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    Should be rectum, not recriminations - ha
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    ? What is it, if not a multivitamin?
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    @Lorna from Canada I don't know, but I love them. I love them black or green, big or small, stuffed or hollow. I like them on pizza, in sauces, on salads, on toothpicks, or just on a fork coming straight out of a jar. Admittedly, I'll get tired of them if I let myself go... but it won't happen until I've gone through 3 or 4 jars in a short time frame  
    There will always be outliers because we're not all the same. By the same measure -- us not all being the same -- there is no one best diet that works for everyone. The whole point of Whole30 (in my own understanding) is specifically to find what does and doesn't work for us... so as far as I'm concerned, you're just running with what you know (and have learned) about your own system  
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    I have always loved sardines and kippered herring. Sooooo good - nice to see you promote it here!
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    Another non-breakfaster here! At least when not on Whole 30, which I am currently so I am eating breakfast. I prefer doing a 16:8 modified fast kind of deal. Coffee in the AM. If I'm truly hungry before lunch I may put a bit of cream in it, but that's really it.  Even when working out, I just don't need to eat first, and actually my belly thanks me if I don't!  As a matter of fact, that has been the hardest part of getting back on W30... remembering and taking the time to eat in the morning! LOL
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    I'm the same with fats in the morning with fats - I tend to have hot smoked salmon on weekdays and count that as a fat as it has more fat than olives, and is on par with avocado. 
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    I'm still in rule-following mode, and trying to get back to the template completely before I go spreading my wings to determine what's going to work best for me long-term. I will say that while breakfast in and of itself doesn't make me queasy, just the idea of eating eggs in the morning will sometimes turn my stomach and tie it up in knots... that's a big part of why I started eating my dinner leftovers for breakfast, then putting boiled eggs for lunch. "Regular food" doesn't seem to do it to me, just eggs and egg-heavy foods.
    I think if there's one rule I'm not following well right now, it's to do with plated fats at my first meal. I'm not a huge avocado fan, avoid olives where possible because I know they're no-brakes for me, and doing much of any kind of oil soon after waking is an excellent recipe for indigestion... so I tend to be light on the fat in the morning hours. However, that doesn't seem to be making too much of an issue for me, since I nearly always manage to make it 4-6 hours before lunch, so I guess I'm okay  
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    Thanks, those are interesting!  They focus on lipophilic toxin molecules accumulating in fat.  It certainly makes sense for some toxins to be more likely to accumulate there.
    I still wonder, more holistically, though, if it's really a win to trim the fat off of low-quality meat.  For example, if you feed glyphosate-coated grains to cattle, where does the glyphosate mostly go?  Glyphosate doesn't appear to be lipophilic.  And that's just one molecule (though perhaps one of the more relevant ones).  It seems like it would come down to a question of what are the most commonly found concerning toxins in factor-farmed meat, and whether those are lipophilic or not?
    Incidentally, we only use pastured 100% grass-fed beef in True Primal soup.  It might be worthwhile to create a page on this topic, both in general and as a selling point for our soup, but will need to do more investigation.
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    There's a couple to get you started.
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from scoakley13 in Protein (beef fat)   
    There's a couple to get you started.
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    My first round was January this year, with a very slow reintroduction through all of February (it allowed me to reintroduce some specific foods and not just broad groups, including splitting up things like peanuts and soy). I'm also glad that I did reintroduce dairy on a small level; I planned not to because of a known allergy (skin reactions), but learned that it's been behind probably 80% of the indigestion (heartburn, reflux, nausea) that I've dealt with for as long as I can remember.
    Days 1 to 5 last time were pretty horrific. My monthly cycle started right with my Whole30, so I was drained and in pain already, plus add in all of the detox I was going through due to the dietary changes... it was crazy. Lots of headaches, nausea, and general aching for a bit there, but it did start to get sorted as I neared and entered week 2. This time, I started the week after my cycle, and I can already notice a remarkable difference compared to the first time through, just in terms of how much "easier" this first week has been so far. I've been recovering from sunburn and a bit of fatigue (funny how you can come home from vacation and feel tired, even after a vacay without the kids!)... but overall it's been fine.
