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    Lorna from Canada reacted to Rebecca001 in January 1st Start Date!   
    I think to be honest, I will remain alcohol free for the whole of January. That means til close of play on 31st, irrespective of whole 30 being 30 days. And yes, we probably wouldn’t drink on the Monday, so in the end it will probably end up as a W35 - no great harm in that. 
    @christine19 my husband is the same. He’s given up dairy and bread, but actually he’s only given up actual milk, actual cheese and sliced white bread. Anything containing the ingredients of dairy or grain are fair game, and, I quote, he’s ‘not going to read labels or be too strict’ - and then doesn’t feel any better for having ‘given it all up’. To be fair, he’s ten stone wringing wet and can eat junk food day and night without gaining an ounce so he’s never had to really care
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from Saiee in January 1st Start Date!   
    Self compassion is so critical! After years of living with a nasty inner critic (I call them my Itty Bitty Shitty Committee), I've had to work hard to develop self kindness. Dr. Kristin Neff's work is a great resource for anyone needed a boost in this area.
    I usually end the day by reading the notes for the next day in my W30 Day by Day but had missed reading Day 21 so I caught up last night. Boy - Melissa hit it on the head! While day 20 tends to be a big high, W30ers often report day 21 being a big downer thanks to boredom and repetition and all the things I was feeling and reported on by @Rebecca001. It was good to realize I am not alone and I think my plan to limit fruit today is going to be the gentle challenge I need to keep engaged.
    It's hard to restart so KUDOS to you for making it happen. I had to do a restart one time when a dairy filled babaganoush (sacrilege) made an appearance in my kitchen for 10 days without me noticing. I was really  curious about my dairy sensitivity on that round so, nothing to do but restart but I was on day 11 and it was not easy! I'm 90% convinced I am going to tag on a 2nd W30 starting January 31 so I'll be here for you!
    Busy day today - I FINALLY got access codes for a bunch of files I need to complete a project for a major client. I was half way through, their IT person decided to change the access codes and then buggered off on vacation for 6 weeks! Now I am behind schedule and need to catch up so this could be a busy, busy weekend. All good though - I am truly grateful for my work during this awful time when so many people are suffering financial hardship.
    Hope everyone has a beautiful Day 22.
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 1st Start Date!   
    Of COURSE it does!! 
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to Saiee in January 1st Start Date!   
    So I am only 5 days into my 2nd restart, I started on the 5th I think then screwed up with a can of tuna (soy) and then a supposedly whole 30 safe jerky (brown sugar). But other than that I have been compliant, though it is still a start over.  So I have had urges, especially after the jerky screw up... I still feel drawn to things.  Funny story is I had stale Chex cereal and had run out of dog treats so I would give each one piece (They are small dogs).  They like them so instead of buying dog biscuits that are expensive vs how many you get I just bought a Family size box of Rice Chex (my least favorite) and put it in an old Cheeze ball barrel. So when I give them treats I "feed my chickens" as I toss a few down to them.   But last night I wanted to take that Rice Chex and have a bowl of cereal real bad.... I did not but wow the sudden urge caught me off guard and I laughed about it later about going back to old habits.
    Because when I was just a wee child my sister said my mother had to hide the dog biscuits from me. 
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 1st Start Date!   
    NSV over here on Day 11 - I'm down a belt loop in my regular belt I wear! (As @ladyshannysaid, 'who wears a belt anymore... apparently I do!). 
    It's funny you mention the candy @Lorna from Canada- I was at the office on Tuesday and my office mate asked for the Jelly Belly container that I keep in my desk drawer - she eats the majority of them so not sure why in my desk... anyway, the smell of them was so intense (this weird sugary fruit scent)... that was hard to resist... but I did it! 
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from 50andstillhere in January 1st Start Date!   
