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  1. I figured out the hunger issue... I just got my period yesterday I'm with you, @HopingtoHeal @Elizabeth33 Thank you for the recipe! I want to try it this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to the farmer's market for some fresh local foods! I'll definitely be getting eggs and chicken, but I'm not sure how much else there will be this early in the year. Maybe some root veggies, salad greens, and strawberries? I hope so!
  2. Hi all! Today I am ravenous! I ate roasted vegetables at lunch until I couldn't eat any more, but like clockwork I was hungry 2 hours later. I hate it! @HopingtoHeal I did a tour around the highlands. I'm so jealous you get to live in a place with a plethora of hairy coos! I just wanted to give one a big hug! @LadyLisbette I think I'll mostly be eating leftovers for breakfast this time to avoid the horrid egg situation! Some people say they started eating eggs every day on Whole30 and love it, which is something I will never understand. Today I had steak and that is so much be
  3. I'm in Maryland, USA. I love Scotland though, I was there about two years ago for a couple of weeks! I have access to Whole30 approved and compliant foods, but they're not necessarily in my price range. I end up doing a lot of cooking too! I'm not great at eating the same foods over and over, so I can't do big batches and eat them for multiple days. Almost every meal has to be cooked separately. I literally couldn't eat any eggs or chicken around week 3 last time because I'd had them too much!
  4. Hi all! I decided to start today (April 8) instead because it just seemed right to start on a Monday. I'm so happy that you'll be joining me! I'm feeling pretty good about starting. Last round I got so sick of eggs I couldn't get them down after week 3, but this morning I finally ate eggs for breakfast again and did just fine. I'm a little nervous about how much food I'll need to eat since I bike to work in the warm months and last time I did this it was the middle of winter. I'll need a lot more to fuel my body! How is everyone else doing?
  5. Hi @Elizabeth33! Welcome! Is this going to be your first or have you gone down this road already?
  6. @HopingtoHeal Nice to virtually meet you! I'm so sorry for your loss. It must have been a hard few months, but it looks like you're ready to start again! I also understand the feeling when you lose control and self esteem, I'm definitely in that boat. Hopefully we'll be able to support each other this round!
  7. Hi all! I'm Megan and I'm planning my second round of Whole30 to start in two weeks. If anyone has been waiting for a sign that they should give it another go, this is it! I'm calling this my body spring cleaning. We clean our houses, our cars, our yards, but we tend to neglect our own bodies in this yearly cleanse. For background, I did my first Whole30 this past January and I've totally gone off the tracks. I'm a 25-year-old designer, climber, bike commuter (when it's nice), dog mom, and ice cream enthusiast. Prior to my January W30 I was a vegetarian for five years. If you want to know
  8. To me, everything is worth it all the time and that's where the trouble lies. I have been "going with the flow" since ending my whole30 in January, so I feel like I've totally backslid after those first few "worth it" days. If you can keep up with getting back on track each time, that's great! If you find that you struggle, beware going down this path, here there be dragons!
  9. Eating a full breakfast, not just some cereal, has been a huge change. It has lead to some other changes sticking with me, too. Since I have a full breakfast, I don't snack before lunch. Since I don't snack before it, I eat my whole lunch and don't snack before dinner. After dinner, unfortunately, is a free-for-all, but I'm trying to rein that in. Drinking a lot of water has been a big change and I've kept my water bottle with me almost every day. I think the most important one of all though, is that I went from vegetarian to omnivore. While people like to say that vegetarianism is easy on a b
  10. I'm also having headaches (day 8), but I think after reading this I understand part of the problem. I've been bringing more fruits than vegetables to work for my mid-morning meal (I have breakfast super early so I need something before lunch) and lunch. I also picked up some Rx bars for emergencies like extreme low blood sugar after climbing, but have used them as snacks to get me through until dinner. Today I brought more veggies and haven't eaten a bar so my blood sugar is probably way low after yesterday's spike. For my meals I've been having: Eggs and a vegetable or fruit (tomatoes,