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    ROUND 2 REINTRODUCTION Day 7-8: Saturday, January 12 to Sunday, January 13 
    I did not end up reintroducing non-gluten grains over the weekend. Honestly, I just didn't feel like it. I preferred to eat Whole30. It feels pretty comfortable for me and I wanted the benefits of eating that way. I didn't want to deal with any more unpleasant side effects (even though it was only a couple of pimples). I also didn't want to mess with my cravings anymore, because I noticed a pretty significant increase in sugar cravings after that darned peanut butter! So, I ate Whole30 and it was delicious and satisfying and I felt good. 
    In fact, I'm questioning the whole reintroduction thing as I don't think it will inform anything. I'm gonna eat what I eat, when I feel like it. I still need to read Food Freedom Forever but, for special occasions and an occasional splurge, I'm gonna eat a Red Robin burger no matter how it makes me feel. And I'm really starting to feel confident that Paleo is the right long-term choice for me, so why bother? I'd rather introduce Paleo desserts! But I have a ways to go before I think I can do that without going out of control! 
    But, I'll probably carry on. I just need to plan the reintroductions better. Who knew that would be a problem!? LOL. I just don't have the right ingredients around and I don't know what to prepare to reintroduce the foods! 
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    Hi, I'm Kira and this is my second attempt at the Whole30. I made it to Day 7 last year and then opted to quit, deciding that it caused more stress than good (though I did quit before I had a chance to really see or feel any personal victories). I'm in a different life situation now and am committed to making it through the 30 days this time around! I'm going to log all of my meals and exercise publicly as an additional mechanism of accountability. I welcome any feedback, comments, or encouragement. I absolutely love this forum as a support network. 
    I want more energy. I comment that I'm tired almost every single day and that drives me crazy. I wake up tired, I'm tired throughout the day, and I go to bed tired. I just want to be healthy again. I know I'm not and I feel it in every part of my body. I'm "only" 32 and shouldn't feel that way. I want to someday be 70 years old and still be active in the outdoors because my body is still strong and healthy.  I want more stamina to do the activities I love (i.e., hiking, mountain biking, stand-up paddleboarding). I don't want to be a slave to food. I LOVE chocolate and sugar and all things bad and eat them in ridiculous quantities. I want my food freedom to allow me to have a small portion of something I love and feel satisfied, rather than getting out of control so that I eat the whole bag of chocolate or the whole tub of ice cream.  I want to lose weight. I am currently in the "obese" category, though most people would not guess that based on the way I look and the activities I do. I feel it though and know this is not even close to being a good weight for me. 
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    You don't seem to have a lot of fat in those meals. Just cut out some of the fruit and add more veggies. Also, check and make sure you're drinking enough water (roughly 1/2 oz per lb bodyweight).