    I never got anything that matched the descriptions of "Tiger Blood" that I'd read in the book or testimonials, but I did realize afterward that I had experienced my own version of it... it just scared the bejeezus out of me at the time, because I'm bipolar and it felt distinctly like a manic episode was starting (I calmed down when I realized that I was feeling energy to do needed things without it being way over the top or the mad feeling of being atop the world or untouchable/boundless that would typically let me get myself into trouble during such episodes).
    One thing I do plan to use to my advantage is that last time I learned some very valuable information regarding how much starchy veg I need on a daily basis (for energy and mood balance), and when I should eat it for best results. I struggled a little first time through with mood balance so this will hopefully serve me well this time, as I should have less need to play around with meal composition and macro levels unless something happens to throw things off (if I get sick, for instance).
    My intention after round one had been to slide into a paleo lifestyle, but that's easier said than done (especially when no one else in the house was on board with that change, out of 7 of us). Since then, however, my dad has actually started missing "all that wonderful food" I'd cooked at the start of the year and has even been bringing home paleo snacks (like beef sticks) for himself, so this time I'm hoping it'll take. I'd love to be able to stick pretty close to the W30 guidelines overall and only venture outward on extremely special occasions or when I've got a workable paleo treat that I can share with my kids.
    ...and I must apologize, because I always end up doing this. I started to answer something and it should really only take a small blurb, but then I wind up with a chapter... so I'm sorry, please feel free to ignore me if I talk too much  
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    I'd say this trumps the rules. My opinion.
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    Where's the "love" button when you need it?
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    Soy and peanuts each did a number on me last time, beans were much less pronounced of an effect, and I don't recall peas being an issue at all... but I'm still planning to reintro each of them separately again, just to be on the safe side. I'm also going to split garbanzo beans apart from general beans (I don't do kidney beans at all anyway, but have used a fair bit of black, small red, navy, pinto, and Great Northern ones as times; for that bit, it'll probably be a black, white, and red chili).
    ^ I keep looking for more options on the little reaction thing, too! ^
    Now here's me just wishing I lived close enough to beg some ham off of you... *chuckle*
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    I have this feeling 99% of the time I eat out whether i'm on whole30 or not! 
    I agree 100% with this. I find it obnoxious to throw food money after crap food
    Congratulations @SchrodingersCat  for completing #2. I didn't find it as rewarding or the results as amazing either. I do think that, even though I had a few less than great days before my second W30 started, my overall health was so much better that I didn't have so much drama to clear out. I haven't found the reintro piece as stressful this time - I'm quite committed to stay as compliant as possible and that's been a lot easier. I figure if I do a W30 3-4 times a year, I will be able to maintain my weight and, fingers crossed, my health!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to doubledee in SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019   
    I don't feel as though I'm having as dramatic an experience with this second Whole30 either. It's been easier than the first time, but like you I'm not sure i'm getting as much from it. I wonder if that's typical ... and maybe an indication that our baseline is now better, so eating this way isn't as much of a change?
    One area where I have improved is making hash browns with various root vegetables. Two big things I've learned are important to do are to make sure to squeeze out excess moisture from the grated potatoes/beets/whatever, and to make sure the temperature isn't too high. I used to cook them too hot and the bottoms would burn while the veggies in the middle remained raw. A mellow medium heat lets them cook through and brown evenly. You're a good cook so you may be onto these points already, but they've made a big difference for me!
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    Oh, NSV - bought a jumper a while back, which I really liked. Spilled red wine on it, and ruined it. Was in the same store today, and they had the last few on clearance. My original one was an XL but I have lost weight, si I wanted an L. No dice, M only... and it fit!! Really well!!