    Me tooo - I'm really, really wanting candy which is the LAST thing I need. It doesn't help that there is a big delivery box filled with candy sitting on my kitchen counter. We didn't open it - it's a Christmas gift from one of Hubs's vendors and it's taken its sweet time (oh, forgive that terrible pun!) getting here from the exquisite candy store from which it was ordered. Both of us know that opening the box would be very, very dangerous. So, there it sits. sigh* 
    Initially doing this 4th W30 felt like a great structure to get though a crappy, covid impacted winter and, it really has been. But, one of the things that I find very difficult about covid and our seemingly perpetual lockdown state is the repetitious, boring sameness of every single day. Now, after 20 days, this also feels like boring repetition. So it has been tough, 
    I'm coping by focussing on the amazing NSVs - the quality sleep is brilliant. The overall reduction in anxiety is brilliant. THe feeling like I'm in better control is also brilliant. And the more comfortable clothes are brilliant. That box of candy can't derail me
    2/3 - we're doing great!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to Coleen79 in Red wine vinegar   
    I already threw the bottle out lol! But I’m good to go, on day 17 and I feel fabulous! ❤️
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from Coleen79 in Red wine vinegar   
    Oh boy @Coleen79 - what an absolute bummer! I've been there - I assumed all baba ganoush was made with just compliant ingredients and was on my 2nd tub of a particularly delicious brand (  ) when I discovered sour cream in the ingredients. GAAAAH!
    I think you can find the official stance here:  https://whole30.com/start-over/
    For me, it comes down to what your goals for the program are. With the great cream incidence (day 9), my goal for the program was to be hyper-compliant and do a proper W30 reset so, it got turned into a W39 and I felt great.
    Today, if I were to discover sulfites in my vinegar, I would ignore it and carry on because, after 4 W30s, I know sulfites aren't problematic for me and it's not as important that I do a strict W30. I'd be pissed off mind you, but I wouldn't start over.
    Whtever you decide, I'm cheering you on!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to becs in January 1st Start Date!   
    HUGE NSV! It's one thing to resist cravings, but it's a whole other level of awesome not to have them in the first place, especially in times of stress. Love it!
    @Saiee The thing about zucchini noodles is that you barely even taste them once you add your sauce. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Same thing with spaghetti squash. You kinda get the texture of pasta without the belly bloat. I don't know what recipe you're looking at, and you probably already know this, but I would suggest tossing the raw zucchini noodles with salt and letting them sit in a colander for 30 minutes or so, then thoroughly rinsing to get rid of the salt. That method coaxes out a lot of the water, leaving them with a more pasta-like texture. Dry sauté them in a pan for a few minutes and you're good to go. I salt/rinse a big batch for my meal, then save half for leftovers before I sauté them. They keep well in the fridge, at least overnight.
    @Lorna from CanadaTotally agreed - I feel so good eating this way, so why do I slip back into old habits? I think for me it's the stress eating that gets me. That and the WTH effect from drinking alcohol. I need to pay close attention to my stress/anxiety and how to manage it without crunchy, salty things. It's easy right now with all of these awesome black & white rules to follow. Yet another reason to create personalized B&W rules once my reintro is complete!
    Tomorrow will be three weeks of W30 - how awesome is that! Keep on keeping on, everyone.
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from christine19 in January 1st Start Date!   
    DAY 20 - Woot!! Home stretch indeed! 
    @becs Wow! Super job managing the cabin! That's awesome.
    I'm feeling great! This is always the best thing for me - again - why do we go back to terrible habits that don't serve us? Off on a busy day - stay the course... we've got this.
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to GraceMelodie in Frustrated I Can't Have Food Freedom   
    I recommend reading a variety of books about nutrition and longevity so you can use all of the information you have learned to create a diet that you can happily and easily live with for the long-term. I highly recommend reading some of Michale Pollan's books.  Also, throw away your scale.  You don't need to know how much you weigh.  I have completed several Whole30s over the last couple of years but I do not follow a strict Whole30 diet every day.  It is simply too restrictive.  I focus on eating 3 balanced meals a day with lots of veggies, fruits, protein, fat and carbs.  I don't snack and I make sure to drink enough water every day.  I also focus on really enjoying and savoring my food.  Occasionally I eat dark chocolate, beans, rice, corn, oatmeal and really good homemade sourdough bread.  I limit myself to four drinks a week.  Rarely I'll have really good cheese with wine.  All of the food I eat is very high quality and I make sure I am nourished and satisfied every day.
