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    Lorna from Canada reacted to SugarcubeOD in Pancake Rule, Tortillas, Tacos, Pizza, Substitutions   
    It's good that you know your own weaknesses around food are.  The reason that the rule may be more impactful for some than others is because we have to make one program with one set of rules for hundreds of thousands of participants with different context. It's great that tortillas aren't a problem for you but the rule stands because we can't really say 'no pancakes/tortillas except for if you feel you don't have a problem with them'. We do black and white so that it's easy to follow which also helps with habit forming because your brain is not required to activate around decisions - saves you some mental capital as well as will power, of which we all have a limited amount per day.
    I hope that helps?
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    Hi ShannonM816- I was concerned that in the ingredient list, it just states "Natural Flavors" and I thought that was abit vague to me and wanted to get a second opinion...I am already dreaming about taking a bite of something and then remembering that this is not on the plan and then spitting it out!  Thank you again! Have a great day and happy "going strong" 5th day to me!
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    Amen sister (retired RN here  ) - 2020 was really, really rough. It's been good to be doing a W30 since January 1 and to be carrying on with it. I am still working through my return to exercise since this is something that is missing from my routine as well. I am struggling without access to my gym and trainer. I am confident after my first shockwave that my foot is healing and that gives me confidence that I can return to working out soon. fingers crossed 
    Good luck as your embark on your W40 - have you done one before? 
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    Yes - but, trust me on this one, he isn't the only one who suffers through his gastric distress if you catch my drift (no pun intended!)
    Now you're making me think I should have brought the cheese to my sister! Brilliant in retrospect as usual. I could offer it to my daughter but she's eating more vegetarian these days in protest over factory farming so, I don't know if artisanal cheese made from happy cows would make her list or not. I only know 3 of my neighbours - none of them are home during this pandemic! They returned to their home countries around the same time I was returning to my home country from Australia a year ago. I could post on our condo's FB page to see if anyone wants unopened packages of cheese.
    THAT's an awesome victory Christine! WOO HOO look at you go! 
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from christine19 in January 2021 graduates   
    Well - dinner at my sister's is in the bag and I did okay! I chose not to drink - knowing I would be eating sugar, dairy and gluten for the first time since Dec 31 was enough. Didn't need to throw alcohol into the mix. I did very well - ate the compliant ingredient appetizers that I provided then filled my plate with roasted root veg and potato. The protein was a gluggy bread based stuffed pork chop of which I ate half. The kicker was dessert - she made my favourite raspberry pie and I had a very large slice. It was totally, TOTALLY worth it. I eschewed the ice cream (that was difficult to do with raspberry pie on offer!) and am really glad I did. 
    Overall I felt pretty good last night and slept soundly so am pleased with that. Hubs didn't fare so well - he indulged in the ice cream (first dairy for him since Jan 1) and was in terrible gastric distress. He knows from previous W30s that he's lactose intolerant - I suspect he's a slow learner . He's feeling better this morning and said his sleep was good as well so - we've survived. I have several unopened packs of cheese in my refrigerator (leftover from Christmas) - I'm not sure how to get rid of them since out foodbank doesn't take refrigerated foods. Eating them is increasingly out of the question given that both Hubs and I are lactose intolerant. Any suggestions? You should know that I HATE beyond HATE wasting food. I have a mini-meltdown when I find a half rotten lemon lost in the back of the fridge. SO, what to do with $50 worth of cheese? 
    I can't believe I haven't had any alcohol for 2 months - this is a very strange but I had no trouble saying no to wine yesterday. I trust myself to know when it will be worth it to have a glass - right now, it's just easy to say no.
    I hope everyone's Monday's are going well. I'm off to a good start - Happy March!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to christine19 in January 2021 graduates   
    Congrats on your scale victory @Rebecca001 sometimes you do need that motivation or confirmation - like a report card! I do think it’s healthier to weigh less frequently, as we have been doing. It’s a challenge and work in progress, but for me less defeating then getting on the scale daily. 
