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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from Jihanna in Finding myself   
    Such beautiful and vulnerable sharing @Lainey18 and @Jihanna - I thank you for it. Sharing in this way helps us all normalize our struggles - it is too easy, especially in these days of social media infiltration, to believe that we alone are wrestling with our gremlins while the rest of the world gets on with their fabulous, brilliant lives. I'm someone whose life does look amaizng on social media - wonderful husband and beautiful adventures but my depression and anxiety have been overwhelming at times and my food addiction is very, very real. 
    I wish you both peace on your journeys through life and hope you are able to access counselling - my therapist has been a godsend to me.
    Thank you, again, for the connection.
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to SchrodingersCat in Day 24 - sweet mother of jelly beans - I feel great!!   
    LOVE the Rusty-Spotted Wildcat blood!!
    I hear you on the sleeping, it's delightful to just fall asleep, stay asleep and wake feeling rested!! 
    I'm only on day 12 and I still think of food ALL the time, not hungry, just planning, planning
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to SchrodingersCat in SchrodingersCat doing the thing diary!   
    I completely agree, Lorna! I did my first 10 years of 'dieting' in the Weigh Watchers Fat n Fibre era, where the whole plan was to keep under 20g of fat a day and over 20g of fibre. That was literally the rules. Fake sugar was their idol! 
    I'm doing really well with adding fat back in, I will admit possible not as much as they recommend - I don't eat avocado and rarely eat mayo, and while I like nuts I like them to fit with my meal rather than just adding them for the sake of it.
    I agree, I think one of the reasons I'm doing well in this is that I already have such a varied pantry, I can make things very interesting without stretching too far!
    Brunch today was a 2 egg omelette with sopressa ham, capsicum, spinach, and mushroom
    Dinner is roast chicken with roasted broccolini, carrot, parsnip, zucchini and potato wedges 
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from nutburger in Day 21 - 3 weeks in a first food dream   
    I was driving around doing chores yesterday and thinking "damn - I totally should have had that glass of wine!" Dreams are funny, aren't they? 
    Thanks for coming by!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to matt thomas in Day 3 of my first whole30   
    thanks @ShannonM816 i’ll have to keep a lot of that in mind! 
    @Lorna from Canada I really did come into this with a lot of skepticism, and still have a lot to be honest. I was also wrong about what day I was on, yesterday was day 4, today is day 5, my head has been cloudy through days 2-4, today seems to be doing better though!! thanks for the words of encouragement, it helps a lot!! 
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to megbeveridge in SchrodingersCat doing the thing diary!   
    Wow you seem like quite a cook! That's amazing! My dinners tend to be a protein thrown in a cast iron skillet, baked, sauteed, or steamed veggies, and maybe some avocado. I'm going to have to up my game!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to nutburger in Day 21 - 3 weeks in a first food dream   
    Your dream is so funny! Congrats on making it three weeks so far and all those NSVs!!
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Sourcing food in Australia   
    @SchrodingersCat Man - I LOVE Central Market so much. My daughter and her hubbie live in the CBD and I live at the market when I'm there . There's a Woolie's right in the Rundle Mall so I can easily access those recommended products - thanks for sourcing that for me!
    I'm determined to continue this journey and lose some more weight (I'm an obesity survivor who lost 85+lbs and maintained it for years only to have 30 creep on over 2 years of menopause &*^%!! so, I want to get rid of some of that!) - usually I gain when I'm there - too close to the wineries and all that lovely Australian cooking!!! sigh*
    10 more days before I'm heading out!
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from cutterlm in My Mom is 89 with dementia and we started Whole30   
    What a lovely post - I don't have any suggestions regarding the tea but I admire your commitment to your mom and her health. My mom is also 89 and in such great health - I neglect to appreciate how lucky I am to have her still  
    I always thought when I hit 80, I'd throw open the pantry doors and just have at it - all those things I have wanted but not eaten over the years just waiting for me to indulge in. However, my mom, like yours, is still conscious of her weight and her health and thinks about what she's going to eat and how it's going to impact her so, I think my plan is just another pipe dream. 