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to Saiee in January 1st Start Date!   
    It does make sense. And I will stay away from them as both hot dogs and breakfast sausage were things I ate a lot, but compliant sausage in a meat sauce with never before eaten squash or zucchini noodles I think I can do especially as I kinda loathe zucchini 
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to Rebecca001 in January 1st Start Date!   
    Not sure what happened there! 
    today has been a very long, Hard challenging day and I won’t lie, I have been tested to the end of my resolve and back. But you know? Food never crossed my mind. NSV or what? Very glad I’d roasted that extra chicken on Sunday because that was my food today, with salad and coleslaw, and again at lunch! And this is my dinner: homemade spicy burgers, sweet potato fries and salad. 
    day 19 had nearly broken me but I am nearly through it! We’re nearly 2/3 of the way through now! 
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to becs in January 1st Start Date!   
    Glad you all made it through the weekend! I had a wonderful time up in the mountains, and had no problem keeping on track. Good friends of ours have a cabin up there, as well, and we hung out with them the entire time. It was weird not having drinks with everyone, and I got REALLY sick of La Croix's, but it was much easier than I had feared. Just got back home and went on a quick grocery run for the week. Thank goodness I have a ton of food ready to go in the freezer, since I have no interest in meal prep today...
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to Thope in What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)   
    On day 4 and still feeling pretty okay.
    maybe a bit emotionally sensitive- & tired today but nothing real extreme. 
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from MadyVanilla in Here's To Success   
    Voltaren doesn't work for everyone - I'm one of the lucky ones too. It's amazing - I'm glad you discovered it and it's helping!
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from christine19 in January 1st Start Date!   
    End of Day 16 - feeling divine!
    Okay - little non-Whole30 PSA - remember to back up anything not in your cloud  Fatal hard drive crashes are no fun. New computer already ordered but, in the meantime I'm using this old one which is clunky. sigh
    Sounds like everyone is doing GREAT with the program even with the ups and downs these middle days bring
    Hubs and I are already starting to talk about the 30(+) days after W30. We're not going to do reintro as we already know what we can't tolerate - legumes for me, gluten for him and dairy is a problem for both of us. I'm going to carry on for another 15 days to keep fine-tuning and he's going to eat what I'm eating plus beer .  I'm feeling so well mentally that I am not ready to do a re-entry trial of sugar in any form. I was really, REALLY worried that not being allowed to go to my home in Australia this winter would bring about a worst-ever case of S.A.D. but W30 is totally killing it for me in that department. I just don't want to mess with it in February. I may stay on W30 until April when my depression would usually be starting to lift again anyway. 
    Half way through wineless weekend #3 - I can do this! All of us can!
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to christine19 in January 1st Start Date!   
    I made it again for dinner tonight! Cut it in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds (they look like pumpkin) and put it flat side down on parchment paper with a few sprinkles of water. This is what it looks like after it’s roasted at 375 degrees for 40-45 min. Just take a fork and scrape the “spaghetti” strands out! It’s very neutral so it goes with anything, just top it with your sauce, protein and veg! 

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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from LadyWolf0926 in My daily food log - we'll see how this goes...   
    How we roll - apparently I am doing this every other day now - okaaay then. It doesn't really serve a purpose does it?
    This weekend, we've spent more than healthy amounts of time doomscrolling the sitch happening in our big brother's house next door. Stay sane my lovely American friends and neighbours! I don't get that involved - it gets me adrenalin up to overdrive and I can't fall asleep at night. This is a good time to be doing a W30 as at least I'm not anxious - just super SUPER revved up. 2:30AM I'm still wide (wild?) eyed and too ready for a good fight rather than sleep.
    I am also revved up because we're about to put an offer in on an ocean beach front summer home that will be our retirement home. We've been looking at retirement options for a few years and this is making it more real . So that also kept me up last night - we have found our ideal place and we have our fingers crossed. Hubs negotiates for a living so I am just on the sideliens cheering him on but MAN I want that house!