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to christine19 in January 2021 graduates   
    LOL The turkey tenderloin with stuffing was delicious! I actually prefer the almond flour as a binder over bread. The stuffing also tastes good straight out of the pan. 
    Wishing you very good luck with the dinner @Lorna from Canada if it were me and the food wasn’t appropriate I would just drink instead hahahaha 
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from christine19 in January 2021 graduates   
    LOL - I read this and go "there's stuffing? How did I miss that???" Yes, that stuffing does sound delicious!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    And let’s not forget that when someone says ‘no thank you, I am trying to eat less X’ everyone looks down at their big plate of X and thinks ‘maybe I should eat less X too’ (and deep down they probably know it, especially if x is pudding) - but they haven’t done this process so it seems like a massive jump for them. They feel they need to defend their, and your, right to eat X. When people ask ‘but what do you eat??’ I do remind them that I came to this from a place of no dairy, very few carbs/rice/pasta etc, I’d done several stints of sugar free, I train daily, I do yoga daily.... this was a small step for me. Starting from scratch is a huge step. But I’m a bit like @SugarcubeOD in that if it’s me carrying the burden (wearing the swimsuit on the beach) then it’s me who gets to decide! My husbands family already think I’m bohemian and slightly deranged (“you don’t eat cheese? Or cake? But you’re so thin” <I’m not>)  so it’s very normal for me now; my own family are lifelong dieters and mum is W30, my niece is allergic to dairy and soy and my brothers family are all vegan so (if and when we ever can meet up again) I think we’ll all just bring our own food!! 
    anyway it’s Friday today! I got paid today! The sun is set to be shining (unseasonably warm here after our freezing few weeks). Our lockdown is starting to be lifted from 8th March. Last night James and I booked our summer holiday. Things feel, slightly, like they are improving. 
    I weighed  myself today also. I was 10st 2lb (142lb). End of December i was 10.7 so I have lost a couple of pounds but I have really tried this time for it not to be about the numbers. I have a long list of NSVs and the scales are going back in the loft again until Easter! 
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 2021 graduates   
    Our family has very little food tradition (save for Christmas baking) so I definitely don't envy you.. especially coming from and having relatives where food is love and there's just a complete delta between generations... not sure if that's how it is for you and obviously there's some stereotyping because I'm sure not every Italian family grandma is a 'feeder' but it's become a stereotype from a level of reality.
    I definitely enjoy this group.  I like hearing what people are working on, struggling with or winning at - we cannot as human beings have every experience ourselves so it's nice to be able to share with like minded people.  It's also nice to see where we might be having it easier than some folks in some spots or harder in other spots - it creates such a nice feeling of balance to hear our differences in how we interact with food.
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to christine19 in January 2021 graduates   
    This made me smile! The issue for me isn’t so much the people pleasing, it’s the family gatherings and holidays steeped in tradition and all about the food - my family is Italian and German, my husbands is Italian. Food that I used to eat! I find that many people are not knowledgeable about hidden food ingredients, and don’t know (because they didn’t need to) that there is gluten in soy sauce or sugar in pepperoni! And overall, I think most people do not make simple food where you don’t have to “try”  to be gluten-or-whatever-free. Lots of casseroles out there!  The easiest for me, is in fact, a party or lunch with catering, or as I like to say “component food.” Everything on the side, make your own Mexican plate, build a salad with toppings of your choice or even a sandwich and toss the cheese and bread.
    For me  “that girl” also means the person that everyone is worried about even though I’m not as worried as I know I won’t starve and always bring my own food. But, as we discussed before, people are weird about food, and if they are the one doing the cooking (and the pleasing) they get stressed. 
    It is great to have a group here that “gets it” I appreciate the support as we can discuss our challenges in a thoughtful way! 

    This picture sums it up for me today! 

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    Lorna from Canada reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 2021 graduates   
    Same... I feel zero feelings of guilt or shame or a need to be pleasing to others around food... If I'm the only one that has to deal with the reprecussions of eating the item, then I'm the only one that gets to weigh in on the decision.  I get that is MUCH harder to do for some people - I'm not a people pleaser by any stretch of the imagination which I imagine makes it much easier for me.  
