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  1. akelley7c3

    Are these compliant?

    I would not consider these a “baked good” these are crackers.
  2. akelley7c3

    Are these compliant?

    Are these compliant?
  3. akelley7c3

    Eating out

    What would be the recommendations for how many times you eat out? Would eating out every day for lunch still be ok? I feel as if you wouldnt get the same results bc food outside the home (even if it is compliant) isn’t as good quality, even though vegetable oil is ok it’s still not a good source of fat! I could be way off track but I am curious! Re-reading the whole30 book and it doesn’t say...or I haven’t gotten to it!
  4. akelley7c3


    What if I ate something that I thought was whole30 but isn’t? Should I start over or the feeling of purely disappointment enough? What happened was: I made chicken pot pie! Everything was compliant (it was so good) then I remembered that only sugar snap and snow peas are ok to have! I completely forgot about the other kinds of peas not being allowed! I just had peas in my head as compliant!
  5. akelley7c3

    Vanilla Powder

    Is vanilla powder whole30 compliant?