    SO - foodwise - meh - who am I kidding? It's all good! Day 10 almost in the bag.
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to christine19 in January 1st Start Date!   
    I would say you need to eat, and probably more fat, you shouldn’t be hungry. Your body will naturally adjust. My lunches are probably half the size from my first week. It’s hard not to worry about the calories in an entire avocado, but in the beginning days I just eat, the cravings are bad enough without having to worry about portions. Do you have the Whole30 book? The chapter called “Your whole30 plate” is helpful. Olives are good to add to salad or on their own too! 
    It’s half-time! Woot woot! Still looking for Tiger Blood.......
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to jlmoia in feedback/help   
    Thank you, I certainly will review  this list! I guess I should have included one positive for sure, is the feeling of being control. So thank you for encouraging me to think outside of the norm. 
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to becs in January 1st Start Date!   
    Thanks for the tip! After several Whole30s, I definitely have no problem with fat in my diet. I am eating generous servings of homemade mayo, avocado, and healthy oils. Heck, I even sneak in some clarified butter/coconut oil into my coffee on occasion.
    Regarding Lara Bars and similar compliance treats, I just read an e-mail from Melissa this morning about whether or not you're "cheating" if you eat them every day. In a nutshell, her answer was no, it's not cheating if you're eating compliant foods. However, it's definitely not encouraged, and you should dig into why you feel the need to eat them every day. As for commercially prepared treats, I honestly don't remember that section in the book! I know you're not supposed to eat junk food made from technically compliant ingredients (like paleo pancakes), but the whole thing is a grey area - I would definitely consider Lara Bars more junk than not, but they are allowed. For me, if a commercially prepared food has compliant ingredients, I will eat it. I've even done a Whole30(ish) where I didn't care too much about the extra sugar in things like breakfast sausage or sriracha, and it was wildly successful. Of course, I don't have a Sugar Dragon. My Dragon only wants salty junk food!
    @Lorna from CanadaYOUR BEACH HOUSE IS AMAZING!!! Congratulations! PEI sounds so romantic to me. Just the name takes me back to my cozy reading nook when I was 13 and obsessed with Anne of Green Gables. You can save the champagne celebration for your first visit (assuming that, like here, you have a 30-day escrow period), and enjoy it on that fabulous deck! The sunroom makes me swoon, too, along with everything else...
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 1st Start Date!   
    This is mostly true except for where commercially available chips come in.  Those are definitely a no go regardless of intention.  The Larabars and RX bars and the like definitely need to have some consideration taken before eating and are only recommended as emergency foods - stuck on the tarmac in an airplane for three hours before a four hour flight... 
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    Lorna from Canada got a reaction from christine19 in January 1st Start Date!   
    DAY 14! A BUSY work day for me - back to back clients from 11 AM through to 8PM - why do I do this to myself??? No clients tomorrow though so I am going to spend the day planning my furnishings for my NEW BEACH HOUSE!!
    WE GOT IT! We survived 2 bidding wars each with 3 offers - what a thing to endure! If you are super nosy like me or just into real estate (also me), here's the agent's youtube video - won't be up long now since it is SOLD!! TO US!!! YEAH!!!
    Sad thing was we couldn't even celebrate with champagne  - not gonna lie - tea doesn't quite cut it as a celebratory beverage!
    Off to work - hope eveyone is having a great day 14! What are our plans for celebrating HUMP day tomorrow???
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    Lorna from Canada reacted to SugarcubeOD in My 11 year old “isn’t hungry”   
    Was she behaving like this before the Whole30? Has there been conversations about weight and losing weight and somehow she thinks that if she doesn't eat, she will reach her 'ideal' weight? Could she be sneak eating other foods and actually not hungry for what you're offering her? Have you asked her what she does want to have? Some things that are not allowed for adults (banana pancakes) are okay for kids...
    We're not doctor's here so if you're very concerned, I would take her in to see a doctor. it's a slippery slope when a child starts refusing to eat and can be a symptom of something psychological that you'd want to get on top of right away.