    I think the one good thing I can say to help others that have this struggle that comes out of my experience with being 'that person' as you say @Rebecca001 is that my friends still invite me around, my family still likes me and there seems to be absolutely no poor side effects from declining food or bringing my own.  Hopefully that helps those who struggle with this?
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to christine19 in January 2021 graduates   
    I’ve had a good week focusing on lighter meals - more salads for dinner and less snacks. And I worked out 6 days in a row - testing out those knees and all that jumping and no pain! Yay! Thinking about running (really it’s jogging) again once the weather warms up (I have a very long driveway so I don’t have to leave my property). 
    I’ve determined that stevia gives me a headache. Not when it’s part of my protein drinks, but when I add it to my tea at night. It’s happened 3 times so that’s what it is. Done with that it doesn’t even taste sweet anymore. 
    I missed the booze the most during Whole30, so tonight’s test is a spritzer, Italian Pinot Grigio with lime seltzer. Cheers! 
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from christine19 in January 2021 graduates   
    I agree with every word. The need to explore our emotional connection to food and the patterns of automatic behaviour that are associated with those foods is paramount and very difficult. 
    I think the W30 FWNB idea is related specifically to the out of control eating that supernormally stimulating processed Frankenfoods are designed to trap us into doing. Those food are designed to bypass feelings of satiation which is the mechanism that tells us we've had enough.  For me, a chocolate bar couldn't replace dates/nuts/coconut because I will always want more chocolate after one bar and, if there is more available - even so far as going to the market to get more, I'm absolutely going to eat that too. Once I've eaten the dates/nuts/coconut, I'm sated and feel too full to eat more of, well, anything. 
    But I overeat a lot of W30 compliant foods out of some deeper 'need' and not from hunger. For example, I cannot stop eating raisins once I've started - I will eat 2 cups in a sitting. Technically W30 compliant and not a FWNB but, I have no brakes when I eat them. I think the emotional eating thing is less about the food having no brakes and more about us having no brakes. And that expression: 
    is easier said than done. I know when my mom got sick, I reverted to a ton of challenging eating behaviours that had been packed up nicely and sent off to the attic for years and years and years. I felt like how I was eating was an out of body experience - I was watching myself do it somewhat helplessly. Strange times. Then the pandemic hit and another variety of strange eating habits erupted. It wasn't until Christmas time that the need to get back to myself was even accessible - I couldn't have done a W30 earlier than January 1 because of where my head was at. Such a strange time but indicative of the power of our minds and the power of habit. If I want the benefits of W30 (and I do!) then I have to stay W30 and trust the process.
    In other news - I woke up with right hip pain from my SI joint for the first time in 7 weeks! I can only think it had to be the oatmeal as that's the only thing that is different. So much for not needing a reintro period. Needless to say, I am off oatmeal again and am back on W30 for a few days to see if this settles. I am aggravated this week.
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to christine19 in January 2021 graduates   
    NSV alert! I have several cardio kickboxing videos for my workouts and they always have one or two that do the modified low-impact versions for the parts where there is  running, hopping or jumping jacks. Lately, I have been able to do it all with NO knee or ankle pain. Zero! Plus, I was having an issue with my right hip when lying in bed at night, I would start on that side and then have to flip over before I fell asleep. I realized today when I woke up on the right side that I can’t remember the last time I had the pain in my hip! Feeling a little stronger too. Yay!
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from christine19 in January 2021 graduates   
    Oh boy - I'm here with this wine discussion.
    On one hand, I already know what wine does to me thanks to previous reintroductions.  I wake up at 3AM with anxiety that keeps me awake for 90 minutes then feel like crap the next day. I know the science behind it (Gaba production and glutamate suppression and rebound - it's fascinating if you're interested in that kind of thing) and I know from previous reintros that I am super sensitive to that rebound in that I have it after one glass of wine not 3 or 4 like most people. 