    I hope your mom perks up - you might be messing with her internal systems by using this strict diet - as a former RN, I'd recommend a visit to her doctor if her lethargy persists or worsens - there could be some electrolyte imbalances happening with the diet change. The elderly react differently to metabolic changes than we do and things can get out of hand if not caught early enough.
    Best of luck - hug your mama - we're so blessed to have them!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to GigiBraun in Gigi's Whole30 1st Time   
    Hi...I stated January 19 but am only now getting into the swing with this forum.  So here we go!
    Day 1 (Jan 19)  Breakfast:  Eggs, potatoes, pineapple, Mid-day:  Ground beef & onions over cabbage with salsa and guacamole,  Evening:  Cashews, dried mango, apple
    Day 2 (Jan 20)  Breakfast: Homemade sausage patty, eggs, pineapple, Mid-Day: Chicken Taco salad (Pg 6 of W30 Slow Cooker book...loved his salad!), Evening: Mango slices, cashews
    Day 3 (Jan 21) Breakfast:  Homemade sausage patty, eggs, pineapple, Mid-Day: W30 Walmart Bowl (in the process of packing up our old house so had this on the fly...no so impressed), Evening:  Shepherd's Pie (Page 350 W30 Book...liked this recipe), blueberries, cashews 
    Day 4  (Jan 22) Breakfast: Leftover Shepherd's Pie, Mid-Day: Salmon, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, Evening: Tuna salad, Chomp beef stick, mandarin orange, cashews
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Day 21 - 3 weeks in a first food dream   
    I had my first food dream last night - I was watching alligators chase after a bit of chicken meat (say what? I live in Canada - it's frozen here right now - no alligators here!) and, afterwards poured myself a lovely big glass of wine - white, cold, gorgeous. I stopped myself from drinking it in my dream! I actually woke up disappointed - it was a wasted opportunity to have a sip    Instead, I set it down, said, "I don't know what I am thinking by opening that bottle!" and walked away. Can that be an NSV??? LOL
    So, we're 3 weeks in and the end is in sight - I'm starting to really plan out the post W30 piece. Each of us (my husband, daughter and I) had different motivations for doing this W30 although I was the driver behind it. Now we'll need to tap into that motivation and the discoveries we've made and plan our way forward. I've decided that I do not want to reintroduce sugar and will reintroduce wine first - take that alligator dream! I'm also considering a careful reintroduction of grains - I miss oatmeal the most and wheat not at all. I am really curious to see about the impact of reintroducing dairy - that one could be interesting - my husband and I love cheese but I don't think it's our best ally going into our 60s... so much to think about and consider. Added to the challenge is that I leave for Australia on Feb 3 - we'll be 3 days post W30 then. I'll figure it out - best, maybe, to stay W30 during the long travel days - last year I was post gastroeneritis on my trip - awful experience. Once I'm in Australia, I will have plenty of fresh summer fare for a few months - excellent. Anyway - I will get that sorted!
    My daughter wants to lose weight. She already has on the W30 - her face is thinner and her clothes are looser. She says she has a confidence about putting clothes on - she knows they will fit. She wants to carry on with a broader choices - I'm thinking an augmented dietary choice list like WW uses for their Simply Filling plan but with more healthy fats and less process foods. She thinks she could follow that like this if there were more choices than the W30 - she's tired of these dietary limits although is appreciating the results.
    My hubbie wants to lose 5 lbs - same 5 lbs he started with  He says his pants fit the same so he doesn't think he's making progress but I can see that his face is also thinner - his re-entry will depend on his final weigh in results. If he loses the 5 lbs he wanted to lose when he started this, I can see him wanting to lose another 5. Me, I'm thinking I'm not going to get on the scale at all. I know I've lost weight - I can feel it everywhere and my clothes are looser. Getting on the scale and seeing a number that doesn't jive with my perception could be a problem for me. What do you think? He, however, will definitely get on it - numbers matter to him.
