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    What would you do?

    Yesterday, my winter camping neighbour dropped by with a plate of Paleo scones she had just baked. We don't know her well - we winter camp together and see each other around - we've only socialized together a few times. Still, she's very nice and we enjoy bumping into her and her husband when we're out for walks or skating. So, back to yesterday. Knock on the door and here comes Susan with a plate of fresh from the oven, blueberry Paleo scones. I am SO glad W30 has given me a name for these kinds of things - SWPO indeed. I have never liked foods masquerading as other things. I'd rather eat a handful of almonds than some traditional wheat based baked good made with almond flour. Still, this offering (which, in addition to being a SWPO item, contained vanilla extract, sugar substitute and heavy cream - totally W30 non-compliant) was thoughtful, generous and kind. I really appreciate her thinking about us and sharing this gift with us. So - what would you have done? We accepted her lovely gift, thanked her profusely and threw them out. I have a real problem with food waste - I keep all my organic vegetable peels and waste in a bag in my freezer and, once there's enough, make veggie stock with it for heaven's sake! So, I feel tremendous guilt at throwing them away but think I would have felt worse had I rejected her kindness. I couldn't have re-gifted them - there are only 2 of us in the park at the moment. So, what would you have done? Have you ever had a gift like this rejected? How did that feel? Thanks in advance - this is really bugging me.
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    W30 v3.0 - Day 1 A big list of WHY!

    You know how good you feel when you're eating a compliant diet? And how you can't actually imagine going back to how you used to eat? And how it seems so straightforward and easy and just right? I felt that way from January 3 through to June 30th and then the wheels came off. And here I am, 6 weeks later eating the old way and feeling so awful I can hardly keep my thoughts straight! So, before I go another 6 minutes, Hubs and I are back doing round 3. What happened - my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumour in May - had a week of radiosurgery then fell and fractured her hip. She had a hip replacement surgery the next day and has been recovering from this double whammy ever since. I am her main go to person so, Hubs and I took our RV to a campground near her home and installed me there for 5 weeks. It was really awful. Hubs and I spend a fair bit of time living apart as I spend my Canadian winters in Australia (I have severe, debilitating Seasonal Affective Disorder) but this separation was the worst! It was just a sad, lonely, hard time to be away. In the middle of this, my main client offered me a huge role in their company which I accepted. So, even though that is positive stress, it's still big stress... Long story short - those old habits crept back in WAY faster than I would have thought possible. Hubs and I took an unplanned but much, much needed break last week in France where the wheels on the W30 bus fell completely off (oh the cheese! the wine! the bread! the desserts!) and I sit here today feeling so physically unwell I hardly recognize myself. This is my catalogue of diet related complaints - I'm putting them here in a comprehensive form so I can reflect back when I need to in the future. Hoping that this list will have some influence over my deeply habituated brain! weight regain (rapid!) lousy sleep quality - waking up and not being able to get back to sleep hot flashes return - thermodynamics in general are completely off sore feet - tired, achey, inflammed stomach distress - heart burn, stomach pain, lousy bowels general malaise - lack of energy, muscle fatigue, joint stiffness anxiety - I actually feel more anxious now than I did helping my mother for that first, terrible month when she was so sick and I was eating a compliant diet always hungry! That's the worst - I eat a non-compliant meal and am hungry an hour later! headaches brain fog Okay - I think that's about it. I just generally feel like crap and realise I probably felt this way for years and years before my W30. So, I am home now. My mom is stable (hoping for a nice, long period of stability now but am prepared for the worst which is just realistic) and it's still summer here. We're heading into the best season of fresh, local produce ambundance so, I am looking forward to getting back on the W30 plan and feeling better soon.
  3. Yo Schod! Had a little read through - catching up and getting ready for W30 v3 starting today. My mom's sudden illness and tremendous care needs (brain tumour, radio surgery, fall leading to a broken hip and hip replacement surgery!) have me off the charts for the past 4 weeks. Hubs and I took a week off to go to France where, if it's possible, we didn't eat/drink a single W30 approved food for 8 days (is it possible to eat W30 in France?? Serious question. The cheese - OMG the cheese!!) I also took on a new role (Training Director - Global) with my Aussie based company and am up to my eyeballs in stress so, my eating has been a return to pre-W30 - awful, awful, awful. I remember when you came back from Bali - I feel like that. So - here I am again - raring to go. Hope you can get to bed soon without vertigo - I feel that way about my foot pain. I know it's related to food but impossible to totally figure out. It's back now but there's been so much wine, cheese, bread and dessert over the past 4 weeks so, what to say? Alright - off I go then - just thought I'd pop by to say HI!
  4. I guess there aren't as many hard and fast rules to Reintro but, since I'm mostly still living a full on W30 with only occasional deviations from the plan in the past week (slice of deli ham 2 days ago for example), I feel like I am still rule-bound... to a degree. I've decided that I am a rule breaker all the same. Here's the big rule I don't follow... I don't eat breakfast. Like my mother before me, I feel ill if I eat upon rising. Always have. My mother suffered through a childood of being forced to eat breakfast then throwing up on the way to school everyday - imagine! Once she realized I was similarly afflicted, she made no arbitrary (and, we know now, unfounded) rules about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. So, I don't eat breakfast. I get up, drink my coffee (always black - even milk and sugar upset me first thing), go to the gym and eat around 10:30. I eat a big meal then - now fully template driven, and massive. The next time I eat a full meal is dinner with a light W30 compliant snack (proscuitto and melon with carrot sticks) around 2PM. I'm an obesity survivor - I lost more than 85lb 15 years ago and have maintained that until menopause gave me 20lb back. Those are gone now thanks to 2 W30s and 5 months of following the W30 plan. Please don't jump in with advice - I'm an outlier. In everything there is the majority forming the peak of the bell curve and those of us on the outskirts. I'm a BQ Marathon runner who, at 59 can easily pull off 25 full push ups and backpack over terrifying terrain for hours. I don't eat breakfast. My performance has greatly improved on my W30 - so, no, not eating breakfast. Conversely, Hubs was a breakfast avoider who gained 70lbs noshing at the fat and carb laden staff room offerings at 10 AM. He eats breakfast religiously now - lost 70lbs 14 years ago and has never looked back. So - there you have it. I'm a rule breaker. Anything you want to confess?
  5. Lorna from Canada

