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  1. Eating a full breakfast, not just some cereal, has been a huge change. It has lead to some other changes sticking with me, too. Since I have a full breakfast, I don't snack before lunch. Since I don't snack before it, I eat my whole lunch and don't snack before dinner. After dinner, unfortunately, is a free-for-all, but I'm trying to rein that in. Drinking a lot of water has been a big change and I've kept my water bottle with me almost every day. I think the most important one of all though, is that I went from vegetarian to omnivore. While people like to say that vegetarianism is easy on a b
  2. I'm also having headaches (day 8), but I think after reading this I understand part of the problem. I've been bringing more fruits than vegetables to work for my mid-morning meal (I have breakfast super early so I need something before lunch) and lunch. I also picked up some Rx bars for emergencies like extreme low blood sugar after climbing, but have used them as snacks to get me through until dinner. Today I brought more veggies and haven't eaten a bar so my blood sugar is probably way low after yesterday's spike. For my meals I've been having: Eggs and a vegetable or fruit (tomatoes,