    So - Day 21 is in the bag save my final cup of tea of the day - hard to believe we've been eating this way for 3 weeks!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to GigiBraun in Blessed but stressed...Starting January 19   
    Hello!  I am a 'young' 67.  I battled obesity all my life but had bariatric surgery 15 years ago and I have maintained a 200 lb weight loss all that time. My life is 180 degrees different than the first 3/4 of my life.  And......I have stayed about 220 for the past 15 years.  I do realize that is not a healthy weight for me, but I think I felt SO different from when I was  420 pounds that I just dove into life as best I could.  I saw my ND last week and she suggested I do the Whole30 as a reboot for a healthier life.  I have Type 2 diabetes, in my earlier years had PCOS, my liver enzymes are a bit high and a I have psoriatic arthritis...the pain from the PsA has been really bad.  The doctor who helps with the PsA wants me to go on another biologic medicine but that scares me as it messes with the immune system.  My ND has talked to me about sugar being such an increaser of inflammation and all the conditions I deal with have the inflammation component.  So...here I am.  I do hope to lose weight over the next year or so...but more than anything I really want to FEEL better, and get this inflammation to calm down.  
    My Mom passed on 2 years ago and I miss her so much, but I was so blessed she made it to 95.  Tomorrow is the 97th anniversary of her birth, and I could give her no better birthday gift than to take better care of her baby girl...me!  Here I go. 
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to Michele B. in Blessed but stressed...Starting January 19   
    @GigiBraun  How special that you are honoring your mom's memory with this process!  And I'm so impressed with your success at maintaining your weight loss over 15 years. I find maintenance more difficult than loss, so that's impressive. 
    @Lorna from Canada Hello!  I'm fairly close to your age   I can so relate to your comments about eating when bored, emotional, etc.  I suspect those habits started for me many decades ago, without notice.  They are deeply ingrained.  Especially sugar.  I will be in the process of eating something sweet and think, "I'm not really enjoying this. What is it that I really want?", and then EAT IT ANYWAY!  My last Whole 30 was very freeing, so I'm happy to be doing it again. I just need to learn how to approach the after part. Once I have a little (sugar, french fries, etc), it just runs away from me. I also relate to your comment about fauly nutritional science, including the current trends.  There is so much fear mongering around.  That's what caught my attention about this program. I heard the founder speaking on a podcast and the way this program inherently builds self awareness and respects that everyone's body is different was truly refreshing for me. 
    Things got more out of control around the holidays, despite my best efforts to be reasonable. Since then, I kept playing around with doing this again, but I kept making exceptions. Like, it's ok to have a little bit of cream in my coffee if I just do everything else right.  Nope.  That did NOT work. The 20th looked like a good day to start - at the beginning of a week - and it feels quite comfortable to me, even after my sputtering false starts this past month. 
    I will also pass this along, from my last whole30.  It was critical for me to find some food options that were satisfying, but that didn't trigger cravings, and would even calm cravings.  Foods with fat help me with that a lot, such as avocado and nut butters.  I struggle with wanting to snack at night. I do not snack now if I discern that it truly isn't hunger. However, if I've exercised during the day, sometimes I do feel like I need a bit more after dinner.  I don't want to disrupt my sleep with hunger. One snack I have enjoyed is banana slices in a bowl, topped with almond butter, a few compliant nuts (crunchy!), almond milk (or whatever compliant milk you like), and cinnamon. This is satisfying, enjoyable, nutritious, and for me, trigger free. I would love to hear about any recipes/ideas you all find helpful!
    Have a wonderful, healthy day!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to Jihanna in The hardest part is saying goodbye to cheese - help!   
    First and foremost, don't go into this thinking that you can find a good vegan "cheese" recipe and it'll be awesome. Because I've made and thoroughly enjoyed some amazing things from recipes called "vegan cheese", but if I'd approached it expecting to enjoy some cheese taste and mouth-feel, I'd have been disappointed every time. I love cheese, but I'm allergic to it... so part of what I'm getting out of Whole30 is an entire world of recipes that I'm falling in love with, without missing the cheese. I do agree that it's important to stay away from things you'd be likely to put cheese on, though, or change it up enough so that it's served in a way that you wouldn't expect cheese to be there.