    Whose a fan of canned wild caught sardines?!

    Here ya go: http://www.brunswicksardines.ca/products/v/49 While popular in (and made in) Canada - I've purchased them all over the world - most recently in Australia. I don't like the fancied up flavoured ones - just the plain traditional ones. Different than sardines but equally delicious!
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    Reintro v2.1 - Day 16 Breaking the Rules

    The Whole30 mantra is that those of us who are breakfast avoiders have messed up hormonal influences but, since this is something that has been present my entire life and, since I've been eating a W30 regimen for 6 months now (so, theoretically, my hormonal state should be more balanced and natural?) and I still can't eat breakfast, I'm going with outlier. @Jihanna I could not imagine olives as a FWNB! I like them well enough, prefer green to ripened olives, but, at best, I can eat 4 or 5 before feeling over it. What is it about olives that make them so reckless for you? @JenX I can't workout with food anywhere near my stomach. Even if I run 2 hours after eating a banana, I end up needing to find a place to throw up. That's another rule I break I guess. I'm not a very good W30 person. I suspect I must have a super sensitive gut. It's 9AM here and I'm heading to the gym on my 2 cups of black coffee... Cheers everyone!
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    Whose a fan of canned wild caught sardines?!

    I have always loved sardines and kippered herring. Sooooo good - nice to see you promote it here!
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    Protein (beef fat)

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3569688/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6101675/ There's a couple to get you started.
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    Protein (beef fat)

    Actually, humans are the same. One of the reasons obesity is such a problem is what we store in our adipose tissue. Even years after certain chemicals have been banned, we can see them stored in toxic levels in our adipose tissue.
  10. Lorna from Canada

    Must use throat lozenges

    I'd say this trumps the rules. My opinion.
  11. Lorna from Canada

    Long flight and 10 days business trip

    That's a great article. The word "plan" came up 50 times and gave my impulsive, non-planning brain a little jolt each time
  12. Lorna from Canada

    SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019

    Where's the "love" button when you need it?
  13. Lorna from Canada

    SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019

    I have this feeling 99% of the time I eat out whether i'm on whole30 or not! I agree 100% with this. I find it obnoxious to throw food money after crap food Congratulations @SchrodingersCat for completing #2. I didn't find it as rewarding or the results as amazing either. I do think that, even though I had a few less than great days before my second W30 started, my overall health was so much better that I didn't have so much drama to clear out. I haven't found the reintro piece as stressful this time - I'm quite committed to stay as compliant as possible and that's been a lot easier. I figure if I do a W30 3-4 times a year, I will be able to maintain my weight and, fingers crossed, my health! Cheers!
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    Long flight and 10 days business trip

    Yes, you need to be prepared. I was on W33 while travelling from Toronto to Adelaide (34 hours of travel, 3 airports) and finding food was hell - the world is not geared up for W30. But, you also need to be mindful of what you can take on planes or through security. I found I couldn't even find things in Relay (airport shop). I ate a few bags of Lay's plain chips out of desperation. For travel, I'd recommend a packet of nuts, some boiled eggs, compliant jerky (if you can get it - I haven't been able to source it here in Canada), fruit/dried fruit, larabars, veggie sticks. Remember to leave any leftover food on the plane - most foreign countries won't let you in with them. From the Air Canada menu I have been able to purchase Wholly Guacamole mini pack (served with corn chips - had to skip those) and cut up veggies - that worked well. I love tomato juice so I get that as my free beverage. Finally, most airlines link to their menu offerings. Air Canada, for example, even sells vouchers for meals that allow you to pay a lower price ahead of time. It might be good to check with your carrier to see what'll be on offer. Of course, not everything is always available of every flight so yo're still going to want to be preapred. You might also be able to preorder a special meal. For the 10 days of hotel living - that can be a challenge. Hopefully a continental breakfast is on offer and you can at least get eggs and fruit I find it's a challenge otherwise. I tend to find the closest city style grocer and load up my room bar fridge with things I can eat just in case. Having fruit and veggies with some babaganoush on hand is a godsend if the food at the restaurant we're meeting at is largely non-compliant. Dodging the break offerings of muffins and pastries is easier if you're not starving! I also bring my favourite tea bags with me just in case the coffee is crap. I hope this helps a little... Safe travels!
  15. Lorna from Canada

    Anyone else on day 12?

    Welcome @Mum4x4x4 Not currently doing a W30 but have done 2 this year and will be doing another in September. Meanwhile living the W30 template with a few sidetrips into "Worth It" land. Happy to support you in anyway I can!
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    I love coconut aminos and prefer them to soy sauce now. I use them in the same way as soy sauce and sustitute 1:1 in recipes. I've also fallen in love with this ketchup/BBQ sauce - so much better than anything I've every purchased: 1/2 cup tomato paste 6 dates, soaked for 10-15 minutes in 1/4 cup hot water to soften 2 tsp garlic powder 2 tsp chili powder 2/3 cup coconut aminos salt and pepper Once the dates are soft and mushy, mix it altogether to a smooth consistency. For ketchup, add more hot water to desired consistency.
  17. Lorna from Canada

    Bacon Fat as Cooking Fat?

    I use the bacon fat from compliant bacon to saute onions, potatoes and other vegetables (including kale) for my morning hash but I don't save it for later use. Long live bacon. Amen.
  18. Lorna from Canada

    Silent Reflux

    Agreed. My 2 W30s and near compliance the rest of the time have taught me to see food differently. It's hard to explain but I just don't put very much emotional thought or energy into my meals. "What do I want to eat?" has been replaced with "what's in the fridge and what can I do with it?" Coming to a truce with food has probably been the biggest benefit I have taken from this program. Compliance and healthy eating is easier when you don't have cravings. I now define 'craving' as 'wanting to eat a specific food' no matter how strongly that 'want' presents itself. Enjoy your heartburn free life Pandora!!
  19. Lorna from Canada

