Needed

    @SKUtah that's a really useful section of the book, isn't it? I'm a 59 year old marathoner coming back after foot surgery last May and this section is really helpful. Just came back from an hour cycle and looked at the curve for my carb requirement - no more guzzling a big glass of chocolate milk because "I earned it" - turns out I don't need quite the amount of sugar I think I do
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    Tomorrow is Day 30 ... success! But, I am nervous

    Oh WOW @theHRlady - what awesome results! That's amazing! I'm on Day 3 of reintroduction after a Whole 38 and I'm kind of wondering along the same lines. The W30 has resolved a 6 year battle with plantar fasciitis into nothingness - I can't believe it after every treatment (save surgery) known to mankind! Hard to imagine really. So, now the dilemma for me is simply "why would I bother to introduce those things known to cause inflammation at all?". So, right now I'm in hover land where I am 100% compliant with the exception of wine on the weekend and I'm not eager to get back on the reintroduction train at all. I really don't want to do anything that will "upset the apple cart" (as my 89 year old mom always says . I like this regimented way of eating - this is a hard thing to think about! @SchrodingersCat Schrod - I gotta admit, I'm afraid of the carb and sugar and grain dragons that are currently extinguished and sleeping somewhere back in my brain's attic. I have this fear that, re-ignited, I won't be able to shut them down again. I've never been able to do any form of moderation and, once off a program, I'm really, REALLY OFF. This is harder than I thought it was going to be.
  21. I know this is an old post but this is a BIG problem in our family - men and women! I know of 12 people in my late paternal grandmother's side of the family who suffer with this - including her. My dad had to have progressively larger tubes inserted over several weeks to restretch his esophagus because it was so chronically tight. I never considered that it might be a food intolerance because, when it starts happening to me, I am able to deep breathe and relax my way past it - the men in my family tend to try to fight it and it just gets worse and worse. I had an episode a few weeks back that I relaxed through - it does loosen when I do that. Moving forward, I am going to see if there's an allergic reaction happening by paying more attention to what I am eating when it does happen. Thanks for raising this issue (if you even see this )
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    Carb Curve Help Needed

    I was just looking at this graph!! Weird - here you go.
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    Reintro Day 3 - Remember to EAT!

    Yesterday was a strange weather day - started cool and overcast, ended up hot and sunny. One of those jackets on and off days. Had a bit of sparkling wine (I'd call it champagne but then the French would be after me ) as we were toasting an Australia - China arts collaboration at a symposium and, why not? Well, why not indeed - not worth it - an hour later I was drowsy again. It passed quickly but, this sleepiness is not a welcome side effect of drinking. I knew it would happen but don't like it especially since I am otherwise energetic and feel pretty good. Can I still drink wine? Hmmmmm. Jetlag has dissipated into the wind - thank goodness - that brain fog is such a challenge! I'm not very hungry often now - I suspect that I am fat-adapted and burning my not insignificant fat stores for energy. I'm also not doing much physically beyond >10K steps per day - today's the day I get back to the gym after 4 months off doing some post surgical healing and post repeated injuries psychological healing as well. Going to start easy... lots of yoga interspersed with weights. Cardio will be on my bike for the time being. I haven't been able to run for 8 months - I'm a marathoner - this has been stressful!! It'll be good just to be more active again. One side note from W30 is that my 6 years of chronic plantar's fasciitis in my right foot has abated! I can get up in the middle of the night and not hobble to the bathroom. I am attributing this 100% as a result of W30 since I have had every possible treatment short of surgery (physio, commitment to exercises, ultrasound, shockwave, taping, orthotics) for it without success then, 30 days of dietary change and it's gone. Amazing! So, I do have to remember to eat. Not bing hungry all the time means I forget. Yesterday I grabbed a banana and a spoonful of almond butter for lunch - not enough food. So, back to the gym but I have to commit to eating! No diet changes for a few days - this wine experiment has been sufficient. My hosts are back to work and thus I am more in charge of meals for the week. Should be alright.
  24. Lorna from Canada

    Day 30 - My Results (30 of W40)