    My only other suggestion would be to take a little time before starting your Whole30 to go ahead and reduce your intake of things like dairy. For mine, I cooked compliant meals for a few days leading up to my start date, and also worked for weeks to reduce my sugar and cream for coffee until I was drinking it black the day before I started. I've found that the things I started cutting down on early are the ones that I've had an easier time letting go of so far this month... while I've had more difficulty with the stuff I kept taking in all the way up to the night before I started.
    Good luck to you!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to Lissa Kristine in Maybe I'll Get Through This Time   
    My record was 5.5 days.

    At the time, I was working at a daycare center. On day 6, we had an open house event where I was put in charge of making cotton candy. So, I'm somewhere in between the "Kill all the Things" and the "I just want a nap stage" of the program as I am in a room with little bits of sugar floating around my head. 

    This was back in 2012 and I still haven't been able to get through. My most recent attempt lasted a day before I realized that I just wasn't ready. 

    Fortunately,  finding compliant groceries is a LOT easier now. In 2012, I had to order my mayonaise online. Now, Primal Kitchen mayo is sold at my local grocery store (and we're talking a NORMAL grocery store- not a specialty store). (I've never tried making my own mayo. To be honest, I've never been a fan of the stuff, but I'll use it to make deviled eggs. Primal Kitchen mayo is the only stuff that doesn't make me gag when I open the jar).
    My mom and I have decided on January 27 as our start date which means we'll be doing it from January 27 to March 2 [at least I will since I want to start on a Sunday and end on a Saturday]. I'm not sure what kind of reintroduction I want to do, but I feel like slow-roll will probably be more of my style since I want to learn to eat more intuitively and forcing myself to eat food based on a reintroduction schedule seems to contradict that. My mom, on the other hand, may do better to follow the classic reintroduction schedule since she's looking to identify which foods are causing her issues. 

    One of the things I've been doing is looking at different restaurants and seeing what my options will be. I've come up with a plan for Smashburger (my mom has a Smash pass so she can get a free burger or salad every day) and Chipotle. I even have a plan for Starbucks. (Which is to go to a place like Smashburger or Chipotle or even the local grocery store to pick up food and then just get an iced tea at Starbucks haha.)

    I like to come up with a list of "What if's?" 
    What if we go out for Sushi? (I'm currently searching for compliant wasabi; I've already emailed the sushi place to ask about riceless rolls). What if I have a last-minute babysitting job and don't have a chance to cook dinner to bring with me before going? [Quick grocery sore trip to grab frozen veggies, chicken apple sausages, and some olives or an avocado dependng on what looks good. I can throw together a quick, compliant meal using those ingredients plus a few pantry staples from the house I'm babysitting at. While not ideal, I can even just heat everything in the microwave if using a stove/oven isn't an option]. What if the parents tell me to take the kids out for dinner? (I'm working at coming up for a plan for IHOP and Applebee's so I know what to order before going). 
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from mwolfnm in Days 13 and 14 - not so great...   
    Everything is going well W30 wise - half way through and cravings are irrelevant. As my daughter said, "when everything you want to eat is on the 'no' list, you have no choice but to move on". Couldn't agree more.  Came home to make dinner last night and grabbed a giant carrot to nosh on instead of all the usual bad options. So, W30 is chucking along. My hunger is really manageable and my pants are loose and I'm sleeping so well it defies belief! Tomorrow is half way and, like my Day by Day says, I can see the end looming.
    Unfortunately, I've got some serious health issues cropping up. Namely, my asthma has really kicked into high gear. I've developed chest discomfort that is waxing and waning and only marginally responding to ventolin. So, off to see my doctor today and she put me on a steroid inhaler so, hopefully things will settle down in a few days. I'm not convinced that this has anything to do with the W30 experience because I do have more trouble with asthma during the cold weather and this has been a particularly cold, dry one. I had some increased asthma symptoms before starting W30 so, I don't think this is related BUT it is really frustrating to be doing something because you want to feel better and to feel worse. So, I'm really frustrated and pissed off. It's taking some effort not to be prematurely disappointed in the W30 results - even though we're not even 1/2 through and I shouldn't be expecting results. So rational mind is having a good heart to heart with emotional mind and, things will look better tomorrow.
    But, rant over - I will carry on. Instead of being irritated, I am going to breathe in my steroids and be thankful for them.