    Silent Reflux

    It's funny that my chronic, heart burn like symptoms are one thing W30 didn't fix for me. However, I do have a familial issue - likely a small physical anomaly at the pyloric sphincter - and that's the biggest problem. A small does of omaperazole keeps it in check. Like Schrod, I will be on this eating plan for the rest of my life with a little wee divergences here and there. I couldn't identify the source of my fatigue or poor quality sleep during reintro - I just know that I sleep AMAZINGLY well and have the energy of a 30 year old (I'm 59) when I'm compliant and that is worth giving up any and every gluten/dairy/wine/sugar/legume/grain containing food forever. I think legumes were the source of my chronic plantar fasciitis - over 8 years I had: ultrasound, physio, othotics, massage, strength training, eletro-accupuncture, dry needling, shockwave therapy and was on a waiting list for surgery. 40 days of W30 and its gone. because of legumes. ouch So @Pandora Black, welcome to the club! You're not alone!
  20. Lorna from Canada

    cholesterol levels now higher after 1 yr

    @JenX I can remember one wise physician telling me years ago that "a number in isolation of other indicators is meaningless" - she was the last of a breed I'm afraid. We are a lab result obsessed medical community now - seeing systems as integrated and considering all factors that might be at play is so challenging and, sometimes, impossible, but ideal. It's just easier to react to an out of whack number and raise alarm bells. I'm really keen seeing the emerging research on the impact of sugar on our health - it's way overdue. Think of the advances we could be enjoying had the Harvard Scandal not occurred 50 years ago? Were my TC's to come back elevated, I'd be inclined to cut out all my fruit (my last source of sugar in my diet) to see if that made a difference before I'd strike eggs off the list. Cheers. Hope @X5731 you're doing okay.
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    Reintro v2.1 - Day 16 Breaking the Rules

    Schrod - next time I'm in Melbin (2020), we're getting DNA tests together! This is exactly me: I have tried on and off in my life to eat breakfast with disastrous results. Get your spit ready - I'll be there in March
  22. Lorna from Canada

    Hangry, annoyed, over it..only on day 3

    Oh @Victoria L - we all feel your pain! That KATT stage can start early and hang on but, like Schrod said, imagine why this is happening! Your body is in a state of shock because you're depriving it of its chemicals and garbage - it's throwing a tantrum! Take care of yourself; remember why you're here; feed your body; love on yourself... this, too, will pass and your body will forgive you! Hugs!
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    Did you experience any surprises??

    In general I was surprised by how many of the claims came true! But, that's not what I mean by my question. I'm curious to find our whether there was something you received from your W30 that you totally didn't expect? For me, one thing I can think of is that I lost my desire for what the Australians call "Gluggy Foods". I have loved pasta and rice based one pot dishes (casseroles) precisely because of the mouth feel of thick, creamy but tasty food. My favourite desserts are rice pudding and the like. I love home made macaroni and cheese or risotto. But, no more. My mouth wants to chew! My teeth want a job to do - I have completely lost my desire for soft, sticky, gluggy foods. This is really unexpected. The other day I was craving steak simply because I wanted something to gnaw on Very strange indeed. What about you? Any surprises?
  24. Lorna from Canada

    Did you experience any surprises??

    @ElainaR Wow - that's fantastic! Good for you and the lucky people you feed @aimeedanger that is really interesting. I think I would be off the carbs forever in your situation. Pre-W30, I was often drowsy after lunch and would need a nap - I haven't had a nap since January. I wonder now about this reactive hypoglycemia... I feel much better when I don't eat grains. Even today, I had pizza with my mom who is living life to the fullest now that she knows her days are numbered. (She's 89 and has a brain tumour - she's a realist) I had my first wheat since April 8th and feel super sluggish right now. I'm really glad you shared this - something to think about.
  25. Lorna from Canada

    Reintro v2.1 - Day 16 Breaking the Rules

    @scoakley13 LOL - your secret is safe with me Anyone else?