    On the flip side, I'm an oenophile with extensive education in wine. I've travelled the world visiting vineyards and vintners taking courses and developing my wine knowledge. It's been a passion for many years. I have a very expensive cellar filled with some amazing bottles of wine. I love a lot of things but I love all of them better with a glass of wine in my hands  
    The thought of never drinking wine again is untenable.
    The thought of returning to anxiety fuelled 3AMs and their aftermath after many weeks of deep, restful sleep and anxiety free days is untenable.
    This is the one and only issue for my Rules that I can't yet come to terms with. I have avoided really thinking about this since my last W30 when I stopped my W30 to share a bottle of wine with my mom on a glorious spring day in May after she received the news that she had a brain tumour. But, that was 2 years ago and the decision is here to be made again. I'm avoiding it by staying on the W30 but it is coming for me.
    Oh boy -
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 2021 graduates   
    And that is what we are here for! Accounting is highly frustrating and I am in awe of people who choose to do it as their living... I can't imagine!
    Chocolate and wine won't erase the $11.73 hour
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from christine19 in January 2021 graduates   
    I don't have any sugar cravings at all and have also reduced my nut intake since Jan 29 - all those veggies I've committed to eating don't leave much room for nuts. I may try a nut free week to see what happens. Hubs eats a lot of nuts as a snack and I've been making him spiced nuts to eat as a treat. I don't have to eat them though. I need to find my FFF book - I think it's buried or, worse, I lent it to someone long since forgotten.
    Do it - you won't be disappointed. We bought ours after Christmas and use it for everything! I have been very happy with ours. 
    LOL - yes, Hubs is missing his nachos, salsa and sour cream. We're fortunate to have partners who support us in these health ventures though. I know of lots of people whose partners refuse to participate and a few who actively try to sabotage. Mine's been amazing though these many W30s even though he has few dietary challenges. Right now he's eating W30 and having beer on the weekends. I decided to surprise him with grain free nachos, salsa and coconut yogurt for a Friday night snack. He can do the SWYPO - I'll be fine without.
    So, today is W48 for me - I am just coasting along here already thinking about 10 days from now and what the plan will be after our dinner at my sister's on Day29. I'm thinking I'll move into Paleo - I would like to experiement with SWYPOs and see how I do. Rules are coming - I'll have them ready soon.
    Carry on everyone!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to Rebecca001 in Casein or lactose why dairy is not approved?   
    Personally I’d avoid this; obviously It has dairy in it (I think both lactose and milk proteins have the inflammatory reaction), plus pea protein (which again, I think might be non-compliant? Would need a moderator to confirm that) but anyway it’s not allowed because of the dairy. 
    But the biggest reason I’d avoid it is because it’s not cheese, it’s “cheese”; it’s fat and potato starch and nuts made into a cheese-like representation and it will just make you want real cheese, which obviously you can’t have. I think you have to ask “Would you eat this on day 31?” And if the answer is Of course you wouldn’t! Then avoid! 
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    It's been busy in here! I've had three very long work days, so no time for anything fun. Eventually things will ease up, surely. I have never been this busy at work...
    I decided not to do intros other than a bit of wine on the weekends, at least for now. So far the only non-W30 thing I've had was my 3/4 bottle of wine last weekend, and legumes on Day 31. I just don't feel the need to add anything back in right now. Maybe I'll end up doing the slow-roll approach. I don't know. I figure as long as I stick to W30, I can change my mind at any moment and jump into my next reintro day, which would be non-gluten grains.
    Hubby and I are heading up to the mountain cabin for our three-day weekend (Presidents' Day down here), and we'll definitely be popping a Valentine's Day bottle of wine. I actually don't "celebrate" Valentine's Day, but it seems like a good excuse for wine.
    @Rebecca001How did your yogurt turn out?