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to Yukon Cheryl in Diabetes Reversed in 90 Days!   
    I have never written a testimonial. I am so happy to be writing one now! 
    I started Whole30 on January 2, 2018. I had been taken off diabetes medication because I could not manage the medication. My A1C reading was 7.7 and I was on a wait list to see a specialist in internal medicine to see what medication I could take to manage the diabetes. My liver enzymes were in the high 90's.
    I was entirely Whole30 compliant for 30 days. I had my A1C test at about day 21 and it was 7.1. After years of seeing movement upward only I was ecstatic. The diabetes educator was skeptical and said well of course your  blood sugar is good because you have cut all carbs. I showed her my food diary. Oh you are eating carbs ( I need potatoes almost daily)...oh this is a plan you could stay on for life...I had lost 12 pounds too! That was Day 21!
    I asked my Dr. to not move forward with any medication until after my next A1C test and after seeing the specialist. I  still stuck to the Whole30 plan but was not so diligent about food labels. I did not do any reintroduction but did have a couple of items that contained dairy and sugar a couple of times. 
    On April 13th I had the A1C test and got results today. I am at 6.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't really say Day 102 Whole30, but after 102 days on the plan, I have reversed diabetes, the internal medicine doc says no need for ANY medication whatsoever! My liver enzymes are normal! And I have lost 30 pounds!
    While I am still considered pre-diabetic that will change too!
    Thank you Whole30!!!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to SchrodingersCat in How do you drink your coffee on whole30?   
    Me too! Black, strong and the same way it comes from the machine
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from mwolfnm in Day 12 - wowza!   
    What a great weekend - super sunny camping in our Airstream in the snow. -10C but so much blue sky! Love me some blue sky in January. We did have to leave paradise and take our trailer to the dealer because a squirrel had made a nest on the bathroom towels - 4 hours of driving and 4 hours of sitting in the dealership while they plugged all possible entry points under the trailer. This kind of frustration usually leads both of us to mindless eating - especially since our dealership always has a group lunch on Saturdays to which we are always invited. Even pre-W30, Steven and I generally eschew processed foods in our diet but, sitting in our dealership on a Saturday usually means we succumb to whatever's on offer. Not this time - all that grocery store prepared lasagna, cheese bread and drenched salad looked really, really unappetizing. For the first time ever, I headed out to the trailer and found the leftover mexican inspired chicken I had made for the previous night's lettuce wrapped tacos, added some stock to it and made soup. It was a delicious lunch. We were sated and high fived ourselves.
    The secret to turning down food and moving on is remembering that you do move on. There were no lingering memories of lasagna and cheese bread - by the time we were back in paradise making a delicious dinner, all thoughts of our dealership's offerings were long gone. Sometimes you just have to remember ahead. This isn't going to make a difference to me 2 hours from now.
    Dinner Saturday night:
    Compliant lamb sausages; ghee garlic green beans;  thyme roasted carrots and parsnips; oven roasted brussel sprouts, roasted red pepper and avocado sauce - now that's food!

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    Lorna from Canada reacted to megbeveridge in Day 12 - wowza!   
    Great willpower! I think you made a good point about moving on. I can't even remember which things I was yearning for just yesterday! What good is quick, fake food when you can spend some time and make something delicious with your own hands? 
    Also, I'm very jealous of your camping! I would love for my next big purchase to be a small camping trailer, but life always gets in the way somehow. Anyways you're going fantastic and keep up the momentum!
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from mwolfnm in Day 7 - early musings   
    Hi @mwolfnm
    Easy peasy latkes. Grated 1/2 cooked potatos bound with an egg yolk fried in ghee is the basic re ipe. I added carmelized onions for extra zing. I used a ring mold to make them have firm edges so they'd hold together as a sandwich. These were about 1/3 inch thick. 
    Let me know if you need more info!
    I am finding myself full more often on the W30! Definitely a big NSV.
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from megbeveridge in Day 9 - fruit and fruit and fruit   
    Thanks for coming by! Always happy to commiserate with someone going through the same thing. Slaying that Sugar Dragon (what a great name!) is an ongoing process. Continued good luck with your program Meg!!