    Is it weird that I'm about to write that I expected more than I received but, at the same time, I'm extending to a W40? Maybe because I received things I didn't expect? Let's dump this here and find out. I was expecting miracles to be honest - and, I actually received a few! The one thing I was really, really, REALLY hoping is that my 10 year battle with SI Joint pain would be over. Ya ya, I know - talk about a dreamer! I'm a long distance runner and I've had chronic hip pain from my SI joint for 10 years. I have an amazing Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and Psychologist on my team. I have glutes and core of steel but, still so much pain! It started from a foot problem as a compensatory injury and things have cascaded around it for years. It doesn't slow me down much - last summer I backpacked the 70km Pukaskwa Coastal Trail - often ranked in any list as one of Canada's top 3 hardest trails - and Canada is no slouch in the challenging trails department. ANYWAY - I digress. It doesn't slow me down that much but, well, that's not really true. This year, it has started to slow me down alot. I finally got some surgery for my foot and everything has gone haywire since. So, while my body has been falling apart over the past 6 months, I've been focussing on my SI joint and was really, really, REALLY hoping that W30 would magically whisk it away. It didn't. I was also hoping I'd get some relief from my 6 year battle with plantar fasciitis. Ditto the long story above. I have had some resolution there - mind you, I have also been out of the gym since October so, there could be some correlation there BUT, right now, when I get up in the morning, I don't hopscotch my way to the bathroom cursing myself for leaving my Birkenstocks at the bedside. So - fingers crossed. Returning to the gym next week... I'll keep you posted. I was expecting Tiger Blood - mostly though, I don't think I knew what that meant. I have way more energy but it's mostly showing up as motivation. I don't feel so much like I NEED that coffee or time to relax on the couch. I can keep going with whatever I am doing without needing to sit down for an hour mid afternoon - oh, who am I kidding - without having to nap every afternoon. Tuesday I had a jam packed schedule with much physical activity and running around and I didn't flag for a moment. Wednesday, I woke up with a rare headache and slept all afternoon. That could have been related to the weather - we had rapidly changing barometric pressure here and that can mess with my head. So - tiger Blood? Not sure - jury is still out on that one. I did NOT expect the vast improvement in sleep quality. I haven't slept this well in decades. I wake up at 3 AM and, still tired, roll over and go back to sleep. Typically, I wake up at 3 and sometimes that is it for the night. I am getting so much solid sleep, what a delight! I really love that the most. I did NOT expect to lose weight. The last time I lost weight was a couple of years ago when I realized menopause was causing weight gain. I ate 900 kcals/day and lost less than 1lb per week for 3 months. It was AWFUL. Imagine my surprise to feel the weight fall off these past 4 weeks. I have no idea what the number is - I can feel it - my pants are baggy, my bra is baggy (why Lord? Why are they the first to go??), I'm using a notch in my belt I haven't see for 3 years. I feel like I am eating like a horse! I haven't measured the calories in my meals but, this is WAY more that 900 of them, I can assure you that. I did not expect to feel as awful as I did for the first 24 days - bowel spasms, heart burn, headaches, asthma trouble, constipation - oh, let's talk about that (where's that poop emoji when you need it?) I have suffered from IBS with constipation since 1978. As per conventional wisdom, I was told I would always need increased fibre so, for the past 15 years, I have been consuming approximately 65gm of fibre per day. That is twice the RDA for adults. That much fibre can interfere with absorption - and I was getting it mostly from bran, psyllium and fruits, vegetable. For my first week on W30, I was in agony - several bowel spasms (death by cramping), severe nausea and stomach discomfort, and, no BMs. By week 2, it started to move again. Now, I am perfectly and delightedly regular. No more gas either - that's relief for everyone around me. Such a surprise! What else? Hmm - I simply feel better and more in control. I have generally improved mental health - no depression or anxiety - I'm managing my emotions better. I feel like some super charged version of myself - like I could accomplish anything. It's a very general statement but so true! This Whole30 thing has some serious chops. I'm adding 10 days to help me get over my jetlag next week - I know I'm probably avoiding re-introduction as well. I don't want to discover that wine caused all my problems That would be a hard one to process. Still - on to the rest of my life...
  25. Lorna from Canada

    What is vegetable juice?

    @TrishTeach I just use tinned tomato juice - works great and is 100% compliant (check ingredients though ). Stew beef needs some form of acid (that's what you get from veggie juice) to help break down collagen in the slow cooking process so, you could also use a bit of lemon in water or diluted apple cider vinegar if you're not sure about veggie juice.