    @Lorna from CanadaHmm, what makes a food worth it? I've never experienced any drastic side-effects that would make me avoid a particular food group at all costs, so that wouldn't really play into it for me (if I had, the food would have to be DAMN delicious for me to eat it!). For me, I think the criteria would have to include some combination of the following: a) something special that only comes up during specific times of the year, like pumpkin spice latte in the fall or the Yorkshire pudding my family always has at Christmas; b) something that I eat with other people, since being in a group suppresses my urge to binge; c) something that I can't find outside of that moment, like a decadent appetizer at a fancy restaurant (or dessert, though I don't usually crave dessert); and, of course, d) something that I am REALLY excited to eat. The challenge for me will be to reevaluate "Is It Worth It?" with every single bite, rather than finish off whatever "it" is just because I have trouble stopping once I start. Like the wine last weekend - the first glass was totally worth it, but it went down-hill from there taste-wise.
    I am struggling with the scale. I need to remove it from my life again! I've resumed hopping on it every morning, and the number is making me angry. I NEED TO STOP!!!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to christine19 in January 2021 graduates   
    @Lorna from Canadayou reminded me of an accidental non-chickpea-falafel-tasting meal I made. I had some ground chicken that I made into meatballs and held them together with egg and almond flour. First round I ate them with tomato sauce, but I had the leftovers in a lettuce wrap with my lemon tahini dressing and the chicken meatballs were sooo dry it was just like falafel! Non-vegan falafels without the side effects of legumes! 
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 2021 graduates   
    It's a made up holiday that provinces in Canada fought for because we had no public holidays between January 1st and Easter (which is in April this year). I think every province in Canada has it but it's not all on the same day because it's a Provincial holiday, not Federal and some of us just couldn't pick the same day as everyone else! (That's BC... we're a special lot).
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from becs in January 2021 graduates   
    Oh boy - those scales are such monsters! I think I am going to go the rest of my life without knowing what I weigh. I can guess close enough when I need to - I "knew", for example, that I have gained at least 30 lbs since the start of my mom's illness and I "know" now that I have probably lost around 10 lbs judging from how clothing fits and my loose rings. I am going to rely on this kind of knowing and the scale be damned. Seriously. 
    W30 trudges along here - we watched the Super Bowl last night without cheesy nachos or 7 layer dip. I didn't serve an extra veg with dinner (just the veggie laced gravy the lamb was braised in) so we had buffalo wing cauli and asian brussel sprouts with garlic beans for snacks. Worked!
    Today (W39) I am dealing with a client based in Australia who seems to have forgotten that not everyone is lucky enough to live on a sparsely populated, heavily regulated island during a global pandemic. Their global team is under-motivated and sluggish and they want me to find out why and get working on them!!! Their team is located in USA, Europe, China and India - ummm, all of them are in deep winter and mostly locked down either by government or their own self imposed rules with weak vaccination implementatin plans and no end to this pandemic in sight. Honestly - go get another glass of cab sav and have a wee sit by the pool and calm the hell down... usually by now I'd be into the wine myself but I am totally composed and dealing with this. No stress eating, no foraging for sugar, no baking - nada. I've been quite calm in dealing with them and measured in my response. Usually I'd be ready to club them! So - pretty happy despite it all.
    So - that's my win for the day. Coping with stress without medicating it with food is a big win for me!
    Keep making brilliant progress. I don't know what you'll land on around your issues @christine19 but it sounds liem you're asking the right questions and are paying attention!
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from christine19 in January 2021 graduates   
    A big halleluia from me! It's the time of year where I start noticing the longer evening and I feel brighter.
    I'm all for some SWYPOs in my post W60 life  My FWNBs are well known to me and they won't be SWYPOed in my diet - how do you SWYPO a jujube or a curly wurly anyway? My SWYPOs will be crackers (savory bisquit Rebecca!) since I know gluten free crackers are not that FWNBish for me - open a box of Ritz and it's a different story. So, I am totes with you on having a SWYPO treat now and again and that cake sounded delicious! Note to self for March 2!
    Your mood has improved Rebecca and mine has worsened - I hate everything today. Really really grumpy and so over this perpetual lockdown I could scream. Hubs is making me dinner and I think I will get to bed earlier as well. Hoping tomorrow is a more typical mood day for me!
    Where's @becs? How's the reintro going? Any new discoveries?
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to AMK922 in Letting Go...   
    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing! The saying of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome (insanity!) is definitely at play for me and I want to escape that for good.