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from mwolfnm in Day 7 - early musings   
    This week has flown by - well, most weeks do anyway - time speeds up as we get older. But, I was expecting more of a drag. Yes, there's been some brain fog and low energy and lack of motivation but, overall, this has been a great week.
    Today I decided to make a big breakfast since Steven is working from home and I had an early class (to teach) so I generally eat a little later on Wednesdays. My daughter told me about egg sandwiches she had made earlier this week using grated potato and egg yolk bound latkes for the english muffin so I decided to try that. Since I used 2 potatoes, 2 eggs, 4 strips of bacon and an onion, I ended up with 4 sandwiches. Not a lot of food really. Well, despite how amazingly delicious the sandwich was (2 thin, salty, crunchy latkes with a slice of bacon, carmelized onions and a fried egg white in between), I could only eat one. And I was fine with setting the second one aside (we'll see if it's still edible tomorrow morning!) This ALSO happened last night with my marinara covered meat stuffed portobello mushroom from dinner.  Despite its deliciousness, I was full half way through and stopped eating. I stopped eating.
    Seriously, I STOPPED eating.
    I have a huge appetite and love food. I eat a lot of salad and vegetables as a general rule so I fill up and don't leave the table hungry for more food. I always clean my plate. Despite the veg load, I have a very hard time stopping after I clean my plate - seconds are the norm for me. I can eat a lot of food! hence the struggle with obesity. But today, at breakfast, I stopped eating. It was even a decision, I'd just had enough.
    I have never been so sated by a meal before. This is really, really interesting to me. I am writing it here as a way to revisit it as time goes on. I'm also uploading a photo so I don't kid myself into thinking that I stopped eating because it didn't taste good

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    Lorna from Canada reacted to JudiPurple in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Day 8 - won and done. A good day, had a BAS for lunch _and_ dinner...added chicken to the evening bowl. Mario and I turned 3# ground beef, 3/4# sugar free bacon, eggs, finely chopped 'shrooms and onions into two large pans of baked meatballs! Teamwork! He needs easy & quick breakfasts, so this will get him going in the wee hours.  I used the NomNomPaleo recipe for Big-O Bacon burgers, added  3 eggs, and the meatballs came out great.
    Mario goes to see his diabetes doctor on Monday- curious to see what comes of it. His numbers have been very good - he's only needed insulin twice this week! Hooo-RAH!  Praying hard that these changes lead to (dare I say it???) complete elimination of meds... Time will tell.
    Okay, HawkeyeE was looking for the recipe for Bacon/chicken liver pate - here you go! I did not add the mushrooms. I put the finished product in a glass bowl, smoothed the top, and poured melted duck fat over to seal. Ghee would also work very well for that.
    Liver Pâté with Mushroom and Bacon
      3 slices bacon, cut into 3-4 pieces each
        1 medium onion, chopped
        3 cloves garlic, crushed
        1 lb chicken livers
        1 c sliced mushrooms (optional)
        ¼ c. broth for simmering (bone broth)
        2 tbsp freshly chopped thyme (or 1 teas dried)
        1 bay leaf
        ¼ to ½ tsp. of salt
        2 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped
        Pan fry the bacon for 2-3 minutes.  Add onion and sauté for about 5 minutes more until onion is soft.  Add the garlic and chicken livers, and sauté until the liver is no longer pink.  Add the mushrooms, broth, thyme, bay leaf, and salt.   Allow all of that to simmer for 15 minutes uncovered.
        Remove mixture from the pan. Discard the bay leaf.  Add fresh parsley and purée with an immersion blender or food processor. Refrigerate or freeze individual portions.
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to ShannonM816 in Who's starting 1/1?   
    @NZ Robin if you have an immersion or stick blender, it makes mayo super easy to make. No letting the egg get to room temperature, no drizzling the oil, just put all ingredients in a tall container just wide enough for the blender to get to the bottom (a pint-size wide mouth mason jar works well) and blend. Here's a more detailed explanation:  https://thehealthyfoodie.com/fail-proof-home-made-paleo-mayo-whole30-compliant/