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  1. megbeveridge

    Megan's First Whole30!

    Day 16 Breakfast: Two slices bacon (fat) One large chicken sausage (protein) One cup steamed green beans (veggies) Day 16 and officially over the hump! I haven't really succumbed to food boredom yet, but I'm ready to fight it when it comes. Eating green beans for breakfast seems weird even now. I never really liked sausage before I went vegetarian, but this chicken apple sausage from Whole Foods is so good! It has just enough sweetness to feel like breakfast (to me) and it's so convenient. I also cooked it with the bacon so it's extra tasty! Lunch should be a salad with grape tomatoes, strawberries, and lemon with a chicken thigh, but I'll officially update that later.
  2. megbeveridge

    Megan's First Whole30!

    Day 15 Dinner: Mahi mahi fillet Sauteed kale with sea salt 1/2 avocado Mood Generally content. Got some good news so I was happy most of the evening. Physical Nothing really to report. I've been breaking out for the past week, but I think that's more hormonal than food related. I also got a big rash on my face from a scarf I wore last week Climbing update! Last night I went to a different climbing gym and did some really difficult climbs. I was tired and it was strenuous, but I was able to think and power through them better than I would have expected, especially the ones with crimps (small, shallow holds that require a lot of finger strength) all over the place. The only big problem I had was low blood sugar. I had no fruits all day so I didn't have enough sugar to really get me through. I left a little early and ate an Rx bar that I had with me just in case. Tonight I'm bouldering, so there should be another update coming!
  3. megbeveridge

    Who's starting 1/1?

    @Jihanna and @mfustos I had a dream last night about cheese! I subconsciously took some shredded cheese and ate it while making tacos at my mom's house. Then for the rest of the night I binged on cheese because I had to start over anyway lol. I was so scared my partner would be mad at me because we're doing this together! Luckily I woke up and realized it wasn't real. @zesty_ruffles can you check with the restaurant to see if they do add Parmesan to their pesto? Sometimes they don't! It's a long shot, but it might be worth looking into. Either way, don't worry too much about the tiny bit of Parmesan that's in a traditional pesto. Like others have said, add time as you see fit and do this your way! Good luck
  4. megbeveridge

    Day 1 completed

    I've been tired too, especially day 12. I think some people just have different metabolisms and the adjustment to whole foods can affect you in different ways. Most days I get more energy and focus in the late afternoon, after I've had two meals. I'm thinking of making my breakfasts more like my lunches to see if I can bump that energy a little earlier. For breakfast you could try adding in something fatty like avocado!
  5. megbeveridge

    W30Virgo Round 2 January 2019

    Hi fellow Virgo! You seem to really have a feel for Whole30 and how to do it. I suppose that comes with experience. I think your coffee rule is good, but maybe if you really want coffee in the afternoon you could do decaf? You'll get the taste and the warmth without all the caffeine. I get all kinds of anxiety when I have coffee so I've switched to decaf and I have way less anxiety symptoms, including sleep. Good luck with the rest of your Whole30!
  6. megbeveridge

    Jens whole 30 (at least)

    Great job with day 1! Since you've done this several times, I have a question. How long does it usually take for you to fall back into some of your old habits? Personally, I'm afraid the first time chocolate touches my lips I'll be a goner. I don't plan on reintroducing right away, more like a long term, as-it-comes type of thing. I know I'll at least be making a birthday cake in February, but I'm not so sure about eating it. I'm on day 15 now and going strong, but I feel that sugar dragon ready to spring out!
  7. megbeveridge

    Megan's First Whole30!

    Day 15 Lunch: Greek salad (no feta, compliant dressing) Mediterranean kabob chicken Unsweetened hot tea Fun time getting lunch today! I ordered over Grubhub from a restaurant near my office. I asked for no cheese of course because of the program. What came scattered and crumbled all over it? Feta. So as it serves me right, I had to walk over to the restaurant with my receipt in hand and ask for a new salad, fully acknowledging that yes, this place is a block from my office and yes, I did have it delivered like a total bum. In the end it was made right and the salad was delicious!
  8. I thought I would miss cheese the most too, but like others have said, you don't end up really missing it. The only times I miss cheese is when it's right in front of my face. Like today for example when my "Greek salad with no feta" came and, you guessed it, there was feta. It was so close. Right there! But I had to take it back. Eating the salad later without the feta I actually found I didn't miss it. It was only for those few minutes where I had cheese right in my hand (well, take-out box) that I actually wanted it. Long story short, you'll be surprised at how much flavor and complexity you can find in your food when there isn't a bunch of cheese covering it up!
  9. megbeveridge

    Megan's First Whole30!

    Day 15! Of course my halfway point would end up being kind of a fail. Not in terms of being non-compliant, but in terms of preparation. I intended to prep my lunches every night before and just have to pack them up in the morning. Last night I completely forgot to put anything together after dinner and the morning was so chaotic with the ice and a slight wardrobe issue that I never had time. I'll have to go out and buy lunch somewhere. I was rushed for breakfast so I didn't get to finish everything before I ran out the door. Day 15 Breakfast: 2 eggs, omelette style half avocado green beans (started with about a cup, probably ate half) I'm working on getting my water bottle back! Hopefully I'll have it soon and it wasn't taken by anyone!
  10. megbeveridge

    Megan's First Whole30!

    Day 14 Lunch: One and a half chicken sausages cut up over salad Romaine salad with cherry tomatoes and lemon dressing Fresh strawberries Day 14 Dinner: Whole30 white chicken chili Mood: Generally neutral, definitely unfocused at work Physical: No headache! Some muscle soreness from walking in snow (it is definitely harder, especially for over 4 miles!). No digestive problems.
  11. megbeveridge

    Who's starting 1/1?

    I had a bit of a breakfast/lunch fail today. Last night I intended to decide what to have for lunch today and went to bed before I actually prepped anything. This morning I made my breakfast, but realized my work pants needed to be steamed and ironed, so I ate the eggs and avocado, but only half my veggies. I have to go to the grocery store or find somewhere with a compliant salad nearby for lunch. I've been really determined not to buy lunch and have only gone out to eat once in the past two weeks (for dinner), so this is disappointing. I guess I was bound to have a day like this eventually.
  12. megbeveridge

    Maybe I'll Get Through This Time

    Something that has helped me with breakfast for the past few days is compliant bacon! The smell could wake me from death and get me moving again. Is there anything like that you could keep in the house to encourage yourself to make breakfast?
  13. megbeveridge

    Hello! Starting January 14

    Good luck to all of you with the first few days! I promise it gets a lot better! Woohoooo day 1!
  14. megbeveridge

    Jihanna's Journey - Whole30 in January 2019

    Ah yes I love my spiralizer! I wish zucchini wasn't so watery though, it makes using zoodles for a base kind of difficult. I personally love me some sweet potato chili! I hadn't thought of making it for Whole30 though... Looks like I have a new recipe to try! I'm glad you're feeling better and having success in making meals for your family!
  15. megbeveridge

    Day 12 - wowza!

    Great willpower! I think you made a good point about moving on. I can't even remember which things I was yearning for just yesterday! What good is quick, fake food when you can spend some time and make something delicious with your own hands? Also, I'm very jealous of your camping! I would love for my next big purchase to be a small camping trailer, but life always gets in the way somehow. Anyways you're going fantastic and keep up the momentum!