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    This was the best thing that I could have ever done for my body. To be intentional of what I’m feeding my body and how I am fueling it has been an amazing experience. It was definitely uncomfortable but wasn’t “hard.” My eating habits pre-Whole30 were really bad - I’m talking about sugary cereal for breakfast, maybe another bowl for lunch (if I ate), and a Lean Cuisine or something along those lines for dinner. I also travel 100% for work, so many days, I just ate whatever was in the lounge - whatever that may have been. In the past 30 days, I’ve become proud of what I eat, and mealtime is now sacred for me. I feel better and I look better (down 8 lbs - which is significant for me). I’m going to continue for another 15 days before the reintroduction, but I want to encourage anyone to continue to see it through. I really didn’t get the benefits until after week 2, and since then, it has indeed been Tiger Blood. Good luck, everyone!
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from Pashcool in Long flight and 10 days business trip   
    Yes, you need to be prepared. I was on W33 while travelling from Toronto to Adelaide (34 hours of travel, 3 airports) and finding food was hell - the world is not geared up for W30. But, you also need to be mindful of what you can take on planes or through security. I found I couldn't even find things in Relay (airport shop). I ate a few bags of Lay's plain chips out of desperation. 
    For travel, I'd recommend a packet of nuts, some boiled eggs, compliant jerky (if you can get it - I haven't been able to source it here in Canada), fruit/dried fruit, larabars, veggie sticks.  Remember to leave any leftover food on the plane - most foreign countries won't let you in with them. From the Air Canada menu I have been able to purchase Wholly Guacamole mini pack (served with corn chips - had to skip those) and cut up veggies - that worked well. I love tomato juice so I get that as my free beverage.
    Finally, most airlines link to their menu offerings. Air Canada, for example, even sells vouchers for meals that allow you to pay a lower price ahead of time. It might be good to check with your carrier to see what'll be on offer. Of course, not everything is always available of every flight so yo're still going to want to be preapred. You might also be able to preorder a special meal. 
    For the 10 days of hotel living - that can be a challenge. Hopefully a continental breakfast is on offer and you can at least get eggs and fruit  I find it's a challenge otherwise. I tend to find the closest city style grocer and load up my room bar fridge with things I can eat just in case. Having fruit and veggies with some babaganoush on hand is a godsend if the food at the restaurant we're meeting at is largely non-compliant.  Dodging the break offerings of muffins and pastries is easier if you're not starving! I also bring my favourite tea bags with me just in case the coffee is crap. 
    I hope this helps a little...
    Safe travels!
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    I love coconut aminos and prefer them to soy sauce now. I use them in the same way as soy sauce and sustitute 1:1 in recipes.
    I've also fallen in love with this ketchup/BBQ sauce - so much better than anything I've every purchased:
    1/2 cup tomato paste 6 dates, soaked for 10-15 minutes in 1/4 cup hot water to soften 2 tsp garlic powder 2 tsp chili powder 2/3 cup coconut aminos salt and pepper Once the dates are soft and mushy, mix it altogether to a smooth consistency. For ketchup, add more hot water to desired consistency.
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from ShieldMaiden in Bacon Fat as Cooking Fat?   
    I use the bacon fat from compliant bacon to saute onions, potatoes and other vegetables (including kale) for my morning hash but I don't save it for later use. 
    Long live bacon. Amen.
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    Omg... those Snackwells...I thought they tasted like poison! Like: if I eat this, I will 100% get really, really sick. 
    I feel the same way about diet sodas! My body is like: this is not food!!!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to Pandora Black in I'm STARVING!!!   
    Those Snackwell cookies tasted like cardboard and tears.
    Echoing everyone else, DO eat the fat!
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from ShieldMaiden in I'm STARVING!!!   
    I have 50 years of dieting experience behind me. I've lived throught the Great Snackwells Fat Free Cookie rush of 1991. My whole adulthood nutrition belief system was indoctrinated with "FAT is BAD". It's been really hard to cook with fat and plate fat since I started W30 but, I wanted a whole hearted effort so I did it. Ghee, olive oil, coconut milk, avocados, olives, crispy salmon skin, nuts... eating them.
    I haven't been hungry since week 2 of my first W30. 
    Eat the fat.